Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary – Best Terms of Glossary in Disaster Management 2023

Throughout the long term, Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary-related wordings were taken on and converted into Thai by different professionals or offices in light of their own settings of purpose.

This has brought about irregularity and disarray in the utilization of these terms in Thai. This recently distributed Disaster Risk Management Glossary of Terms intends to resolve this extremely crucial issue in advancing calamity risk the board/catastrophe risk decrease in Thailand.

This Glossary will be integral to the contemporary Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary comprehension and advancing act of calamity risk the board/fiasco risk decrease in Thailand, and will guarantee that normal definitions are clear across areas and partners,

thusly, advancing more viable debacle risk decrease mainstreaming being developed. The Glossary was an achievement of cross-area coordinated effort by UNDP Thailand, Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation (DDPM) and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Academy (DPMA),

along with Ministry of Public Health, Royal Irrigation Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary Department, Meteorological Department, Department of Mineral Resources, National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB), Thammasat University, Thai Red Cross, Asian Disaster Preparedness Center (ADPC),

United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary and a Thai language master. The Glossary was finished under UNDP’s ‘Reinforcing Disaster Management Capacities in Thailand’ project.

To comprehend potential choices for diminishing likely dangers Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary and misfortunes to mankind brought about by calamity, it is essential to obviously characterize terms utilized in a debacle alleviation.

Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary
Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary


An outrageous Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary occasion or condition instigated naturally, human, or a monetary circumstance that can possibly hurt. For Example. Snowstorm, an avalanche or a fear monger assault


The possibilities of an event of a risk and chances Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary of its effect on the uncovered networks or resources. An illustration of local area living in the lower regions in a space inclined to avalanches. Risk accordingly relies upon


Probability of events of risks

Probability of injury, loos or obliteration of the uncovered (networks, in this adapting limit)
Weakness Uncovered populaces and resources helpless to perils. For instance feeble structures or people like the matured, youngsters or ladies, who can’t offer any flexibility to the potential perils are helpless.


A perilous occasion can turn into a calamity. For instance, in the event that there are networks based on steep inclines, avalanches might influence them by Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary making streets be hindered by falling trash, killing or harming individuals,

and disturbing correspondence joins. The people group would not be able to adapt to this risky occasion and would have to look for outside help. Experiencing the same thing, the occasion is delegated a debacle. Had the free stones and flotsam and jetsam brought about an avalanche on the opposite side of the mountain where there were no settlements, it would stay a perils.

Along these lines, a debacle is a surprising event, an unexpected or significant hardship that upsets the fundamental and typical working of an entire society or local area inside it.


An occurrence that requires quick and need consideration and activity. Crises are characterized as exceptional circumstance in which individuals are transiently incapable to meet their making it one day to the next needs, or there are not kidding, quick dangers to human existence and prosperity.

A crisis could be a result of a catastrophic event, disregard of weak circumstances, human blunder, or ecological corruption. Calamity then again, are bigger in scale and go past limit of crisis reaction. They are typically sorted in view of their goal and connected to speed of effects.

Different terms that are natural to us and demonstrate adverse consequences are:

  • Emergency
  • Calamity
  • Mishap
  • Debacle
  • Episode
  • Crisis
  • Catastrophe



How can I access the latest DRM glossary?

The glossary might be available through official disaster management organizations, online resources, or publications.

What types of terms are covered in the latest DRM glossary?

The glossary typically covers terms related to natural disasters, risk assessment, mitigation strategies, emergency response, resilience, and more.

How can this glossary assist professionals in disaster risk management?

Professionals can use the glossary to ensure accurate communication, standardize terminology, and enhance collaboration in disaster-related efforts.

Is the glossary regularly updated to reflect evolving DRM concepts?

Yes, reputable sources often update the glossary to incorporate new terms and reflect the latest developments in disaster risk management.

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Latest Disaster Risk Management Glossary

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