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Through an online portal at Latest PKLI Jobs advertised the following positions: Through the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute and Research Center Act 2019 (the Act), which was approved by the Provincial Assembly of Punjab, the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute and Research Center (PKLI&RC) operates as a body corporate.

PKLI&RC is administered by an autonomous Leading group of Lead representatives comprised through the said Act. For each position, the details of available positions as well as the necessary qualifications are provided below.

The Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute (PKLI) is a state-of-the-art medical facility located in Lahore, Pakistan, dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment, and research of kidney and liver diseases. Established in 2017, PKLI aims to provide high-quality healthcare services to patients suffering from kidney and liver ailments in Pakistan and the region.

Latest PKLI Jobs PKLI is equipped with advanced technology and modern infrastructure, making it one of the leading medical institutes in the country. The institute has a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled and experienced healthcare professionals, including surgeons, physicians, nurses, and support staff, who work together to deliver comprehensive care to patients.

The team follows international standards and protocols to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.

One of the key focuses of PKLI is transplantation. The institute has a dedicated transplant center that performs kidney and liver transplants, providing a ray of hope to patients suffering from end-stage renal and liver diseases.

PKLI has a well-established organ donation and transplant program, with a team of specialized surgeons performing successful transplant surgeries on a regular basis.

In addition to transplantation, PKLI offers a wide range of services for the diagnosis and treatment of kidney and liver diseases. These include state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging facilities, dialysis units, outpatient clinics, and inpatient wards.

Latest PKLI Jobs The institute also has a research center where scientists and medical professionals collaborate on groundbreaking research to improve the understanding and treatment of kidney and liver diseases.

PKLI is not only focused on providing clinical services but also on educating and training healthcare professionals. The institute offers various training programs and workshops to enhance the skills and knowledge of physicians, surgeons, nurses, and technicians in the field of nephrology and hepatology.

This emphasis on education and training ensures the development of a skilled workforce capable of delivering high-quality care to patients across the country.

Moreover, PKLI is committed to creating awareness about kidney and liver diseases in the community. The institute conducts public health campaigns, organizes seminars and workshops, and actively participates in community outreach programs to educate people about the prevention and early detection of these diseases.

In conclusion, the Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute is a leading healthcare facility dedicated to providing comprehensive care for patients with kidney and liver diseases.

With its advanced infrastructure, skilled healthcare professionals, focus on transplantation, emphasis on research and education, and community outreach efforts, PKLI plays a vital role in improving the healthcare landscape in Pakistan and addressing the critical needs of patients suffering from kidney and liver ailments.

Latest PKLI Jobs

Latest PKLI Jobs Details

Published OnMay 20, 2023
Last DateJune 05, 2023
SourceNawaiwaqt Newspaper
OrganizationPakistan Kidney and Liver Institute
No of Seats203
Job LocationLahore, Punjab
Latest PKLI Jobs

Latest PKLI Jobs Vacancies 

Ad No. 01

Sr. NoDeapartment
4.Nuclear Medicine
8.Critical Area
11.Supply Chain
12.Hospital Director Sectarian
14.Medical Director Secretariat
16.Human Resource
18.Registration & Central Command
19.Food & Nutrition Service
Latest PKLI Jobs

Ad No. 02

Sr. NoDepartment
6.Human Resource
7.Quality Management
Latest PKLI Jobs

How to Apply online for New Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute

  • Candidates who are interested can apply online at to learn more about the aforementioned positions.
  • Through a bank deposit slip, make a payment for the application processing fee to Bank of Punjab, Account No. 6580008550400058 OR deposit the equivalent amount into the online account PK51BPUN6580008550400058 with the account name Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute and Research Center.
  • Rs. 3000/- The application fee is temporarily not being received through the “Raast online transfer app” because the people making the payment cannot be identified through this method of payment.
  • The Pakistan Kidney and Liver Institute PKLI Jobs online application deadline is June 5, 2023.

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