Best Global Korea Scholarship: Fueling Your Academic Ambitions 2023

Global Korea Scholarship– Seek after your examinations in South Korea. Uplifting news! Worldwide Korea Grant is as of now open for Students from abroad. In this article we will make sense of exhaustively about GKS Grant, its advantages and bit by bit application process.

The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) is a scholarship for exchange students that covers all costs. This grant is presented for bosses and undergrad reads up for 2024-2025 meeting. The grant covers everyday cost, settlement stipend, airfare and clinical protection.

Students at SNU ISI have a one-of-a-kind chance to learn about academic life at Seoul National University, Korea’s most prestigious university and one of the world’s best. Global Korea Scholarship

Students at SNU ISI have the opportunity to learn in depth about Korea and East Asia, as well as a variety of topics in Economics and Business Management, History, Politics, Sociology, and Arts, taught by distinguished SNU and visiting faculty.

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Since its foundation in 2007, multiple thousand understudies from around the world have partaken in the SNU ISI program to learn, insight, and appreciate remarkable summer of scholastics, exercises, and enduring companionships.

Purpose: to give significant encounters to international students with respect to Korean culture and training; to reinforce the worldwide capability of Korean colleges. Global Korea Scholarship

Global Korea Scholarship

Global Korea Scholarship Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate / Masters 
  • Institution(s): SNUs partner universities
  • Study in: South Korea
  • Program Period: 4 months or 10 months (depending on student’s exchange period)
  • Deadline: September / February(Annually)


  • School OF BUSINESS Organization is confined to understudies who are at present studying business or financial matters at their home college.
  • Candidates who apply for the KOREAN HISTORY/Brain research/Measurements MAJOR should give evidence of Korean language capacity. Either the official Korean Language Proficiency Test (Level 5) or the SNU Language Institute’s Korean Test (Level 5) indicate a satisfactory level of Korean language proficiency.
  • School OF Regulation isn’t available to undergrad level understudies from Spring 2018.
  • School of Regulation, a particular graduate school for graduate-level understudies, will be available to undergrad level understudies from Fall 2018.
  • Kindly note that these college understudies will be selected as graduate (Expert’s) understudies in SNU graduate school during their review.
  • Candidates who need to concentrate on in the discipline of Medication, Drug store, Dentistry, Nursing, Music, and MBA must, ahead of time, be educated regarding the qualification by SNU organizers.
  • School OF Medication is at this point not accessible to students from abroad.
  • School OF DENTISTRY is open Just to aces level understudies right now signed up for an expert program at School of Dentistry or comparable at their home college.
  • The understudy trade program isn’t accessible at the undergrad level for the School of Dentistry.
  • VOCAL MUSIC MAJOR is limited to understudies who are right now concentrating on vocal music at their home college. Global Korea Scholarship

Scholarship Coverage

GKS Grant furnishes the beneficiary with beneath benefits:

  • Everyday costs: monthly, 500,000 won.
  • Settlement stipend: 200,000 won upon appearance.
  • Full circle Airfare: Repayment accessible inside the limited sum.
  • Clinical Insurance:20,000 won per month(paid by every college).

Eligibility Criteria for GKS

A candidate must fulfill all of the following in order to be eligible for the GKS Scholarship:

  • Required Language: English.
  • Qualified Nations: Every world country.
  • Candidates should right now be signed up for no less than second semester of the home college program Global Korea Scholarship
  • Candidates should satisfy the accompanying GPA prerequisite. ( from Fall 2020’s confirmation)
  • Undergrad: GPA 2.5/4.0 (comparable to 2.7/4.3) or percentile rank 83
  • Aces: GPA 3.0/4.0 (identical to 3.3/4.3) or percentile rank 89

How to Apply for Global Korea Scholarship?

If it’s not too much trouble, adhere to the accompanying application directions to apply for this grant.

  • Candidates should be designated by their colleges and application bundle ought to be sent by the college by email, alongside a conventional selection letter for the GKS grant.
  • The selected understudies will get itemized data on the most proficient method to sign in and apply online by the assigned SNU facilitator.
  • Apply to the trade program through the On-line Application Structure, fill in the application, and transfer the examined duplicates of the archives underneath to the application framework:
  • A Testament of Enlistment from the ongoing college you are joining in.
  • Official College Record. Global Korea Scholarship
  • Letter of Proposal from a teacher at the ongoing college.
  • A Mission statement (a free paper in English or Korean).
  • A duplicate passport of the applicant.
  • For Expressive arts, Music, and Actual Schooling candidates: Photographs of works and recordings of performances

Significant NOTES:

  • Trade program competitors can finish the application by online accommodation.
  • All archives ought to be submitted and posted in Unique or confirmed as an authority duplicate, and ought to be in Korean or in English.
  • On the off chance that your reports are not in that frame of mind in English, kindly have your archive deciphered in Korean or in English and have affirmed and fixed by an approved body


What is the Global Korea Scholarship?

The Global Korea Scholarship, also known as the Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP), is a scholarship program funded by the South Korean government to support international students’ education in South Korea.

Who is eligible to apply for the Global Korea Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria can vary slightly depending on the specific scholarship type and the host institution. Generally, applicants must be non-Korean citizens, in good health, and meet the academic and age requirements specified in the guidelines. Most scholarship programs are open to both undergraduate and graduate students.

How do I apply for the Global Korea Scholarship?

The application process and deadlines can vary depending on the scholarship type and the South Korean embassy or consulate in your home country. Typically, you need to submit an online application through the Korean Government Scholarship Program website and provide required documents. It’s important to check the specific application guidelines and deadlines for the year you plan to apply.