Apply for a Global Citizenship Scholarship 2024: Secure Your Future

Global Citizenship Scholarship– You can now concentrate on in UK! The Worldwide Citizenship Grant 2024 will assist you seek after your investigations with less monetary weight. The Worldwide Citizenship Grant 2024 at the College of Dundee, UK, is a magnificent chance for global understudies.

Grant in the UK will accumulate youthful people from various nations with various spirits, outlooks, and creative plans to share their considerations. Researchers with different foundations will cooperate and gain from one another. This grant in UK will assist worldwide understudies with developing by and by and expertly.

Global Citizenship Scholarship This UK grant can change your life, so take a stab and apply for this global grant program at the present time! likewise, make a point to peruse till the finish to have a deep understanding of the Worldwide Citizenship Grant in UK.

Also, the Worldwide UK grants will open the entryways of progress for global understudies. The Worldwide Citizenship grant program in the UK will permit you to learn at the College of Dundee. The Worldwide grant in the UK will help the two students

and alumni of various nations to begin their certificates at the College of Dundee. Dundee College is focused on searching out, fulfilling, and supporting understudies from everywhere the world. Through this UK grant for global understudies,

Global Citizenship Scholarship DoU needs to persuade worldwide understudies to utilize their learning and schooling to help the world and others. The College of Dundee Worldwide Citizenship Grant is a to some degree financed grant in the UK 2024.

Additionally, candidates should apply for the grant in the UK with maybe some time to spare, the College of Dundee Grant will just consider those candidates who have proactively applied for an undergrad or graduate affirmation at Dundee College.

UK is a fantasy objective for each worldwide understudy nowadays. Consistently numerous worldwide understudies move to the UK for their higher investigations. The worldwide grant is an astonishing an open door for global understudies to concentrate on in the UK with monetary help.

The College of Dundee is UK’s driving college, commonly known for its high standing. Dundee College is universally perceived for its skill in various disciplines. Consequently, picking the College of Dundee for your higher examinations is an extraordinary choice on the grounds

Global Citizenship Scholarship that Dundee just has those understudies who are superb, dedicated, and need to roll out a positive improvement. The Worldwide Citizenship Grant at Dundee College is an open door not to be missed!

Global Citizenship Scholarship

Global Citizenship Scholarship Detail:

  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Financial coverage: Partially Funded
  • Deadline: July 31, 2024

Eligibility Criteria

  • Global understudies from around the world are qualified to apply for this undergrad and postgraduate grant in UK.
  • Candidates should hold a proposal to learn at the College of Dundee for September 2024 admission in any of the qualified undergrad or postgraduate courses.
  • For undergrad: candidates should hold a full-time offer for the nearby course (this remembers no course for the Medication or Dentistry School). The chose college class should be 120 credits.
  • For postgraduate: candidates should hold a full-time offer for nearby courses in any qualified course/school. The expert’s course should be 180 credits, aside from the PGDip in Proficient Lawful Practice. Global Citizenship Scholarship
  • Ace by Exploration and Expert of Exploration Courses are covered by this Worldwide UK Grant.
  • The College of Dundee should arrange the candidate as a Worldwide Expense paying understudy to be qualified for this grant. Global Citizenship Scholarship
  • Besides, all candidates should line up with the Dundee College benefits of cooperating, esteeming individuals, respectability, greatness, and having an effect.
  • Candidates should not be signed up for a PhD Course.
  • Candidates should choose a course with an educational expense of £20,600 (courses that have a charge underneath this won’t be granted a grant)


  • The grant is £4,000 each year, which is straightforwardly postponed off from the educational expenses. Global Citizenship Scholarship
  • College understudies might get the grant for a limit of five years of persistent review, adding up to £20,000 throughout the span of five years.
  • The Worldwide Citizenship Grant 2024-25 is reestablished consistently relying on the researcher’s program length. Global Citizenship Scholarship
  • What’s more, this grant gives an opportunity to investigate the different culture of the UK.
  • it is additionally a mind boggling an open door to concentrate on in the UK and not stress over monetary limitations.

How to Apply

  • Candidates should apply to the College of Dundee first since candidates with full-time presents at the college are qualified for the grant. Actually take a look at the authority site for more data. Global Citizenship Scholarship
  • Candidates who have previously applied to the College of Dundee or have a proposal from the college can begin the application for the grant by tapping on the ‘apply now’ button beneath.
  • Additionally guarantee that you meet every one of the necessities for this global grant in UK.
  • Candidates should finish up the grant structure for September 2024 cautiously and present every one of the reports according to schedule (the beginning date is 16 September 2024).


What is the Global Citizenship Scholarship?

The Global Citizenship Scholarship is a financial award offered by the University of Dundee to international students who show excellence in global citizenship, leadership, and community service.

Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?

Typically, the scholarship is open to international students applying for undergraduate and postgraduate courses at Dundee University. Eligibility requirements may vary depending on the program, so it’s important to check the specific criteria for the course you’re interested in.

How do I apply for the scholarship?

Application procedures vary by program and scholarship, but generally, students need to fill out an application form and submit any required supporting documentation. This may include essays or statements demonstrating their commitment to global citizenship.


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