Khazar University International Scholarship- Remarkable Scholarships 2023-24 in Azerbaijan (Fully Funded)

The Khazar University International Scholarship for Azerbaijan in 2023 and 2024 is open for applications. Remarkable Scholarships 2023-24 in Azerbaijan (Fully Funded) It is strongly recommended that all international students

who intend to pursue a master’s or doctoral degree at Khazar University immediately submit an application and reserve seats. International students studying humanities, economics, management, business administration, social sciences, engineering, technology,

and other fields can apply for Khazar University Scholarships. offers face-to-face meetings with professors and career counselors in degree programs of the highest quality, up to date academic standards, and a welcoming setting. Khazar University International Scholarship

Additionally, submit an application for Full-Funded Rhodes Scholarships to Oxford University in 2023. Students interested in pursuing a career in Baku should consider applying for scholarships to study in Azerbaijan. Working with foreign embassies through international cooperation, network development,

and engagement is a blessing for talented women. Scholarships that are fully funded enable students to attend educational fairs, information forums, and productive meetings that help revolutionize their careers. Students will be able to succeed in their future professional careers thanks to the knowledge

Khazar University International Scholarship and experience they gained during this time. Skills and intelligence contribute to the development of a successful mindset through the Khidr University Postgraduate Scholarship Program, which is the key to a brighter future.

One of Azerbaijan’s leading universities, Khazar University, offers the International Postgraduate Scholarship in Baku. It has connections to industry and major national and international businesses. It is home to approximately 2,000 scholars, experts, lawyers, business leaders, and internationally renowned artists.

The majority of the programs are taught in English, making it simple for anyone from anywhere in the world to enroll and enjoy full privileges. The Institute is well-known in Baku for its support of cutting-edge research, academic growth,

Khazar University International Scholarship
Khazar University International Scholarship

Khazar University International Scholarship and progressive policies in addition to postgraduate education. The institution gains momentum in all facets of international education through its dynamic learning perspective.

The Nailekhanim Foundation Scholarship uses cutting-edge technology overseas. The students are well-equipped to achieve the desired academic and professional building outcomes thanks to the discussions that take place under the direction of Senior Professional Scholars.

Additionally, a trip to a stunning Eurasian nation will provide you with a fusion of ancient and modern cultures as well as a flourishing international setting. A wide range of climates, one-of-a-kind cultural heritage sites, and traditional cuisine make up the region.

Different civilizations have regarded this area as a turning point. It’s also worth seeing for its reasonable cost of living and excellent educational system. You can travel together on a ship thanks to Khazar University’s partnership with other institutions.

Khazar University International Scholarship 2023-24 Details:

University:Khazar University
Degree level:Masters, PhD
Scholarship coverage:Fully Funded
Eligible nationality:All Nationalities
Award country:Azerbaijan
Last Date:27 June 2023
Khazar University International Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Women can only apply.
  • The academic record of women must be excellent (at least an A- or a grade point average of 3.7 out of 4.0).
  • must be able to write articles that inspire.
  • desire to attend Khazar University to study
  • Participation in higher education.

Selection Criteria for the Khazar University Full Scholarship:

The following requirements must be met by applicants for the Khazar University International Scholarship 2023–24:

  • Write a persuasive essay about the following topic:
  • Demonstrate a high level of academic merit with a minimum grade point average (GPA) of A-, 90-92, or 3.7 (out of 4) or equivalent,
  • depending on the grading scheme of the applicant’s previous university.
  • Describe a situation or situations in which you witnessed or demonstrated female leadership and how it made a positive difference.
  • Possess the appropriate level of fluency in the English language to be able to conduct academic research.

How to Apply for Khazar University International Scholarship?

The application process for the Azerbaijan Full Scholarship for 2023 and 2024 is simple. To apply, follow the steps below. Additionally, the official advertisement link is provided below:

  • Students must apply via the official website and download the application form.
  • On the given topic, write a persuasive essay that will inspire others.
  • Enter your name, nationality, home address, and email address in all required fields.
  • Include all of the necessary supporting documentation in the application.
  • Before the application deadline, carefully complete the form and send it to with the subject line “Nailekhanim Foundation Scholarship” along with any supporting documents.
  • Additionally, submit an application for the Khazar program of your choice.



What is the Khazar University International Scholarship?

The Khazar University International Scholarship is a financial aid program offered by Khazar University in Azerbaijan to support international students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees.

What types of scholarships are available through Khazar University?

Khazar University offers various scholarships, including merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and scholarships for international students pursuing bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Who is eligible for the Khazar University International Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria vary by scholarship, but they often consider factors such as academic performance, nationality, and the degree program applied for.

How can I apply for the Khazar University International Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, you usually need to complete an online application through the Khazar University scholarship portal during the designated application period.