Latest Dali University CSC Scholarship – Remarkable Scholarships 2023 in China (Fully Funded)

The Latest Dali University CSC Scholarship in China is open for applications. Chinese government Remarkable Scholarships 2023 in China (Fully Funded) are open to all international students from all over the world.

Dali College Grant is a Completely Supported Grant to Seek after College Certificate or Bosses Degree at the College in China. To apply for the Chinese Council Scholarship 2023, there is no application fee.

The honor means to energize scholastic greatness and draw in the top skilled understudies across the world for the college. Also check out the Fully Funded Taiwan Scholarship for International Students for the years 2023–24.

Dali University is a leading college or university in Dali, China, and it is located in the city. It was established in October 2001 by combining four wonderful colleges. Latest Dali University CSC Scholarship

Latest Dali University CSC Scholarship
Latest Dali University CSC Scholarship

It is a comprehensive university with 16 colleges and approximately 17,900 students that offers 53 bachelor’s and 28 master’s degree programs in various fields. Latest Dali University CSC Scholarship

In Dali, China, the university is regarded as a leading provider of academics and high-quality education. It has been providing education to students regardless of background or financial situation. enables students to contribute to society by providing them with a high-quality education.

Latest Dali University CSC Scholarship Details:

University:Dali University
Degree level:Bachelors & Masters
Scholarship coverage:Fully Funded
Eligible nationality:All Nationalities
Award country:China
Last Date:31 March 2023
Latest Dali University CSC Scholarship

Financial Benefits:

Students from all over the world can apply for the Dali University CSC Scholarship 2023–24, which is a full, free scholarship. The following will be covered by the sponsorship:

  • Fees for classes,
  • registration,
  • internships,
  • and labs: covered Room and Board:
  • provided Health Insurance:
  • covered monthly subsidy included
  • Note: The grant strategy will be alluded to the standard distributed by Chinese MoE.

Required Documents:

  • The CSC Application Form can be found on the CSC website.
  • A notarized copy of a diploma or certification (graduates can provide a Provisional Certificate or Study Certificate).
  • A copy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form.
  • A copy of a valid passport. Notarized copies of transcripts. Master’s degree applicants must submit a personal statement (no more than 800 words) written in Chinese or English that includes a study/research plan, family history, awards, and merits.
  • Non-Criminal Records A notarized copy of a valid HSK Certificate (a requirement for courses taught in Chinese) An enrollee must pass HSK4 for majors in the sciences and HSK5 for majors in the arts, with a minimum score of 180.
  • After approval by the CSC, excellent applicants who failed the corresponding Chinese proficiency test (HSK) prior to applying will be eligible for a full scholarship for a one-year Chinese language training. a copy of a valid certificate of English language proficiency (a requirement for English-medium courses)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • The “Health Screening and Admission Criteria for Foreign Students Studying in China” requirement must be met by an applicant, who must be of non-Chinese nationality and be in good health.
  • New students are the only ones eligible for the scholarship.
  • A candidate should be of good moral character, abide by university rules and regulations, and observe Chinese social customs. Latest Dali University CSC Scholarship
  • The applicant for a bachelor’s degree must be over the age of 18 and less than 25 years old, and they must hold a diploma or certification from a high school (or another equivalent).
  • The applicant for a master’s degree must have a bachelor’s degree and be under 35 years old. Latest Dali University CSC Scholarship

How to Apply for Dali University CSC Scholarship?

Both the CSC application system and the Dali University international student service system require applicants to complete online procedures in order to submit applications for the Dali University CSC Scholarship 2023–24.

Step 1: Application online: Visit the CSC website at to submit your application online and upload all required documents. Number of Dali University’s agency: 10679, Type of Program Category: B. Next, obtain the CSC Application Form.

Step 2: University of Dali: Apply now at and provide the CSC Ref on the Dali University website. number from the CSC registration.



What is the deadline for CSC Scholarship 2023?

CSC Scholarship 2023-2024 Application Deadline is March 31, 2023.

Is Dali University CSC Scholarship 2023 24 in China fully funded?

Dali University CSC Scholarship 2023-24 is a Full Free Scholarship for Students from allover the globe. The sponsorship will cover the following: Tuition, Registration, Internship and laboratory fees : covered. Accommodation: covered.

How to apply CSC Scholarship 2023?

Applicants should log on to the Chinese Government Scholarship System for online application (http:// and submit application materials before April 30, 2023. Applicants should have received a pre-admission letter from one of 72 subprograms at least when they apply.

How much is the CSC Scholarship 2023?

The coverage of the Chinese CSC Scholarship award differs based on the type of degree as well as stated below: The CSC Undergraduate Program Scholarship provides a stipend of CNY 2500 RMB per month in addition to free tuition and free lodging.

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