Win Generation Google Scholarship APAC 2024: Dream Big

Generation Google Scholarship APAC- Is it true or not that you are searching for a Google Grant? Applications are presently open for the Age Google Grant 2024-2025. This grant is especially for ladies in the field of software engineering. The global grant was started to help understudies

and programming female possibility to rule in development and become pioneers in their field. The Age Google Grant APAC is for ladies up-and-comers presently signed up for an undergrad program in the Asia Pacific locale. The grant depends on legitimacy and inspiration of competitors.

This worldwide grant program is accessible to qualified understudies who are concentrating on software engineering, designing or important fields. Thusly, ladies with a strong fascination with computer programming and registering are profoundly urged to apply for the Google Age Grant 2024-25.

Moreover, the Grant by Google expects to help ladies possibility to help them develop and flourish in the area of innovation and arise as pioneers. It offers grant beneficiaries $2,500 for the scholastic year 2024-2025, subsequently, diminishing the monetary weight. Generation Google Scholarship APAC

Generation Google Scholarship APAC With the Age Google Grants, up-and-comers will have the potential chance to clean their abilities with Google and become a Google Grant holder. The grant for ladies is a brilliant chance to become future pioneers and gain from the best.

Also, the determination standards for the Age Google Grant for Ladies in Software engineering will focus on up-and-comers’ devotion to advancing variety, value and consideration, their showed administration capacities, as well as their scholarly accomplishments. Generation Google Scholarship APAC

Google has consistently added to ladies’ strengthening and the Google Grant 2024 is an esteemed an open door for ladies from APAC. The Google Grants for global understudies will be allowed in view of scholastic record and authority characteristics, value and consideration.

The assets can be utilized for training related costs, for example, educational expenses and books. Also, the awards are intended to help ladies who need to seek after advanced education and update their insight in the field of software engineering or related specialized fields.

All female competitors will be able to investigate the universe of imaginative innovations and step into their expert life. Applicants who meet every one of the prerequisites are profoundly urged to apply for the Age Google Grant (APAC) in 2024 Generation Google Scholarship APAC

Generation Google Scholarship APAC

Generation Google Scholarship APAC Detail:

  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Eligible Regions: APAC
  • Important date: April 23, 2024

Eligibility Criteria

  • Up-and-comers should distinguish as female to be qualified for the Google Grant for Ladies in software engineering. Generation Google Scholarship APAC
  • All up-and-comers should as of now be a full-time second or third year undergrad understudy at a perceived college in Asia Pacific for 2023-2024 scholastic year.
  • Understudies should likewise proceed with their full-time lone rangers degree program from a perceived college in APAC for the 2024-2025 scholastic year. Generation Google Scholarship APAC
  • Moreover, to be qualified for the Age Google Grant, candidates should concentrate on software engineering, PC designing or other firmly related specialized fields.
  • All competitors should likewise have a remarkable scholarly record.
  • They should areas of strength for show execution, administration characteristics and energy for development in the field of software engineering.


  • The Google Grant for ladies in software engineering offers chosen understudies $2,500 for the scholarly year 2024-2025. Thus, giving monetary help. Generation Google Scholarship APAC
  • The grant for college understudies assists ladies with turning out to be better pioneers and succeed in the fields of software engineering and innovation.
  • Getting the Google Grant 2024-2025 is a lofty honor that perceives understudies scholarly accomplishments, authority potential, and obligation to variety and consideration in the tech business.
  • With this grant in USA, understudies will get the opportunity to turn into a Google grant beneficiary and fabricate their future with Google.

Documents Required

  • Continue/CV
  • References (2)
  • Short article reactions (every reaction ought to be 500 words or less)
  • General foundation data
  • Scholastic Records from the current or latest foundation

How to Apply

  • The application cycle for Google Grant for worldwide understudies is totally on the web.
  • Guarantee you meet the qualification and prerequisites for the software engineering and innovation grant. Up-and-comers should present every one of the fundamental records as referenced above alongside replies to short exposition questions.
  • Additionally, applicants should present their past scholarly records from prior foundations and current universities if material.
  • All candidates should submit two reference letter s from an instructor/teacher or guide.
  • Intrigued up-and-comers ought to apply according to schedule.

Application Deadline

  • The deadline to apply for the Generation Google Scholarship APAC is 23 April 2024 ‘


What is the Generation Google Scholarship APAC?

The Generation Google Scholarship APAC is a program initiated by Google aimed at supporting students from the Asia-Pacific region who are passionate about technology. It offers financial assistance as well as opportunities for mentorship and networking.

Who is eligible to apply for Generation Google Scholarship APAC?

Eligibility criteria may vary, but typically applicants must be undergraduate students currently enrolled in a degree program in a university in the Asia-Pacific region. They should demonstrate a strong academic record, leadership potential, and a commitment to diversity and inclusion in the field of technology.

How can I apply?

Applications for the Generation Google Scholarship APAC are typically submitted online through the official Google scholarship website. Applicants are required to fill out an application form, provide academic transcripts, write essays, and possibly submit letters of recommendation.


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