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Howdy, Would you say you are longing for learning at one of the highest level colleges on the planet? Leiden University Excellence Scholarship This is for you then. Remarkable Scholarships 2023 | Netherland

Applications are currently open to apply for the Leiden College Greatness Grant (LexS) 2023 in the Netherlands. This is a Graduate degree grant. The LexS grant is educational cost free for every worldwide understudy.

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship The value of this grant is a measure of € 15,000 yearly. Competitors from everywhere the world are qualified to apply for this open door.

The sort and number of grants granted rely upon the financial plan that every workforce division has accessible. The University of Leiden, which was founded in 1575, is one of the leading international research institutions

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship in Europe for global research. The college endeavors to turn into a fortress of opportunity called “Presidium Freedoms. In Leiden and The Hague, there are seven faculties

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship for the humanities, sciences, and social sciences. In excess of 28,130 understudies and 6,700 staff individuals go to the college. The Leiden University Scholarship was established

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship with the intention of attracting brilliant and driven students from all over the world by providing them with the means Leiden University Excellence Scholarship

to pursue their academic objectives in a setting that is both intellectually stimulating and inspiring. Read the entire article below to learn more about the Netherlands Scholarship in detail.

Leiden University Excellence Scholarship

Details About Leiden University Excellence Scholarship 2023

  • Scholarship Country: Netherlands
  • Host institute: Leiden University
  • Degree level: Master’s degree
  • Nationality: All International students
  • Deadline:
    • 1 Feb for programs starting 1 Sept
    • 1 Oct for programs starting 1 Feb

Available Courses

  • Regulation
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • Paleontology
  • Medication/LUMC
  • Social and Conduct Sciences
  • Administration and Worldwide Undertakings
  • Interfacultair Centrum voor Lerarenopleiding
  • Onderwijsontwikkeling en Nascholing (ICLON)
  • African Examinations Community
  • Global Organization for Asian Examinations

Benefits Of the Leiden University Scholarship

The beneficiaries of the Leiden University Excellence Scholarship will get the accompanying three advantages:

  • € 10,000 of the educational expense
  • € 15,000 of the educational expense
  • All out educational expense less the legal educational expense.
  • Lex is certainly not a completely subsidized grant. Non-EEA Lex Beneficiaries Should In any case Give “Enough Financing” Confirmation to Apply for an Understudy Visa or Home License.

Eligibility Criteria

The qualification standards for the Leiden College grant 2023 in the Netherlands are given beneath.

  • English is the necessary review language for LexS grant in the Netherlands.
  • The LexS scholarship is open to international students from countries outside of the European Union and the European Economic Area. Leiden University Excellence Scholarship
  • Prior coursework that is relevant to the Master’s program sought by applicants must have earned top grades. The understudy’s consideration of the 10% of Graduate understudies in their earlier scholarly program fills in as a hint. Note: It isn’t important to give evidence of positioning, positioning data is intended to show the degree of contest.
  • Candidates except for applying for MSc in LLM Progressed Examinations programs or in Global Relations and Discretion, for which there are no identity limitations, candidates should have a non-EFTA/non-EEA * visa and may not be qualified for help under the Dutch Framework Study Award and Credits (StaffFinancing). Leiden University Excellence Scholarship
  • Every one of the candidates should submit to Dutch visa necessities.
  • Just those understudies are qualified to utilize LEXS who are selected as full-time understudies at the College of Leiden all through the span of the Understudy Study Program.
  • Every one of the competitors will be effectively engaged with various drives to progress LECS while going to the College of Leiden.
  • The student is required to accept the Lex Scholarship by submitting the “Acceptance Form LES.”
  • The LExS can’t be joined with whatever other grant that is presented by Leiden College.
  • Prior to granting the grant, beneficiaries of the LESS check their composed arrangement and consistence with the agreements of the grant.


The application cutoff time for Leiden College Greatness Grants (LexS) for the scholarly year of 2023 is beneath;

  • 1 Feb for programs beginning 1 Sept
  • 1 Oct for programs beginning 1 Feb

How to apply!

For Leiden University Scholarships in the Netherlands, you can apply online. At the point when you are applying for the grant you should follow the means given beneath.

  • Leiden University offers graduate degree programs for which online applications are accepted.
  • In the event that appropriate, pay the application charges.
  • You can indicate that you want to apply for LES in the Scholarship section of your online application when applying for the scholarship.
  • Upload your letter of inspiration for Lex according to the instructions in your online application. You should present a PDF report with a limit of 500 words making sense of why you ought to be given the honor.
  • With maybe some time to spare, you can present your whole web-based application which incorporates your LES application.
  • Try to appropriately state in every application and the LES for every that you are applying for more than one review program and need to apply for a lex for every one.
  • To apply and to know total insight regarding the Leiden College Greatness (LexS) Grant, you should visit the authority site given beneath.