Latest BCG Growth Share Matrix – Best Definition, Explanation, Examples & Templates 2023

Latest BCG Growth Share Matrix- BCG framework is an instrument utilized by organizations to assess their item portfolio and specialty units to foster viable business methodology. BCG represent Boston counseling gathering and this model was created by Boston counseling bunch in mid 1970’s to work with

the associations for dealing with their item and business portfolio. Latest BCG Growth Share Matrix Enormous associations that have various items or units while making key arranging face the test to distribute their assets among various units.

The BCG development share network addresses the different association units on a diagram. Diagram comprise of market development ate versus piece of the pie of an organization comparative with its rivals. So the principal reason for BCG grid to group the items or association units based on relative piece of the pie and industry development rate.

How an association apportions assets to various Latest BCG Growth Share Matrix association units as indicated by their circumstance on the BCG development share framework lattice displayed as follows:

Latest BCG Growth Share Matrix
Latest BCG Growth Share Matrix

Gold mines

Gold mines are those items or specialty units that have a huge piece of the pie in a developed and slow developing industry. Gold mines items and units create more money inflow with less necessities of speculation.

This produced cash then, at that point, can be utilized in other specialty Latest BCG Growth Share Matrix units for additional development of association.


Stars are business items or elements that has high piece of the pie in a quick developing industry. In spite of the fact that stars create high incomes however then again it additionally requires higher interest to meet the costs areas of strength for of mission, circulation, Research and Development and other business tasks.

Question Marks

As named recommend Question marks are the items or elements that have a little piece of the pie in a quick developing business sector. Assuming an organization goes with choice to additionally contribute on Question marks it can become stars.


Furthermore, on the off chance that organizations Latest BCG Growth Share Matrix go with choice for no further venture these elements or item, falls in canine cell.


Canines are those items or elements which have low portion of the overall industry as well as low development rate. No organization needs canines in their item portfolio as they just eat meat as organization’s assets or money

and having negligible money inflows. Everything thing Latest BCG Growth Share Matrix organization can manage in respects of canine is to exchange the canines to limit the gamble

Latest BCG Growth Share Matrix Examples & Templates

ProductsMarket GrowthMarket Share share of Strong CompetitorsRelative Market Share
Product No. 13%17%32%0.53
Product No. 26%22%13%1.69
Product No. 314%51%25%2.04
Product No. 417%12%26%0.46
Product No. 57%15%28%0.54
Latest BCG Growth Share Matrix

Advantages and disadvantages of BCG Matrix

This arranging apparatus is valuable for the board to think about items arrangement of four quadrants
BCG-Matrix is valuable for organizations looking for volume and experienced impacts This model is straightforward

It is a decent beginning stage for the executives to choose for future activities Assuming an organization is that much skilled to utilize experience bend as a benefits, it can either make or sell new items on low cost which drives them to piece of the pie authority.

Absence of synergic impact between specialty units, for organizations the two canines and treasure troves are significant for accomplishing completive benefit over contenders High piece of the pie is just a piece of progress element and high portion of the overall industry doesn’t prompts high benefits

  • This model disregards the outer variables which are vital
  • Coming up short on a reasonable meaning of “market”
  • Once in a while Dogs and get you more cash
  • This lattice disregards little comrades who might have observable portion of the overall industry



What is the BCG Growth-Share Matrix, and what is its purpose?

The BCG Growth-Share Matrix is a strategic planning tool that helps businesses analyze and prioritize their product portfolio based on market growth and relative market share.

How are products categorized in the BCG Matrix?

Products are divided into four quadrants: Stars, Cash Cows, Question Marks, and Dogs.

What characterizes “Stars” in the BCG Matrix?

Stars are high-growth, high-share products that require investment for future growth.

What are “Cash Cows” in the BCG Matrix?

Cash Cows are products with high market share in mature markets, generating steady cash flow.

What are “Dogs” in the BCG Matrix?

Dogs are low-growth, low-share products that may be candidates for divestiture.

Is the BCG Matrix applicable across industries?

While widely used, its relevance may vary based on industry dynamics.

How does the BCG Matrix guide decision-making?

It helps allocate resources, prioritize products, and inform strategic choices.

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