CGS and SGS Scholarships at Donghua Uni Revealed 2024: Elevate Your Future Now

CGS and SGS Scholarships at Donghua UniDonghua College is a state funded college situated in Shanghai, China. Applications are open for the Donghua College Chinese Government Grant (CGS) 2024 and the Donghua College Shanghai Government Grant (SGS) 2024.

CGS and SGS Scholarships at Donghua Uni Both grant programs offer expert’s and Ph.D. degree programs however the Shanghai government grant is likewise for four year certification programs. Concentrate on in China on this grant.

The grant is available to all worldwide understudies from all nations. One of the largest pools of scholarships is held by the Chinese government. It has 54 single guy/college degree programs, 59 graduate degree programs

as well as 30 Ph. D./Doctoral certification programs. It is associated with the Service of Schooling. Furnishing its understudies with a top notch training. More insights concerning the DHU Grant 2024 are given underneath

CGS and SGS Scholarships at Donghua Uni

About CGS and SGS Scholarships at Donghua Uni

  • Country: China
  • Scholarship Level: Bachelors, Masters, PhD
  • University Name: Donghua University
  • Deadlines: 
    • SGS: 15th April 2024
    • CGS: 28th February 2024

Full Scholarship (Type A)

The following expenses will be covered by the SGS Scholarship in 2024:

  • A waiver of educational expense
  • Free nearby dorm convenience
  • Month to month payment
  • Lone ranger’s projects: 2500
  • Expert’s projects: CNY 3000
  • Doctoral projects: CNY3500
  • Thorough Clinical Protection and Assurance Plan for Global Understudies in China

Full Scholarship (Type B)

Costs that will be covered by CGS Grant 2024:

  • a monthly stipend of RMB3,000 for a master’s student and RMB3,500 for a doctoral student;
  • a waiver of the on-campus dorm fee; CGS and SGS Scholarships at Donghua Uni
  • a waiver of the fee for medical insurance;
  • and a waiver of the tuition fee.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidate should be a non-Chinese resident. CGS and SGS Scholarships at Donghua Uni
  • Be a graduate degree holder younger than 40 while applying for doctoral projects.
  • Be a four year college education holder younger than 35 while applying for expert’s projects.
  • When applying for bachelor’s programs, you must have graduated from high school by the age of 16 and be under 25. You must also perform exceptionally well in both the classroom and extracurricular activities, but you cannot receive any other scholarships from the Chinese government, institutions, or organizations.

How to Apply

  • Register at DHU’s web-based application framework (assuming you as of now have your record,
  • kindly sign in straightforwardly), CGS and SGS Scholarships at Donghua Uni
  • fill in the spaces, and transfer all the application materials expected by DHU.


What are CGS and SGS Scholarships?

CGS (Chinese Government Scholarship) and SGS (Shanghai Government Scholarship) are often government-funded scholarships aimed at supporting international students studying in China.

Who is eligible to apply for CGS and SGS Scholarships?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but generally, international students who meet certain academic and language proficiency requirements may be eligible to apply.

How do I apply for CGS and SGS Scholarships?

Check the official website of Donghua University or the scholarship providers for detailed application instructions. Typically, you may need to submit an online application form and provide supporting documents.

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