Win a Google Conference Scholarship Now 2023: Dream Big

Google Conference Scholarship– We are delighted to report that the Applications are presently open to apply for the Google Meeting Grants 2024. Countless meeting grants are presented by Google to help underrepresented bunches in innovation and business to go to driving gatherings.

The expense of gathering enlistment, travel, and facilities will be covered by these grants. At Google, we imagine that making devices that have the ability to change the world requires a variety of characteristics, encounters, and viewpoints. Also, we believe that everybody ought to get the opportunity

Google Conference Scholarship to investigate proficient open doors in innovation, organizing with companions, and industry linkages. To realize definite data about Google travel and gathering grant, should peruse the total article beneath.

Google Conference Scholarship

Details about Google Conference Scholarships 2024

  • Offered By: Google
  • Award: Fully Funded
  • Area of Expertise: IT, Computer Science, Engineers & Business.
  • Job locations: New Zealand, North America, East Asia, Africa, and Australia.

List of Conferences

Should inquire the authority connect (given beneath) to see the full rundown of 2024 Gatherings.

  • Public Culture of Dark Specialists Public Show (NSBE)
  • Ladies Effect Tech San Francisco
  • Dark Item Directors Gathering
  • Latinas in Tech Highest point (virtual)
  • Ladies in Item Meeting (virtual)
  • Dark Information Handling Affiliation Public Meeting (BDPA)
  • Blacks In Innovation Meeting (BITCON)
  • Beauty Container Festivity (North America)
  • Public Dark MBA Affiliation Meeting (NBMBAA)
  • Sistas in Deals Meeting (Sister)
  • Tapia Meeting Google Conference Scholarship
  • ADCOLOR Meeting
  • AFROTECH Meeting
  • Extraordinary Personalities in STEM Meeting
  • Lesbians Who Tech San Francisco Culmination
  • Society for Headway of Chicanos and Local Americans in Science Public Variety (SACNAS)

Financial Benefits

  • Monetary Advantages of Google Meeting Grants 2024
  • The Google Travel and Gathering grant is completely supported and beneficiaries will get the accompanying monetary administrations;
  • A payment of$100 USD for various travel costs.
  • One full circle travel (transportation) to and from the meeting site.
  • Inn convenience for the dates of movement as talked about straightforwardly with the acknowledged competitors.
  • Since movement or potentially inn game plans are excluded from the repayment bundle, compassionately don’t sort out for them at your own expense. Google Conference Scholarship

Google’s travel service, AmexGBT, will book lodgings for your benefit for the predefined occasion dates. Any inn reservations made other than through AmexGBT won’t be redressed or returned

Eligibility Criteria

  • The qualification for grants fluctuates by area, if it’s not too much trouble, survey the subtleties of the locale you need to apply for. Google Conference Scholarship
  • The top competitors will get a grant after their applications have been checked on.
  • Every candidate will get a notice of their status as per the time spans that are relevant to their area.

For North America:

Candidates should meet the qualification standards to apply for the North America Google Gathering Grant;

  • Candidates should be super durable occupants, residents of, or at present concentrating on in Canada, Mexico, or the US. Google Conference Scholarship
  • At the hour of utilization, candidates should be no less than eighteen (18) years old.
  • Candidates should be an industry proficient or a College Understudy.
  • Should have the option to go to the gathering completely.
  • Note: At present, this grant isn’t accessible for Google representatives, understudies, workers for hire, officials or chiefs. Consistently, they put forth a valiant effort to give grants to new candidates.

For Africa:

Candidates should meet the qualification prerequisites, to be qualified for a grant to go to a worldwide gathering;

  • Should be a full-time understudy signed up for a licensed African college needing gathering travel financing.
  • Should have an acknowledgment for a paper at a renowned gathering in software engineering.
  • Distribute the acknowledged paper as the main creator or as co-creator. Google Conference Scholarship
  • The application for Google grant isn’t available to research representatives.

People who are;

  • inhabitants of restricted nations.
  • usually occupant in restricted nations.
  • The application for this grant would be restricted in some other manner by material commodity controls and authorizes programs. Google Conference Scholarship

For Asia Pacific (APAC):

Candidates ought to meet the qualification prerequisites for a movement award to go to a worldwide Software engineering research gathering:

  • Should be full-time understudies from a perceived college in the nation where these movement awards are offered and needing gathering travel reserves.
  • Should be the primary creator of the paper assuming that it is acknowledged.

How to Apply!

The course of use is online for Google Travel and Meeting Grant 2024. To apply for the grant should visit the authority site underneath.


What is the Google Conference Scholarship?

The Google Conference Scholarship is a program designed to provide financial support to students and professionals to attend conferences, workshops, and other events related to technology, computer science, and other fields.

How can I apply for the Google Conference Scholarship?

Applications are usually submitted online through the official Google Scholarships website. The application process may include providing information about your academic and professional background, a resume, and possibly answering essay questions.

Can I apply for multiple Google Scholarships?

In some cases, you may be eligible to apply for multiple Google Scholarships. However, it’s crucial to review the eligibility criteria for each scholarship program to determine your eligibility.