DAAD LFA Scholarships Available 2024: Elevate Your Career Now

DAAD LFA Scholarships– This is a fantastic opportunity for students seeking scholarships to study in Germany. In this article, we will make sense of exhaustively about DAAD grant, its advantages, and the bit by bit application strategy.

A fully funded scholarship for African students is the DAAD Leadership for Africa (LFA) Scholarship 2025-2026. You can use this scholarship to get a master’s degree from one of the best German universities.

DAAD LFA Scholarships Available 2024: Elevate Your Career Now In addition to adequate health, accident, and private/personal liability insurance in Germany, DAAD LFA scholarships cover monthly payments of 934 euros.

The goal of the scholarship program “Leadership for Africa” (LfA) is to help young refugees and national scholars from Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, and Uganda succeed in higher education in Germany.

Thoroughly prepared specialists, who are coordinates with worldwide accomplices, have a significant impact in the supportable advancement of their nations. They are the best assurance that everyone will have access to health care, more education,

DAAD LFA Scholarships and less poverty in the future. With its advancement situated postgraduate review programs, the DAAD advances the preparation of experts from created and recently industrialized nations.

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DAAD LFA Scholarships a postgraduate or Master’s degree at a state or state-recognized German university, and in exceptional cases, a doctoral degree, as well as a university qualification (Master’s/PhD) in Germany.

DAAD LFA Scholarships

DAAD LFA Scholarships Detail:

  • Level of Study: Masters
  • Institution: DAAD
  • Study in: Germany
  • DAAD Scholarship Deadline: June 7th 2024

DAAD LFA Scholarships Coverage

DAAD LFA Grant 2025 for Experts and PhD Germany gives the beneficiary the accompanying advantages:

  • German language course (as long as a half year) in Germany before the beginning of the college studies
  • Educational cost free M.A. or then again M.Sc. degree program in Germany beginning in the winter term of 2025 (September/October 2025) at a public or state-recognized university.
  • Additional mandatory training program LEAD! DAAD LFA Scholarships
  • Length of the financing
  • For the most part, chose competitors will begin their German language course in April 2025 and take up their examinations at a German establishment of advanced education by approx. 1st of October 2025.
  • The term of not entirely settled by the standard time of investigation of the picked program.

As a general rule, qualified expert’s projects call for two years of full-time study.

  • Value a German language course in Germany for up to six months prior to the start of the program. This includes covering the costs of the TestDaF or DSH test, pocket money, and lodging (only while the course is in session).
  • The DAAD chooses whether to finance cooperation and for how long relying upon German language abilities and study necessities. It is required to take a language course.
  • Month to month grant rate installments of 934 EURO DAAD LFA Scholarships
  • Sufficient wellbeing, mishap and private/individual obligation protection in Germany
  • Travel stipend
  • Yearly review stipend DAAD LFA Scholarships
  • Extra required preparing program LEAD!
  • Monthly allowance for accompanying family members (spouse and/or children), if applicable. Please be aware that family reunions may be delayed or even impossible during the scholarship period due to the length of time required for some home or host countries to process visas.

Eligibility Criteria

The following requirements must be met by applicants for the DAAD LFA Scholarship 2025 for Masters and PhDs in Germany:

  • Required Dialects: Deutsch or English.
  • The language of guidance in concentrate on programs in Germany is typically German, or in global projects English and additionally German.
  • As a result, most programs require applicants to submit a language certificate (such as DSH or TestDaF if German is the language of instruction, or TOEFL/IELTS if English is the language of instruction).
  • The important language abilities for the ideal field of review should be demonstrated at the most recent by the beginning of study program.
  • Along with the application documents, you must provide appropriate evidence of the necessary language skills or the ability to acquire them in the German language course.

How to Apply

To apply for the DAAD Scholarship for a Master and PhD in Germany please follow the following step-by-step application procedure:

You can apply for up to three courses. If applying to more than one course, if it’s not too much trouble, list courses arranged by need in the DAAD application structures (see 7. Decision of host college/foundation in Germany), and don’t change the needs in the application structure!

  • Documents Required for the DAAD LFA Scholarship 2025 Completed Online DAAD Application (available on the DAAD Portal) Curriculum Vitae (max. 3 pages) containing data about your scholastic training to date, current and past work, previous grants, current location and important language and different abilities.
  • Letter of Inspiration (1-3 pages) containing an exact portrayal of your intellectual/expert and individual explanations behind the arranged review project. Please read Section B, Point 1 of our Important Scholarship Information as well. DAAD LFA Scholarships
  • Completed DAAD Form “Study course profile” (please specify three Master’s programs). Kindly know that DAAD doesn’t consider your ideas of expert’s projects which charge educational expenses. This ought to be thought about while choosing for the expert’s projects. If it’s not too much trouble, likewise note the data on the best way to fill in the structure ‘Concentrate course profile’. Since the form can change every year, only the most recent version can be accessed through the link above. DAAD LFA Scholarships
  • Candidates who as of now hold a Graduate degree or are currently finishing a Graduate degree must be viewed as in very much legitimate cases, in the event that they can make sense of decisively, why they might want to get another Graduate degree. Kindly fill in the structure “Extra Graduate degree”.
  • Confirmation of essential language abilities for the ideal Expert’s projects. Please read Section A, Point 9 of our important information for scholarship applicants. DAAD LFA Scholarships
  • College degree declaration demonstrating last grade(s) including records of records for all review a very long time with all singular grades incl. clarification of reviewing framework
  • Duplicates of your visa/public distinguishing proof card and duplicates of your visa’s/public ID card’s biodata page and different records containing data about you and your ongoing home status
  • For evacuees: Displaced person ID-Card and UNHCR enlistment/official confirmation of refuge by specialists or government DAAD LFA Scholarships

Step-by-Step Application and Selection Procedure

  • Choose courses that fit your interests. You can apply for a limit of three courses)
  • Apply to colleges offering those courses.
  • You directly submit your complete applications to the universities along with the aforementioned documents.
  • Candidates who might be a good fit for a DAAD scholarship are suggested by a committee.
  • The proposed competitors will be reached by DAAD to transfer their total application to the DAAD Gateway. ( The DAAD will send an email with a link to the DAAD Portal.) Once the selection process is finished, the candidates who were suggested will be informed.


What is the DAAD Leadership for Africa (LFA) Scholarships program?

The program offers scholarships to qualified applicants from selected African countries to pursue master’s studies in Germany. The goal is to promote leadership development and support academic excellence.

Who is eligible to apply for the DAAD Leadership for Africa (LFA) Scholarships?

Eligibility criteria include being a citizen of one of the eligible African countries, having a bachelor’s degree or equivalent, meeting the specific requirements of the German institution and program, and demonstrating leadership potential.

How do I apply for the DAAD Leadership for Africa (LFA) Scholarships?

Applications are submitted online via the DAAD portal. You must provide academic transcripts, proof of English or German language proficiency, a letter of motivation, letters of recommendation, and other supporting documents as required.


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