Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul- Best Jobs in Kabul 2023

Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul– Koh-e baba Consultancy Administrations (KCS), is an Afghanistan-based auxiliary of the Superb Gathering of organizations, is an exclusive firm work in the conveyance

of improvement projects for the benefit of worldwide clients. KCS has center ability in agribusiness, agrarian expansion, apiculture, cultivation, water system, animals farming and veterinary help, and specialized and professional schooling and preparing.

Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul

Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul Detail:

Job Location:Kabul
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:As Per NTA
Vacancy Number:KCS-0107
No. Of Jobs:1
Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul
Organization:Koh-e Baba Consultancy Services
Years of Experience:At least five years
Contract Duration:August 08, 2024
Education:At least Bachelor’s degree
Close date:2023-08-05
Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul

Job Description:

Project Background:

Afghanistan Worth Chains Program (AVCP), a USAID-subsidized program executed by DAI Worldwide, LLC (DAI), upholds the development of supportable horticulture drove monetary development across Afghanistan.

AVCP accomplishes this objective through the help of anchor firms in the animals and yield esteem chains. AVCP accomplices with and upholds anchor firms through a market frameworks improvement approach, Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul

executed through ‘Arrangement Notes’ which are co-planned arrangements that answer basic requirements while driving venture results. In carrying out Arrangement Notes, AVCP works solely with agribusinesses

and key worth chain partners to build deals, speculation, and efficiency, among other key markers. The development of the anchor firms advances the productivity, benefit, and fortifying of the worth chains with an immediate and positive effect on provincial economies, families, and vocations.

The AVCP centers its mediations around key worth chain influence focuses, for example, input providers or brokers connected to enormous wholesalers, processors, and rancher affiliations.

Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul In doing as such, AVCP will achieve the accompanying major sub-purposes:

  • Sub-Reason 1: Expanded Efficiency and Soundness of Significant worth Chains
  • Sub-Reason 2: Worked on Business Practicality and Functional Proficiency of Agribusinesses
  • Sub-Reason 3: Draw in Afghan Ladies in Horticulture
  • Sub-Reason 4: Environmental Change Alleviation and Versatility Fortified

Job Requirements

Job’s Motivation:

The Environmental Change Expert will lead AVCP’s environmental change exercises and be liable for supporting AVCP’s specialized group, particularly esteem chain leads in conveying the Task’s huge environmental

change portfolio to secure firms. In particular, they will lead the Undertaking’s endeavors to: 1) moderate the adverse consequences of environmental change on animals and food crop esteem chain entertainers;

2) form the versatility of networks — especially among provincial poor and homestead families — to manage natural shocks; furthermore, 3) coordinate variation exercises that will consider environment

Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul savvy farming, an all encompassing way to deal with climate and horticulture, when and where conceivable.

Goals and Obligations

  • Effectively draw in with the Worth chain leads, and local groups to Lead, plan, and execute the AVCP’s conveyance of environmental change-related mediations in domesticated animals and Farming worth chains.
  • Go about as the course among AVCP and anchor firms in regards to the arrangement of innovation, information, and skill connecting with environmental change variation and moderation.
  • Take drives and give contributions to consolidate environmental change, and environment shrewd related mediations at the firm and upstream levels in fostering the Different Idea Notes (CNs) and Arrangement Notes (DNs).
  • Cary out different field visits to gather information on environmental change at the public level and give suggestions in light of the discoveries to extend specialized staff to plan the variation exercises that diminish the adverse consequences of changes in the climate.
  • Recognize chances to help the decrease of ozone depleting substance outflows and limit adverse consequences on the climate by utilizing harmless to the ecosystem products/bundling materials and investigating energy the executives answers for accomplice firms to change to environmentally friendly power sources.
  • Aid the improvement of in-house environment brilliant devices, local area level variation plans collaborating with upheld firms/ranches, early admonition frameworks and informational indexes/geographic data framework (GIS) apparatuses on ecological shocks (dry season, floods), and a public asset for environment related data administrations. Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul
  • Draw in with an expansive scope of Venture essential and optional partners to address the AVCP on environmental change-related mediations and if necessary offer the specialized help where important to proceed with their suggested exercises.
  • Effectively add to project exercises, arranging, reports, and expectations.

Abilities and Experience

  • Strong knowledge of environment science, including environmental change variation, moderation, and sustainable power arrangements, is required.
  • Past experience working with comparative projects, for example, horticulture private area improvement, esteem chain help, and institutional structure of agribusinesses in esteem chains.
  • Information on applicable PC programming, explicitly GIS programming, Succeed, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Information on creating preparing materials, information assortment apparatuses, and appraisal studies, and offering preparing connected with environmental change. Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul
  • Capacity to work gainfully with program colleagues, AVCP accomplice anchor firms, and Worth Chain Leads in the Yield and animals area.
  • Capacity to go to the field.
  • Familiarity with Dari, Pashto, and English (Composing, Perusing, and Talking).


  • A four year certification in horticulture, ecological sciences, Agri-designing, ecological designing,
  • Regular Assets The board (NRM),
  • or one more important field with 7 years of work; or on the other hand a graduate degree with 5 years of work insight.
  • Climate Change Specialist Jobs in Kabul
  • Environmental change as well as spatial investigation confirmation is profoundly respected.

Submission Guideline:

Candidates meeting the above rules are mentioned to present their CVs to no later than August 5, 2023.

  • Kindly statement the Work title and opening number as the subject of the email while applying;
  • No supporting archives (for example recognitions, proposal letters, distinguishing proof card(s), and so on.) are expected at this stage;
  • Just shortlisted applicants will be reached for additional appraisal;
  • Your CV ought to have at list three references from a previous manager to connect for additional data, kindly give the beneath data to your references:
  • Name, Assignment, Association, Contact Data – Address; Phone; Email; etc.

Submission Email: