Engage Billions Scholarship Awaits 2024: Transform Your Dreams

Engage Billions Scholarship– Applications are open for the Draw in Billions Grant 2024 to go to OYW Highest point in Canada. The Draw in Billions Grant Program is a completely financed grant in Canada that spotlights on environmental change

Engage Billions Scholarship and strategy and is planned to assist members with going to the One Youthful World Highest point in Canada 2024. BMW Gathering is offering this Canadian grant since they comprehend how environmental change is a difficult issue,

and they mean to draw in and associate the up and coming age of pioneers who backing activity on environmental change with wide equitable help. Engage Billions Scholarship

The BMW Connect with Billions Grant 2024 is available to youthful strategy pioneers around the world. This completely subsidized Canadian grant will uphold the worldwide designation of the BMW Gathering to the One Youthful World Culmination in Montreal 2024.

Through this global grant program, members can go to a novel “Welcome! New Parliament” occasion in Brussels, the center of European policymaking. This completely supported highest point in Canada will unite youthful pioneers from various organizations, policymaking,

Engage Billions Scholarship and nongovernmental associations who are searching for various ways of molding environmental change approaches and methodologies. The OYW Culmination Canada is a completely supported an open door for worldwide understudies to visit Canada for nothing.

The completely financed Connect with Billions Grant 2024 is brimming with benefits. This Canadian grant for global understudies will cover airfare, convenience, transportation, dinners, and a free outing to Brussels for a Welcome Occasion. Engage Billions Scholarship

This completely financed gathering in Canada is a unique chance for worldwide understudies. During this completely supported highest point, OYW members will have four days of worldwide systems administration and data trade. Engage Billions Scholarship

It is a groundbreaking encounter for them, where they will participate in conditions and exercises that will completely change them. It will increase present expectations for the sort of friendly effect that any individual and local area can have.

Every member of the completely supported One Youthful World Highest point 2024 will be able to turn into a minister for One Youthful World and a significant piece of this OYW global local area. The Draw in Billions Grant to go to One Youthful World Culmination 2024 in Canada

Engage Billions Scholarship will likewise furnish them with a lifetime enrollment to one of the most mind blowing networks on the planet, complete with admittance to occasions, supporting open doors, mentorship, and talking commitment, which is incorporated.

The Draw in Billions Grant Program in Canada 2024 will assist you with going to the main social occasion of the year 2024. This worldwide social occasion will be an opportunity for systems administration and development for arising pioneers. Engage Billions Scholarship

The completely financed Draw in Billions Grant in Canada is a chance for environment aficionados to join together and tackle the most concerning issues that are looked by mankind. This is without a doubt the best completely subsidized open door t to interface with youthful pioneers around the world,

Engage Billions Scholarship share mastery, track down motivation, and gain from one another to settle environment related issues. Alongside offering remarkable opening and shutting services, the Culmination likewise features the excellent opportunity

to be a piece of this astonishing global local area through fun social exercises. As well as giving eminent opening and shutting services, the Worldwide Culmination in Canada utilizes charming get-togethers to feature the unimaginable chance to be a piece of this wonderful global local area.

Engage Billions Scholarship You can make the most of this phenomenal chance to visit Canada by applying to this Draw in Billions Grant Program 2024 to go to OYW Culmination in Canada.

Engage Billions Scholarship

Engage Billions Scholarship Detail:

  • Country: Canada
  • Financial coverage: Fully Funded
  • Deadline: May 1, 2024

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates must actively participate in and influence climate policy’s use of democracy.
  • Candidates must have worked in one of the following positions for at least two years:
  • a climate policy advisory or policy-making position in a national or supranational government or civil service.
  • a policy and advocacy position in a climate-focused international or national NGO or think tank.
  • a position of leadership within a youth or student-led organization that promotes progressive climate policy and increased democratic participation.
  • An influential position inside a local area drove association that works and promoters environment strategy.
  • By May 2024, applicants must be between the ages of 18 and 30.
  • Candidates should be accessible to partake in the One Youthful World Highest point 2024 in Montreal from 17 to 21 September. Engage Billions Scholarship
  • In addition, they need to be able to take part in the Welcome! Brussels hosts the New Parliament Youth Summit in June and July 2024.


  • As a BMW Group delegate, participants will have the chance to attend the fully funded One Young World Summit 2024.
  • In Montreal, participants will receive complimentary lodging.
  • Additionally, round-trip airfare will be provided by the Engage Billions Scholarship Program 2024.
  • In addition, breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, and participants will have access to transportation from the hotel to the Summit site.
  • Moreover, they will be able to partake in the Gladly received! Brussels hosts the New Parliament Youth Summit in June and July 2024.
  • The expense of traveling to Brussels and staying in a hotel will be covered.
  • As an Ambassador Community, the OYW participants will also receive permanent membership in the One Young World.
  • Connecting with BMW professionals is possible through the Engage Billions Scholarship 2024.
  • The OYW summit scholarship provides free travel to Canada.

How to Apply

  • To begin your application, select the Apply Now button below.
  • Carefully complete the online application.
  • The questions on the application must be answered.
  • Applicants are required to write a brief biography.
  • They will be asked to respond to a few questions.
  • Candidates should cautiously finish and present the OYW grant application structure


What is the Engage Billions Scholarship?

The Engage Billions Scholarship is a program designed to support students in their pursuit of higher education. It aims to provide financial assistance to students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement, leadership, and a commitment to community service.

Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?

Eligibility criteria typically include being enrolled in an accredited institution of higher education, meeting specific academic performance standards, and demonstrating involvement in community service or leadership activities.

How can I apply for the scholarship?

Application processes may vary, but generally, you will need to complete an online application form, provide academic transcripts, submit letters of recommendation, and write an essay or personal statement.

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