Center of Excellence Boys School Tandianwala Jobs 2023-Latest Job In Faisalabad

For the Center of Excellence Boys School Tandianwala Faisalabad Jobs 2023, the Punjab Daanish Schools and Centers of Excellence Authority Government of Punjab is looking for enthusiastic and dedicated applicants.

Punjab Daanish School (Young men) Tandianwala looks for applications for the arrangement of Showing Personnel on an agreement premise. For educators who are enthusiastic and dedicated, these government teaching jobs are available.

Teachers positions were advertised by the PDS&CEA Government of Punjab. This recruitment welcomes applications from both genders. Urdu, mathematics, general science, Islamiat, Pak Studies, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, fine arts, and general/montessori are all subjects that require teachers.

Those who wish to apply should fill out the requirements for experience and qualifications. They should have a BA (Hons), BSc (Hons), BS, or Graduate degree (16 Years of Training) and may apply for this arrangement.

About Excellence Boys School

The Center of Excellence Boys School Tandianwala, located in Tandianwala, Pakistan, is a prestigious educational institution known for its commitment to providing quality education to boys.

The school aims to cultivate academic excellence, character development, and critical thinking skills among its students. As the school continues to grow,

it offers various job opportunities for qualified individuals who are passionate about education and shaping young minds.

Job positions at the Center of Excellence Boys School Tandianwala encompass a range of roles, including teaching positions, administrative positions, and support staff positions.

Teaching positions may include subject-specific teachers for various disciplines such as mathematics, English, science, social studies, and languages.

Additionally, there may be vacancies for special educators, physical education instructors, and fine arts teachers.

Administrative positions may involve roles such as school principals, vice-principals, coordinators, and academic administrators. These positions require strong leadership, management skills, and a deep understanding of educational policies and practices.

Support staff positions may include administrative staff, librarians, laboratory assistants, IT technicians, and maintenance personnel, among others.

These roles play a crucial part in ensuring the smooth functioning of the school and supporting the teaching and learning process.

The eligibility criteria for jobs at the Center of Excellence Boys School Tandianwala vary depending on the specific position.

Generally, a relevant educational background, teaching experience (for teaching positions), and a passion for education are desired qualifications.

For administrative and support staff roles, relevant experience and skills in the respective areas are usually required.

To stay informed about job openings at the Center of Excellence Boys School Tandianwala, interested individuals can visit the school’s official website, where vacancies are often advertised.

They can also keep an eye on local job portals, newspapers, and education-related networks for job listings and application details.

The application process typically involves submitting a comprehensive resume or application form, along with any required documents specified in the job advertisement.

Excellence Boys School

Excellence Boys School Details

Posted on:20th JUN 2023
Education:Master, BS
Last Date:July 04, 2023
Company:Punjab Daanish Schools and Centres of Excellence Authority
Address:Center of Excellence (Boys) Tandianwala, Faisalabad
Excellence Boys School

Excellence Boys School Vacant Positions:

  • Biology Teacher
  • Chemistry Teachers
  • Computer Science Teachers
  • Fine Arts Teachers
  • General Science Teachers
  • General/Montessori Teachers
  • Islamiat Teachers
  • Mathematics Teachers
  • Pak Studies Teachers
  • Physics Teachers
  • Urdu Teachers

How to Apply for Excellence Boys School

  • Wanted people can advance their Applications/CVs with confirmed duplicates of supporting records to the Focuses of Greatness School (Young men), Tandianwala.
  • Candidates are asked to submit applications by July 04, 2023. For additional subtleties, competitors are approached to peruse the commercial.
  • The teachers who were chosen can move to any other Danish or Centre of Excellence school in Punjab Province or be posted there. Medical and Police Clearance Certificates must be submitted by all selected candidates.

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