GKS Korean Government Scholarship 2023: Unlock Your Dream

GKS Korean Government Scholarship– The 2024 Worldwide Korea Grant for College degree programs is currently open. The GKS Korean Government Undergrad Grant 2024 is an administration financed grant completely subsidized by the Korean Government.

GKS Korean Government Scholarship For this grant, IELTS isn’t needed. Around 262 researchers will be chosen for the GKS Undergrad grant. It comprises of the International safe haven Track and College Track, you can apply for both.

In the consulate track, you need to apply through the Korean Government office where you hold citizenship (international safe haven track). GKS Korean Government Scholarship

In the College track, you can straightforwardly apply to one of the assigned colleges (college track). 86 seats are saved in the consulate track and 176 seats are held for the College track which makes a sum of 262 grants.

GKS Korean Government Scholarship

Details About GKS Korean Government Scholarship

  • Host Country: South Korea
  • Degree Level: Undergraduate, Associate Degree
  • Number of Scholarships: 262
  • Deadline: Different for each country

GKS Scholarship Benefits

The GKS Korean Government Scholarship is a Completely Subsidized Grant Program by the Korean government and the Service of International concerns Korea which makes it the biggest ever grant program by the Korean Government.

The Grant Covers:

  • Airfare (Return Air Ticket)
  • Full educational expenses.
  • Settlement Recompense
  • Month to month Recompense
  • 1-Year Korean Language Preparing Charge
  • Degree Program Educational expense
  • Theory (Paper) Printing Charge Repayment
  • Clinical Recompense
  • Degree Fruition Awards
  • Korean Capability Awards
  • Investigation of Korean culture.
  • Develop Korean training.
  • Expert and self-improvement of people.
  • Flourishing all over the planet

Eligibility Criteria

  • Residents, everything being equal, can apply aside from Korean residents.
  • Candidates who have a bachelor‟s certificate can’t matter.
  • Candidates who have partner degrees can apply to an unhitched male’s program.
  • CGPA ought to be above 2.64 out of 4, 2.80 out of 4.3, 2.91 out of 4.5, or 3.23 out of 5.0
  • The score percentile should be 80% or above.
  • Ought to be younger than 25 years.
  • Should be healthy
  • No lawbreaker record.

For Result Waiting applicants:

Candidates who are supposed to graduate must initially present a testament of anticipated graduation at the hour of utilization. GKS Korean Government Scholarship

In the event that such candidates pass the main round of choice, they should present a graduation declaration (or a degree endorsement) by December 31, 2023

Required Documents

  • Application structure.
  • Individual articulation.
  • Concentrate on plan.
  • Letter of proposal.
  • GKS candidate arrangement.
  • Individual clinical evaluation.
  • Graduation endorsement.
  • Scholastic records.
  • Evidence of the citizenship of guardians.
  • Abroad Korean Documentation verification, if any.
  • Korean Citizenship Renunciation Documentation evidence, if any.
  • Korean Conflict Veteran’s Relative evidence, if any.
  • Substantial TOPIK or an English capability declaration or English Language Capability from a past establishment.
  • Grants and different endorsements.
  • Identification duplicate.

How to Apply 

  • You can apply by means of the International safe haven track as well as through the College track to submit applications to the College straightforwardly. GKS Korean Government Scholarship
  • The application interaction for the GKS Korean Government grant is different for every country.


What is the GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship?

The GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship is a scholarship program designed to support international students who want to pursue their undergraduate studies in South Korea.

Who is eligible to apply for the GKS Undergraduate Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria may vary from year to year, but typically, applicants must be international students with a high school diploma or equivalent and meet specific nationality and age requirements. It’s essential to check the latest eligibility criteria on the official GKS website or contact the South Korean embassy or consulate in your home country for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

How do I apply for the GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship?

The application process also varies by year, but it typically involves completing an online application, submitting required documents, and participating in an interview or other selection procedures. You should visit the official GKS website or contact the South Korean embassy or consulate in your home country for detailed application instructions and deadlines.

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