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Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul– We are one of the most outstanding bundling and printing arrangements in Afghanistan. As a producer of ridged paper, Baheer Gathering of Organizations has arisen as the best.

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Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul Our administrations incorporate planning and creating of even limited time materials so our clients can have a superior comprehension of what we really do.

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Quality isn’t simply an idea for BGC yet additionally a lifestyle. We have been able to maintain an impeccable record across the board over the past few years. In 2012, we imported the CTCP innovation to Afghanistan interestingly

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Quality is our need as we make progress toward significance. The organization’s testaments and appreciation letters on its great execution are plainly obvious. In 1991, BGC changed the old lionized strategy for printing into PC to film.

Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul

It was likewise the main organization in Afghanistan who presented PC by bringing in as well as educating it. Additionally, BGC printed the main paper utilizing PC to film innovation. BGC is set up with exceptionally aggressive,

Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul energetic, educated and proficient representatives. Their devotion and faithfulness to their work has caused the organization to develop at an incredible speed.

BGC firmly has faith in proficient associations with clients depend on trust, unwavering quality, understanding and shared regard. Our clients are glad to guarantee that each and every prerequisite is satisfied at the high guideline.

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Even though it has the largest printing press in Afghanistan, it also imports the most offset paper and printing equipment. The organization is providing practically 65% of a wide range of papers and printing consumables to the Afghan market.

BGC trades offset printing machinery with partners in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. We additionally have joint-adventure/subcontract concurrences with PT Gramedia, Asia Mash Paper, Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul

and Tijiwi Kimia in Indonesia. If fundamental, we can involve them as subcontracts. It is worth focusing on that BGC has been prevailing on the printing business in Afghanistan. Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul

It has effectively figured out how to print a wide range of school and school course readings for quite a long time and really executed 9 significant agreements with the Service of Instruction, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The company is pleased with the professional and effective management of all assigned contracts. Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul

  • Having a MBA or BBA in connected with the executives field.
  • Somewhere around 3-year demonstrated insight with a MBA or 6 years’ involvement in BBA in an inward review climate.
  • Experience underway and monetary administrations climate will be a benefit
  • Full PC education (MS Office, specifically Succeed)
  • Superb hierarchical abilities
  • Solid correspondences abilities

Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul Detail

Job Location:Kabul
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:As per the company salary scale
Vacancy Number:VA/BG/Audit/2023/0001
No. Of Jobs:1
Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul
Organization:Baheer Group of Companies (BGC)
Years of Experience:At least 3-year proven experience with an MBA or 6 years’ experience with BBA in an internal audit environment.
Contract Duration:Permanent
Education:Having an MBA or BBA in related to management field.
Close date:2023-08-20
Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul

Job description

“Internal auditing is a type of independent, unbiased assurance and consulting that aims to enhance an organization’s operations and add value. By bringing a methodical, disciplined approach to evaluating

Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes, it assists an organization in achieving its goals.” The Organization of Inner Examiners (IIA).

  • The Boss Inward Reviewer (CIA) is an autonomous leader with by and large obligation regarding the organization of Interior Review capability of the Bank.
  • While maintaining administrative reporting to the Chief Executive Officer, the CIA is required to report to the Audit Committee of the Board of Supervisors.
  • Inside Review comprises the third-level of control of the association free from the first-level control (the Senior Administration) and the second-level control (the Help capabilities, e.g., HR, Chance, Lawful and Consistence, and so on).

An in-depth description Internal Audit Officer Jobs in Kabul of the duties and responsibilities of the position, ranked from most to least important:

  • Survey, evaluate and give sensible affirmation that risk the board, controls, and administration frameworks of the Bank are working as planned and will empower the targets and objectives of the Bank to be met.
  • Recognize and report inside controls lacks to the review panel and give proposals to conquer them and work on functional proficiency.
  • Make certain that the internal audit department’s status (such as that outlined in an audit charter), strategy, and resources are in line with the bank’s goals and governance requirements.
  • Lay out fitting approaches and systems to direct the inner review capability, and guarantee the nature of the confirmation administrations conveyed.
  • Convey plan of commitment and asset prerequisites for the inward review capability to the Review Council.
  • Guarantee that interior review assets are suitable, adequate and successfully conveyed to accomplish the inward review plan supported by the Review Board of trustees. [ The Boss Inside Evaluator will consider the contribution of Senior Administration and the Review Advisory group in the definition of the inner review plan, which typically addresses monetary detailing and other key functional controls, to be facilitated with the review plan of the Outer Auditor.]
  • Plan and guarantee opportune commitment of the all inward review programs.
  • Coordinate interior evaluating plans and exercises with those of the Outer Auditor(s) to guarantee legitimate inclusion and limit duplication of exertion.
  • Keep an open correspondence with the Administration and the Review Advisory group.
  • Participate in persistent preparation and expertise improvement of the staffs.

Job Requirements:

  • Configuration, grow, direct, and execute review commitment programs (counting distinguishing proper information examination methods for review techniques and additionally logical correlations that might recognize expected issues) to assess the executives controls over all Baheer Gathering activities and the adequacy of the board in their stewardship of the association’s assets and consistence with laid out arrangements and guidelines.
  • Apply interior review guidelines, arrangements, and guidelines to give ideal review confirmation and impact review scope
  • Screens the situation with earlier review perceptions and circle back to the board to record the consummation and execution of review and additionally test proposals.
  • Screens the situation with earlier review perceptions and circle back to the board to record the fulfillment and execution of review as well as test proposals.
  • At all times, maintain an independent (in fact and appearance) auditor with a positive and professional attitude.
  • Participate in the preparation of reports and presentations, convey the findings of the review to management, and provide recommendations for process improvement.
  • Create formal written communications expressing opinions regarding the system’s suitability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Counting proposal to further develop control and cycle lacks recognized during the review
  • Distinguish escape clauses and suggest hazard avoidance measures and cost reserve funds
  • Archive process and get ready review discoveries notice
  • Some other errand appointed by Manager.

Submission Guideline:

Afghanistan Business Bank (ACB) is an undeniable business bank claimed by presumed afghan business visionaries ACB sticks to globally acknowledged financial plans of action

and tries to work in monetarily sound socially dependable and naturally manageable ways. ACB work from its head quarter situated at Shar-e-Naw, Kabul thus far has opened Seven completely useful branches

at various areas in Kabul and different territories .The bank is supposed to send off its branches in the regions of Jalalabad and different Regions soon to meet the clients assumption at their entryway steps.

Our Investors: Afghanistan business bank is possessed by rumored and experienced nearby finance manager who imagine foundation an industry driving business bank offering top notch financial item and administrations to its costumers.

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