International Graduate Scholarship- Remarkable Scholarships 2023 in Japan (Fully Funded)

The International Graduate Scholarship in Japan is open for applications. The Tokyo Institute of Technology Remarkable Scholarships 2023 in Japan (Fully Funded) is open to all international students from all over the world.

Students from Japan who want to earn a Masters’ or PhD’s degree are encouraged to apply. Students of any nationality are eligible to apply for an International Scholarship at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

For the academic year 2023-2024, Tokyo Institute of Technology Scholarships are fully funded. Additionally, apply for the Bright Scholarship Essay Competition in 2023 (Paid). International Graduate Scholarship

The Tokyo Institute of Technology offers postgraduate degrees in almost all academic fields and majors. The scholarship will cover everything needed to finish school. Students can apply with an English

Proficiency Certificate even if they don’t know Japanese or have taken the IELTS or TOFEL. The Experts Degree Grant Span is 2 Years while for Consolidated Bosses and PhD Certification and Doctoral Certificate its 3 Years.

In Tokyo, Japan, the University of Tokyo was established in 1877. It’s a public research establishment. Over 30,000 international and national students attend the university. International Graduate Scholarship

The university is ranked third in the nation and 20th globally. In addition to the fact that Japan is the center of education, the institute provides students with education of a high quality.

International Graduate Scholarship
International Graduate Scholarship

International Graduate Scholarship 2023 Details:

University:Tokyo Institute of Technology
Degree level:Masters, PhD, Combined
Scholarship coverage:Fully Funded
Eligible nationality:All Nationalities
Award country:Japan
Last Date:9 April 2023
International Graduate Scholarship

Financial Benefits:

Under the MEXT University Recommended Scholarship program of the Japanese government,

the International Graduate Scholarship 2023 for International Students is a full, free scholarship. The following grant will be provided to cover the costs of the study:

  • Cost of tuition: There will be no enrollment or full tuition fees.
  • MEXT Scholars are exempt from paying the application fee. Round Airfare Tickets will be given from Home country to Japan and from Japan to Home country.
  • Monthly Salary:
  • Masters of Science: 147,000 Yen per Month Doctorate: 14,800 Yen per Month

Documents Required:

To apply for the International Graduate Scholarship 2023–24 in Japan (Fully Funded), you must prepare the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport or residence card,
  • proof of payment of the application fee,
  • a copy of your academic transcripts,
  • a certificate of graduation,
  • and a recommendation letter from a referee,
  • and a photo ID Consent email or letter from a Tokyo Tech faculty member Field of Study and Study Program (in the specified format).

Eligibility Criteria for Japan Scholarship:

To be considered for an International Graduate Scholarship in Japan, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • applicants who have successfully completed 16 years of education (Masters degree) outside of Japan or whose degree will be finished before the enrollment date.
  • Students from all over the world and of any nationality who have diplomatic ties to Japan.
  • The candidate must have been born before April 2, 1987.
  • The academic field of study that applicants studied at their previous university or a related field must be applied for by students.
  • If applying for a master’s degree, you must be a student with a bachelor’s degree.
  • To apply for a PhD, you must have a Master’s degree.
  • Students who do not speak English as their first language are exempt from the language test if they submit an English Proficiency Certificate from their previous institution.

How to Apply for International Graduate Scholarship?

In order to submit an application for the International Graduate Scholarship 2023–24 in Japan, applicants must follow the steps listed below:

  • Send your resume and, if necessary, other documents to any potential supervisors, and request an acceptance letter for their laboratory.
  • The Acceptance Letter should then be sent to the Admissions Office. You will receive a link to the online application from them.
  • Prepare all of the documents listed above for submission.
  • Navigate to the Online Application Form, complete it, and then submit the necessary documents.



What is an International Graduate Scholarship?

An International Graduate Scholarship is a financial aid program provided by universities and institutions to support outstanding international students pursuing master’s or doctoral degrees.

Who is eligible for International Graduate Scholarships?

Eligibility criteria can vary widely depending on the specific scholarship and institution. Generally, candidates are evaluated based on their academic performance, standardized test scores, and sometimes other factors like research potential, leadership, or community involvement.

How can I apply for an International Graduate Scholarship?

To apply for International Graduate Scholarships, you should visit the official website of the university or institution where you plan to study. They will provide information on available scholarships, application procedures, and deadlines.

What are the selection criteria for International Graduate Scholarships?

Selection criteria often include academic achievements, research potential (for research-based scholarships), strong letters of recommendation, a well-written statement of purpose, and sometimes an interview.

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