Latest GREAT UK Scholarships 2023 | (Fully Funded)

Are you seeking fully funded scholarships in the United Kingdom? We are pleased to announce that applications for the Fully Funded Latest GREAT UK Scholarships 2023 and 2024 are now being accepted.

Latest GREAT UK Scholarships 2023 Worldwide applicants are eligible to apply for the scholarships, which are fully funded. The British Council and the UK government provide funding for the scholarship. In October, it will reopen.

There are a total of 310 opportunities for scholarships. GREAT Scholarships accepts students from 18 nations and offers scholarships in almost every field. This scholarship program has 19 participating universities. Any one of the 19 UK universities is a good place to start your Master’s degree.

Due to its world-class degrees and excellent education, the United Kingdom is currently the most popular destination for international students. In the United Kingdom, there are over 395 colleges and universities that offer over 50,000 degree programs.

Latest GREAT UK Scholarships 2023 In the United Kingdom, you can get into many universities without taking the IELTS. We are all aware that UK universities rank among the best in the world. Latest GREAT UK Scholarships 2023

They can take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to study abroad on a scholarship at renowned universities in the United Kingdom. We advised you to submit an application for the 2023 UK GREAT Scholarships.

Latest GREAT UK Scholarships 2023
Latest GREAT UK Scholarships 2023

About GREAT UK Scholarships 2023-2024

  • Scholarship Country: UK
  • No. of Scholarships: 310
  • Degree Level: Master’s Degree
  • Financial Coverage: Funded
  • Deadline: Different for Each Country

Host Universities:

  • University of Manchester,
  • University of Nottingham,
  • University of South Wales,
  • University of Warwick,
  • University of Derby,
  • University of Dundee,
  • University of Edinburgh,
  • University of Exeter,
  • University of Exeter,

Available Number of Scholarships:

  • Bangladesh provides 11 graduate scholarships,
  • China provides 44,
  • Egypt provides 13 graduate scholarships,
  • Ghana provides 15 graduate scholarships,
  • India provides 60 graduate scholarships,
  • Mexico provides 20 graduate scholarships,
  • Nepal provides 9 graduate scholarships,
  • Pakistan provides 27,
  • Sri Lanka provides 9 graduate scholarships,
  • Thailand provides 28 graduate scholarships,
  • Indonesia provides 30 graduate scholarships,
  • Kenya provides 14 graduate scholarships,
  • and Malaysia provides 30 graduate scholarships.

Eligible Countries:

  • Bangladesh,
  • China,
  • Egypt,
  • Ghana,
  • India,
  • Mexico,
  • Nepal,
  • Pakistan,
  • Sri Lanka,
  • and Malaysia

Eligibility Criteria:

The Latest GREAT UK Scholarships 2023 eligibility requirements are listed below.

  • A citizen of one of the aforementioned eligible nations is required to apply.
  • To be admitted to a university, an applicant must possess a bachelor’s degree.
  • must have a successful academic history.
  • Additionally, a candidate has relevant work experience.
  • should possess a certificate of English proficiency.

How to Apply for Latest GREAT UK Scholarships 2023

The Great Scholarship application process is entirely online. Please reject the school and apply. Please go to the official website listed below to apply.



What is the Great UK scholarship 2023 2024?

Each scholarship will cover at least £10,000, or INR 9,59,727, in tuition costs for a postgraduate program lasting one year at a collaborating university. For the academic year 2023-2024, more than 100 scholarships will be given out as part of the GREAT Scholarship initiative.

What is the great scholarships in the UK for international students 2023?

The GREAT Scholarships 2023 programme, launched by the British Council and 49 UK universities, supports postgraduate students accessing world-class UK higher education opportunities. The programme offers a minimum of £10,000 to students pursuing a one-year postgraduate programme in the UK.

What is the new scholarship for Pakistani students in the UK?

The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan is a scholarship program offered by the UK government to students from Commonwealth countries, including Pakistan. The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel costs, and living expenses for the duration of the course of study.