GMCTF Scholarship Unleashed 2024: Cash In on Success

GMCTF Scholarship– The Gordon Commemoration School Trust Asset grants are proposed to the Sudanese and South Sudanese nationals, and it is intended for the people who are concentrating on the postgraduate course in the UK and are wanting to get back to Sudan toward the finish of the gig.

The GMCTF associations that are attempted instructive exercises and tasks in South Sudan and Sudan are additionally remembered for the qualification rundown of the grant program. GMCTF Scholarship

The people who intend to accept position license toward the finish of the course to remain in the UK are not qualified for something similar. This is a GMCTF Grant program 2024 that is offered yearly to the meriting understudies for assisting them with making a superior future.

To respect the name of General Charles George Gordon of the English armed force this Trust was laid out in the year 1899. He put an end to Mahdi’s 1885 revolt. Gordon Dedication School was worked somewhere in the range

GMCTF Scholarship of 1899 and 1902 is an instructive establishment in Sudan which is a piece of the Master Kitchener’s boundless instructive changes. The school was subsequently converged with the new Khartoum College in 1924.

Additionally, the Trust provides Sudanese and South Sudanese citizens with financial assistance to cover the costs of shorter UK-based training projects, programs, and courses. On the off chance that somebody applies for award for subsidizing of the new course, that is likewise thought of and the candidate might be chosen.

GMCTF Scholarship

GMCTF Scholarship Detail:

  • Level of study: Any Postgraduate
  • Branch of knowledge: Expressions and Regulation, Designing and Actual Sciences, Life and Natural Sciences, Clinical and Dental Sciences, Sociologies
  • Ethnicity: South Sudan, Sudan
  • Sort of Grant: Good cause/Trust
  • Cutoff time for applying: Shut 28/02/2024

GMCTF Scholarship Eligibility

This is a significant part of data and here are the insights about the equivalent.

  • The need will be given to the people who are as of now selected on a course in the UK over the ones who are holding back to leave on new postgraduate courses
  • Letter from understudy’s course manager showing her or his help is required. The application without a similar won’t be viewed as qualified GMCTF Scholarship
  • Inclination will be given to those candidates who are choosing ability based courses that will help in the improvement of the South Sudan or Sudan GMCTF Scholarship
  • The award of the Grant won’t be reached out to subordinate family members

Selection Criteria

The honor of GMCTF award depends on the accompanying rules, which are weighted as shown:

  • Your contribution to Sudan/South Sudan’s future skill base (25 percent)
  • Academic record (20 percent)
  • Purpose of your chosen course (15 percent)
  • English language proficiency (10 percent)
  • Reports from referees (10 percent)
  • Financial information (10 percent)
  • Overall impression of application (10 percent)

How to Apply

Here are the manners in which that will help you in applying to the Trust Asset for monetary help

  • Peruse the Counsel to Candidates appropriately
  • Allude to the Schedule
  • Complete and present the application structure inside the given cutoff time
  • Significant Dates for Application Accommodation
  • Application opens on first December 2024 and closes on February 2024, intrigued and qualified up-and-comers can apply before the finish of enrollment, after the finish of cutoff time there is no choice to present the application.


Who is eligible to apply for the GMCTF Scholarship?

Specify the criteria and requirements for applicants, including academic qualifications, citizenship, and any other relevant factors.

How can I apply for the scholarship?

Detail the application process, including deadlines, required documents, and any specific instructions for submission.

Is there a website or portal for the GMCTF Scholarship Sudan?

Direct applicants to the official website or any online platform where they can find more information and access the application.


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