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MIS Developer Kabul Jobs– The ministry’s long-term objectives include the development of the national economy, the creation of employment opportunities,

MIS Developer Kabul Jobs and the promotion of private sector investments in mineral and hydrocarbon extraction to boost income and revenue.

MIS Developer Kabul Jobs

MIS Developer Kabul Jobs Detail:

Job Location:Kabul
Category:Information Technology
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:Grade C
Vacancy Number:1
No. Of Jobs:1
MIS Developer Kabul Jobs
Organization:Ministry of Mines & Petroleum
Years of Experience:4
Contract Duration:one year
Education:Bachelor and Master of Computer Science, Information Technology, Information Systems, Database management
Close date:2023-07-25
MIS Developer Kabul Jobs

Job Description:

Work Outline:

The Ministry of Mine and Petroleum is seeking an MIS Developer to develop and integrate MoMP’s information systems under the direction of the MIS Directorate. Improvement of utilizations all through the full venture lifecycle

from social occasion prerequisites through to coding, joining, execution, documentation, preparing and support. The creation of various databases, applications, and information systems is primarily the responsibility of this position.

Responsibilities and duties:

  • should, in accordance with the requirements and specifications of the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, create a comprehensive Management Information System (MIS) or Database with the assistance of additional database and MIS technical experts. MIS Developer Kabul Jobs
  • completing necessary tasks to fulfill the information systems and organization’s related mission.
  • Plans to create and redesigns data sets by keeping up with, assessing and incorporation of the frameworks MIS Developer Kabul Jobs
  • Dealing with the conveyance of various complex concurrent framework advancement projects from configuration through discharge.
  • Assessing, settling the data frameworks and programming related issues.
  • Observing security principles both during and after development, like securing database applications and systems through access and control policies and procedures, evaluates how to improve database performance by monitoring database performance.
  • By providing expertise to applications, operations, and technical support teams, disaster recovery and backup procedures support application design.
  • Ought to arrange with other data set colleagues for the effective advancement of MIS/Data set framework. MIS Developer Kabul Jobs
  • Ought to accumulate and distinguish framework necessities, plan and foster new business rationale for MIS/Data set Framework.
  • Produce completely useful projects composing perfect, testable code
  • Plan UI, web designs and incorporate back-end information
  • Perform periodical tests and investigating to expand program productivity
  • Overhaul and fix existing projects and propose new elements to further develop program route and activity MIS Developer Kabul Jobs
  • Ought to have the option to coordinate complex data frameworks.
  • Keep awake to-date with industry advancements (update his self with the new information base innovations, ought to play out the update cycle on the frameworks considered significant).
  • should write the user manual (or guide) for the system prior to its implementation. MIS Developer Kabul Jobs
  • Lead limit building exercises (preparing, tutoring, training) for government workers to construct their ability.
  • Ought to have the option to fix any sort of issue inside the MIS/Information base framework.
  • For user support, create comprehensive technical documentation for the developed systems.
  • Ought to play out some other undertaking connected with the previously mentioned field doled out by the boss.
  • 23.Should give customary exercises progress report to the MIS Chief

Job Requirements:

Abilities Required:

Knowledge of RDBMS systems such as MySQL, SQL Server, and POSGre SQL, as well as PHP and Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, as well as Ajax, jQuery, Alph NJS, and Vue.js or React, is required.

Enlistment Capabilities and Center Skills:

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, database management, or other related field is required, and a master’s degree is preferred.

4 Years of commonsense work insight in programming advancement and least 2 Years broad work insight being developed of use and frameworks joining.
Work insight and Abilities:

Should have the accompanying experience:

  • Strong knowledge of PHP and Laravel, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Ajax, jQuery, Alph NJS, Vue.js, or React. Strong knowledge of various RDBMS systems, such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle 11g/12c, and POSGre SQL.
  • Experience in Java SE and EE is a resource.
  • Experience in planning/creating programming models or confirmations of ideas.
  • Ought to have created total MIS/Data set framework for government, nongovernment and global associations.
  • Knowledge of how to create a financial management system for government agencies.
  • Capacity to add to the plan and engineering experience with dexterous turn of events and programming systems.
  • Exhibited capacity to clarify complex specialized issues for both specialized and nontechnical crowds.
  • capable of comprehending the technical solution from the design to the code level and contributing to it.
  • Solid abilities in settling surrenders/bugs during Quality Confirmation testing, preproduction, creation and post-discharge patches.
  • Ought to be inventive and self-spurred.
  • Superb information on Dari/Pashto and English dialects and should have the option to impart fluidly in English

Submission Guideline:

If it’s not too much trouble, send your CV and Introductory Letter to the email address beneath not later than at 16:00pm. If it’s not too much trouble, write in headline:

Note: from MIS Developer MOMP: just shortlisted up-and-comers will be reached.

Submission Email: