Best Online Course for NUST NET

National University of Sciences and Technology aka NUST is the no. one university of Pakistan. Here is the Best online course for NUST NET. NUST conducts its special entry test aka NET which is mandatory for all the students and the weightage of this NUST entry test is 75%.

Best Online Course for NUST NET
Best Online Course for NUST NET

Best online course for NUST NET:

Every year a lot of courses and books enter the market and if you are wondering NUST does not publish any preparatory material nor sponsors any of these course which are available in the market.

How to prepare for NET?

Now you’ll be wondering where should we prepare, what do you prepare or how can we get admission in NUST.

Don’t worry! I’ve got you. In this blog I will disclose the best preparatory material for NUST.

Credentials for this preparatory material

This preparatory material is very important for you if you want to achieve 140+ marks in your Nust Entry test. There preparatory materials are…

OETP NUST Entry Test Guides:

Best online course for NUST NET comprises of 2 books and one online course. One is OETP series of NET. This series is the most genuine as it is published by the faculty of NUST. Note that this series is not officially published by NUST but is published by a group of students and faculty in NUST.

Dogar publishers, NUST NET guide:

Who does not know dogar publishers? Everybody knows them right? They are the oldest publishers of Pakistan and they have got numerous helping books, guide books, up to date papers, past papers and what not. Best online course for NUST NET can not just be without Dogar series of NET.

Tabir academy online courses of NET:

This online courses platform is amazing for all kinds of courses. You can find any course there. Out of the several courses they have, NUST entry test preparatory course ranks on top.

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