Latest Lahore High Court Jobs 2023- Apply Online

Latest Lahore High Court Jobs were posted online at Applications are welcomed for the accompanying posts on customary premise in this administration association. The following positions are open to applicants who are residents of Punjab.

In the advertisement that is provided below, the age limit, qualifications, experience, and domicile required for the positions are listed against each other.

Latest Lahore High Court Jobs High Court jobs refer to the various employment opportunities available within the judicial system at the High Court level. High Courts are the highest judicial bodies in many countries, responsible for interpreting and applying the law, ensuring justice, and resolving disputes.

There are a wide range of job roles within the High Court system, catering to different aspects of legal administration and proceedings. Some common High Court jobs include judges, lawyers, clerks, stenographers, researchers, and administrative staff.

Judges are the key decision-makers in the High Court, responsible for presiding over cases, analyzing evidence, interpreting laws, and delivering judgments.

They require extensive legal knowledge, experience, and expertise. Lawyers play a crucial role in presenting cases, representing clients, and advocating for their rights and interests in High Court proceedings.

Clerks, stenographers, and researchers provide administrative support to the judges and lawyers. They assist in drafting legal documents, maintaining case records, transcribing court proceedings, conducting legal research, and managing court schedules.

Administrative staff handle the day-to-day operations of the High Court, managing finances, human resources, and general administration. They ensure the smooth functioning of the court and facilitate effective communication between different stakeholders.

To qualify for High Court jobs, individuals typically need to possess a law degree and meet specific eligibility criteria.

They may be required to pass competitive examinations, demonstrate legal knowledge, and have relevant work experience. Strong analytical skills, attention to detail,

Latest Lahore High Court Jobs excellent communication abilities, and a thorough understanding of the legal system are essential for success in these roles.

Overall, High Court jobs offer challenging and rewarding career opportunities for individuals passionate about the law, justice, and upholding the legal system. They contribute to the effective functioning of the judicial system and the delivery of justice in society Latest Lahore High Court Jobs.

Latest Lahore High Court Jobs

Latest Lahore High Court Jobs Details

Published OnJUN 09, 2023
Last DateJUN 22, 2023
OrganizationLahore High Court
No of SeatsMultiple
Job LocationLahore, Punjab
Latest Lahore High Court Jobs

Latest Lahore High Court Jobs Eligibility Criteria

 Additional & District Session Judges

  • Qualification: (a) He/She shall have a degree in Law from a recognized University entitling him to practice the profession of law or is a member of the Faculty of Advocates of Scotland
  • (b) An advocate who has actively practiced the profession of law for not less than 02 years after having been enrolled as an advocate.
  • Age Limit: Not less than 35 years and not more than 45 years of age as on 22nd May, 2023. The candidates are allowed age relaxation for one year in the upper age limit.

2. Civil Judges-cum-Magistrates (BS-17)

  • Qualification: (a) Advocate (possesses a degree in Law from a recognized university entitling him/her to practice the profession of law or is a member of the Faculty of Advocates of Scotland)
  • (b) A practicing advocate of the Lahore High Court and the courts subordinate to the Lahore High Court with a minimum practice of ten years.
  • Age Limit: Not less than 22 years and not more than 35 years of age as on 22.05.2023. The candidates are allowed age relaxation for six months in the upper age limit.

How to Apply for Latest Lahore High Court Jobs

  • The Lahore High Court’s online job portal can be found at, so interested candidates do not need to mail in a hard copy of their application.
  • The online application form must be filled out completely and accurately with the utmost care.
  • For additional district and session judges, candidates must pay a non-refundable examination fee of Rs. 6000 (for Civil Judges-cum-Magistrates) or Rs. 5000 (for Additional District and Session Judges) online in the MCB bank’s Lahore High Court, Lahore Branch Gold Savings Account No. 0785503341001134 with the subject line “Human Resource District Judiciary,” and then fill out the required online application. Candidates are required to submit the completed application form and original fee deposit slip to the office of the undersigned after printing it.
  • The application form must contain attested copies of the required documents (see advertisement for each position).
  • see
  • The application fee must be paid before the application will be considered.
  • The online application deadline for jobs at the Lahore High Court is JUN 28, 2023.

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