Today DG Khan Atomic Energy Jobs 2023- for (Matric,Inter & DAE)

The announcement was made by Public Sector Organization, P.O. Box 1 DG Khan Atomic Energy Jobs 2023. A progressive public sector organization accepts applications for the listed vacancies from individuals who hold a three-year DAE or

Matric and intermediate certificate and are enrolled in a two-year post-diploma training program in drilling method. The school of mineral technology in Dg Khan will host the training. Within the deadlines, Pakistani nationals can apply for the following positions.

DG Khan Atomic Energy Sunday, the most influential newspaper in Pakistan, is the official publication of the job advertisement. This basically means that more than 92% of the time throughout the year, nuclear power plants are producing maximum power. That is approximately two times as much as natural gas and coal units, and it is nearly three times or more reliable than solar and wind farms.

DG Khan Atomic Energy Jobs

About Atomic Energy

The production of electricity through nuclear reactions is known as nuclear power. Atomic power can be gotten from atomic parting, atomic rot and atomic combination responses. Currently, nuclear fission of uranium and plutonium in nuclear power plants produces the vast majority of nuclear power’s electricity.

To generate electricity, nuclear energy must first be released from the atom. Atoms are split during nuclear fission to release this energy. A collection of machines that can direct nuclear fission to generate electricity is known as a nuclear reactor or power plant.

DG Khan Atomic Energy The energy carried by atoms is known as atomic energy or energy of atoms. When Ernest Rutherford first mentioned the possibility of atomic energy in 1903, the term was first used. Before the atomic nucleus was discovered, the phrase “splitting the atom” became popular thanks to H. G. Wells.

The process of splitting the atoms of uranium, known as fission, gives rise to nuclear energy. This makes heat to make steam, which is used to make electricity by a turbine generator. Nuclear power plants do not emit greenhouse gases because they do not burn fuel.

In atomic parting, molecules are parted separated to frame more modest iotas, delivering energy. Parting happens inside the reactor of a thermal energy station. At the focal point of the reactor is the center, which contains uranium fuel. Ceramic pellets are formed from the uranium fuel.

When an atom or system emits or absorbs energy, it is said to move between two energy levels. A system’s ground state is its lowest energy level; Excited states refer to higher energy levels.

DG Khan Atomic Energy Jobs Details

Hiring OrganizationPublic Sector Organization
LocationDera Ghazi Khan
Total SeatsMultiple
Age limit18-30 Years
DG Khan Atomic Energy Jobs

DG Khan Atomic Energy Jobs Salary and Benefits

  • Handsome Salary Packages
  • Free Bachelor hostel accommodation to outstation trainee subject to availability
  • Free indoor treatment and transport facility for trainee
  • Training consist of 6 month and others duration will be practical work
  • Successful candidates will be appointed any where in Pakistan as SSP-4
  • And much more

DG Khan Atomic Energy Jobs Vacancies

  • Data Entry Operator
  • Driver-III
  • Jr Assistant-I Store
  • Jr Assistant-II Store
  • Jr. Assistant-I (Admin)
  • Jr. Assistant-II (Accounts)
  • Jr. Assistant-II (Admin)
  • Tech-I Chemical
  • Tech-I Electrical
  • Tech-I Mechanical
  • Tech-I Mining
  • Tech-I Surveyor
  • Tech-II Drilling
  • Tech-II Pipe Fitter
  • Tech-II Special Vehicle Operator
  • Tech-III Chemical
  • Tech-III Mining
  • Tech-III Pump Mechanic
  • Tech-III Surveyor

DG Khan Atomic Energy Jobs Eligibility Criteria

  • Pakistani Nationality Holders valid CNIC
  • Three years Diploma of Associate Engineering in following technologies 1 Mechanical 2) Petroleum
  • Minimum 60% Marks in Diploma
  • 25 years age limit required for following vacancies
  • At least 2nd division in SSC (Not below 50% marks)

How to apply DG Khan Atomic Energy Jobs

  • Candidates who are interested and qualified and who meet all of the aforementioned requirements may submit an online application at:
  • Only online applications will be accepted at; all other applications will be rejected.
  • The application deadline is JUN 16, 2023.

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