Andy Hardy Movies in Order: The Best Andy Hardy Movies Collection 2023

Andy Hardy Movies in Order– Judy Festoon showed up in the “Andy Tough” series. In any case, because of her outcome in the movies, alongside her science with co-star Mickey Rooney, and the ubiquity of the seven different movies they made together,

Andy Hardy Movies in Order the vast majority accept that she was in every one of the movies in the series or possibly more. With the exception of her final appearance in the series in Life Begins For Andy Hardy (1941), Judy played Betsy Booth, the “visiting” girl next door.

Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) barely notices her until the end of the films. The job is actually a “discard” for Judy and her gifts, however it allowed her an opportunity to at first increase more openness with moviegoers, sing a couple of well known melodies

and, all the more significantly, work with Rooney. With Rooney’s guidance and friendship, she was also able to improve her acting skills. The “Betsy Stall” character assisted MGM with shaping Judy’s screen picture as the sweet and virginal young lady nearby, which would end up being a significant part of her association with crowds.

The actual series was immensely well known, the most famous being the three that Judy showed up in. The film in which Judy first appears, Love Finds Andy Hardy (1938), is regarded by the majority of viewers as the finest example of the Hardy filmography.

Andy Hardy Movies in Order Andy’s dilemma with girls, the “man-to-man” conversations with Dad, the happy resolution of all the drama at the end, and the lessons learned, are all present.

To see what intrigues me about the Andy Strong films (with expressions of remorse to the remainder of his family) and to get a few more extensive considerations on them, you can follow this connection. You can likewise track down this rundown with such countless less words at my Letterboxd.

Andy Hardy Movies in Order It’s implied that there are moderate to serious spoilers for these movies in my rankings, yet how about we be genuine, if each and every individual who made the film is dead, spoilers are curious, best case scenario.

After watching all sixteen Andy Hardy films, I have ranked them below, not in the same order as my least favorite to favorite, from worst to best. All motion pictures are coordinated by George B. Seitz aside from Andy Tough Gets Spring Fever (Woody Van Dyke),

Love Snickers at Andy Strong (Willis Goldbeck) and Andy Solid Returns home (Howard W. Koch). I’m likewise forgetting about “Andy Solid’s Quandary,” which is a short film and which I don’t think anybody really considers as a part of the, haha, “sanctioned” Andy Tough motion pictures.

Andy Hardy Movies in Order


Given that this is the first film with the cast as we will come to know them (Lewis Stone and Fay Holden replace Lionel Barrymore and Spring Byington as Judge and Mrs. Hardy, and Ann Rutherford has just joined to replace Margaret Marquis as Polly Benedict),

Andy Hardy Movies in Order and with no obvious blueprint for success other than “Judge Hardy comes this close to financial and personal ruin,” it is not surprising that this one is not at all good. The Hardy family travels to Catalina on vacation,

Andy Hardy Movies in Order With very few exceptions, the Hardy films are best when they stay at home in Carvel. They additionally are at their best when Marian (Cecilia Parker) isn’t being driven about by the nose by some attractive fella,

and when Andy (Mickey Rooney) thinks he has the reins to the relationship he’s in during the current week. Sadly, Andy is very much following Jerry Lane (Eleanor Lynn), who would have been a major problem even in 1937;

Andy Hardy Movies in Order the manner in which he learns an example with her must be the preachiest these movies at any point get about his connections, and that is saying something. In this movie, Marian is probably the second most important person,

Andy Hardy Movies in Order and she gets into a lot of trouble with Bill Rand (Ted Pearson), a lifeguard who gets engaged to Marian even though he is still married. In the initial three years of the Andy Solid series, Marian has a few genuine heartfelt and social lows,

yet I don’t believe there’s a solitary film where she merits all the more lavishly to be shipped off horny prison until such time as she can quiet the hell down. Andy Hardy Movies in Order

Judge Solid battling a swordfish has some person, however it isn’t sufficiently to offset the distressingly, clearly stupid choices every other person is making while he’s out on his boat.


Judy’s most memorable appearance as Betsy Corner, visiting the imaginary town of Carvel right nearby to Andy and his loved ones. Andy Hardy Movies in Order

Judy made the film among April and June of 1938, only a couple of months after Assortment reported on February 24th that MGM would make a film of The Wizard Of Oz with Judy as the star.

On May 23, 1938, Judy was in a car accident while filming, breaking three ribs, puncturing a lung, and spraining her back. A demonstration of her recuperative powers, she returned quickly and got back to the Strong set on June 11, 1938, the day after her sixteenth birthday celebration.

Judge Andy Hardy Movies in Order Children

Another early Hardy film, another trip away from home, another plot in which Marian becomes entangled in the lives of more affluent people, and another urbane cutie for Andy to try to woo. (The Hardy family arrives in Washington, D.C.)

Andy Hardy Movies in Order The model in this film is played by Jacqueline Laurent, who is not named in the film but who starred opposite Jean Gabin in Le jour se leve the year after in a role you can’t tell.) You can in any case detect them attempting

Andy Hardy Movies in Order to sort out the perfect proportion of involved everybody should be. For the third time in as numerous films, Judge Strong ends up in a position so dull that he may be compelled to leave his seat on the seat.

This time, it has to do with Marian, who has jabbered about Judge Strong’s contribution in his utilities case to such an extent that it seems like Adjudicator Solid is attempting to benefit from an expansion in the worth of the organization’s stock.

Judge Tough’s Kids is the film where I think everything truly becomes real on Cecilia Parker as Marian, or possibly the way that these motion pictures are composed when they grandstand her. ( This is likewise straightforwardly evident about the personality of Wayne Trent,

Andy Hardy Movies in Order Marian’s beau from A Family Undertaking, played by Eric Linden in ’37 and Robert Whitney in ’38. Wayne at absolutely no point ever appears in the future, and it should be obvious that Wayne Trent is no Polly Benedict.)

Parker is the least good of the four actors playing Hardy on their own merits, and these movies are much too soft to get at Marian’s avarice, which is her obsessive lust for status and wealth. In the event that this makes her sound like she’s a femme fatale in a noir as opposed

Andy Hardy Movies in Order to the high schooler girl of an adjudicator who Jonathan Edwards could have believed was somewhat of a priss, then there’s the issue. Marian tosses mindfulness and devotion to the breeze when she engages with the Remains,

Andy Hardy Movies in Order who are simply truly attempting to maneuver her toward saying some unacceptable thing. If things had gone differently in The Hardys Ride High, Marian might be Daisy Buchanan; however, Marian is only ever a whiny teenager

who has the same appetite for handsome boys as Tina Belcher. Here the orientation assumptions for Marian Tough versus Andy Solid make themselves plain Andy will dawdle about with quite a few ladies and we never consider him to be a genuine heel,

where Marian’s silliness with young men makes her a sucker and an out and out obligation to the family.) That she should pull this off while as yet being charming for an overall crowd requires an ability that I don’t know Parker at any point had,

and keeping in mind that zeroing in on her an excess of will in general gulp down a Solid film, it appears to be for the most part a disgrace to me that Parker was miscast in a job that wound up requiring beyond what she could provide for it. Andy Hardy Movies in Order

Genuine fast, an individual inconvenience. Andy gets the business from his father in light of the fact that a dissent he was setting up at school didn’t have as much scholarly or legitimate thoroughness as the resistance of the Principal architects against the English Crown.

To make a statement about how little disapproved of Andy is, Judge Strong takes him out to Mount Vernon and abrades him for his absence of moral fiber, which is similar to taking somebody

Andy Hardy Movies in Order to Goldman Sachs HQ and shouting at them for not being mindful enough with their cash. The father-son content eventually became more understandable and less preachy, but this is not it.