Global Korea Scholarship 2023 | Remarkable Scholarships |Fully Funded | Previously known as KGSP

Applications are now being accepted for the prestigious and highly competitive Global Korea Scholarship 2023. In the past, the Remarkable Scholarships |Fully Funded | Previously known as KGSP was the name of the GKS 2023.

This scholarship, master’s, and doctoral program is fully funded. The Korean government is the sponsor of this scholarship opportunity. The KGSP 2023 will choose in excess of 1300 worldwide understudies from 155 nations

who need to who wish to seek after an alumni level certificate (expert’s or doctoral) or research in Korea. All of the students who were chosen will attend various universities in South Korea.

The Korean Ministry of Education wants to boost competitiveness and international exchanges. There are in excess of 104,000 global understudies who have been on this Korean grant starting around 2016.

Every candidate would have a wide range of career options to choose from. There are two methods for applying for this KGSP 2023, either presenting their records to the Korean Consulate of their nation or straightforwardly to the homegrown college of Korea.

This South Korean Grant (Worldwide Korea Grant for Advanced educations) is quite possibly of the most serious and top grant on the planet. Similar to the US Fulbright Scholarship, the Chinese Government Scholarship,

the Australia Awards Scholarship, the Turkey Burslari Scholarship, the Austrian Government Scholarship, the Brunei Darussalam Scholarship, the Romanian Government Scholarship, Global Korea Scholarship 2023

the New Zealand Government Scholarship, the Netherlands Government Scholarship, the Stipendium Hungricum Scholarship, and the Daad Scholarship in Germany, it is a fully funded international scholarship program.

Why should one go to South Korea to study? South Korea, in contrast to European nations, provides well-prepared scholarships, inexpensive housing, and living expenses. Global Korea Scholarship 2023

Global Korea Scholarship 2023 In addition, all international students gain an understanding of cross-cultural differences through their exploration of international laboratories and South Korean cities.

Global Korea Scholarship 2023

Global Korea Scholarship 2023 | Study in Korea:

Host Country:

  • South Korea

Course Level:

  • Master’s Degree Programs
  • PhD Programs
  • Research Programs

Benefits of the Korean Government Scholarship 2023:

The completely financed grant in South Korea covers all costs of the chose understudies. The grant will cover:

  • Airfare (Return Air Ticket)
  • Settlement Remittance: 200,000 KRW (offered once after section to Korea)
  • Month to month Recompense: ( (Research Program) 900,000 KRW per month, and (Degree Program) 1,500,000 KRW per month Research Allowance Majors in Liberal Arts and Social Science: 210,000 Korean won per semester for majors in natural science and engineering: 1 Year of Korean Language Training for 240,000 KRW: Completely covered
  • Degree Program Educational cost: Medical insurance and research support fees will be fully covered. Global Korea Scholarship 2023
  • Grants for Korean proficiency: Each month, 100,000 KRW

Eligibility Criteria

  • All worldwide understudies can apply.
  • Korean residents are not qualified to apply.
  • A competitor applying for an alumni program should be younger than 40 years.
  • Candidate for the Master’s Program: a bachelor’s degree is required, or an equivalent or higher level of education is required.
  • Candidate for a Doctoral Program: a master’s degree is required, or an equivalent or higher level of education is required.
  • Candidate for the Research Program: Probably been invited by one of the partner universities.
  • The Korean scholarship cannot be applied for by someone who has already taken advantage of it.
  • A candidate ought to be healthy.

How to Apply

There are two methods for applying for the Korean Government Grant Program 2023. Either to the Korean Consulate of your nation or straightforwardly to the homegrown college of Korea.

  • A candidate must send original or attested documents to the Korean embassy when making an application.
  • A candidate must, on the other hand, submit all required documents to the domestic university when applying directly to the university.
  • A candidate who applies through the embassy can apply to three universities, whereas a candidate who applies directly to the university can only apply to one.
  • The Embassy track process’s second round should not be considered the final selection for students.

Application Deadline:

  • Every country’s Korean embassy and the domestic university have different deadlines, so hurry up and apply as soon as possible.



Who is eligible for Global Korea Scholarship?

Applicants need a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) similar to or higher than one of the following from their high school. → On a 100-point scale, one should score 80% or above, or one needs to rank within the top 20% of their class. → CGPA: 2.64/4.0 or 2.80/4.3 or 2.91/4.5, or 3.23/5.0.

Is it hard to get Global Korea Scholarship?

The process of winning this scholarship is not easy, as it is considered one of the most prestigious and competitive scholarships globally. In this blog post, we will discuss 5 GKS Scholarship tips to help you increase your chances of receiving the Global Korea Scholarship.

How to apply Global Korea Scholarship?

Required Documents
Application Form (Required)
Personal Statement (Required)
Study Plan (Required)
One Letter of Recommendation (Required)
GKS Applicant Agreement (Required)
Personal Medical Assessment (Required)
Proof of Citizenship (Required, submit with apostille/consular confirmation)

What is the GPA for Korean Global scholarship?

Applicants must be physically fit and in good health. Applicant should Maintain a minimum CGPA requirement: 2.64/4.0, 2.80/4.3, 2.91/4.5, or 3.23/5.0. In percentage: 80% or higher on a 100-point scale, or be in the top 20% of their class.

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