National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul- Health Emergency Response (HER) 2023

National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul– The Aga Khan Establishment, Afghanistan (AKF (Afg)) is an organization of the Aga Khan Advancement Organization (AKDN), a gathering of global, private, non-traditional advancement organizations

attempting to work on day to day environments and valuable open doors for individuals in probably the most unfortunate pieces of the creating scene. The individual mandates of the Network’s organizations range

from health and education to architecture, rural development, and the promotion of private-sector businesses and institutions that aim to empower communities and individuals, typically those in disadvantaged situations, to improve their living conditions and opportunities.

The Aga Khan Establishment (AKF) is a non-traditional worldwide improvement office laid out in 1967 by His Majesty the Aga Khan. Its goal is to come up with and spread innovative solutions to issues that impede social development,

National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul particularly in East Africa and Asia. Under Swiss law, it was established as a private, non-profit foundation with branches and independent affiliates in 19 nations.

AKF looks to give manageable answers for long haul issues of neediness, craving, ignorance, and weakness. In Afghanistan, AKF collaborates with rural communities in remote, National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul

National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul mountainous, or resource-poor regions to enhance quality of life in natural resource management, market development, governance, education, and health.

National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul

National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul Detail:

Job Location:Kabul
Category:Health Care
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:Based on NTA Salary Scale
Vacancy Number:NR/KBL/05/23/028
No. Of Jobs:1
National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul
Organization:Aga Khan Foundation
Years of Experience:Minimum 10 years’ experience including 5 years’ experience in higher level positions in health (Senior Manager/Director) at national or Global level and 5 years specific experience in BPHS/EPHS key positions (Project Manager/Technical Manager) in Afghanis
Contract Duration:One Year
Education:Medical Doctor (MD) from recognized universities/institution. Master’s degree in public health/health management science from recognized institution.
Close date:2023-08-01
National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul

Job Description:

  • The Wellbeing Crisis Reaction (HER) Director is a vital individual from AKF wellbeing and sustenance area and will answer to the public lead of AKF wellbeing and Nourishment.
  • The HER Administrator will work in close coordination with AKF public M&E/MIS director, public and local program organizers/chiefs and AKHS public and commonplace groups answerable for in general award the board and agreement consistence, benefactor connection and execution the executives of HER and other vertical undertakings endorsed by AKF and carried out by AKHS in the wellbeing area.
  • The HER chief is supposed to guarantee quality and convenient accomplishing of tasks set targets/expectations, support execution group for better execution and give opportune and quality reports to the contributor.
  • The HER director will keep up with normal coordination and correspondence with all partners including UNICEF, WHO, MoPH/PPHDs and other compassionate association working in designated areas through joining in/help gatherings, project execution audit/examination studios, leading management/checking visits and standard detailing.
  • Work Obligations AND Obligations National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul
  • Keep up with great and powerful relations with contributors (UNICEF/WHO), vertical activities givers, wellbeing and compassionate associations working in designated areas and MoPH/PPHDs through standard correspondence, announcing and going to gatherings and studios.
  • Generally speaking capable (beginning to end) of important tasks arranging, specialized and monetary advancement, execution the board/accomplishing the venture goals and set targets, detailing, management, and consistence to the giver/contract necessities in close coordination with AKHS.
  • Take the lead in technical discussions about HER at the organizational, donor/UNICEF, and MoPH/PPHD levels, and support the project’s governance and service delivery quality in accordance with contract requirements at the program area level. National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul
  • Guarantee opportune reaction to benefactor/MoPH and forestall any postpone in accommodation of expected expectations and reactions which has impact in by and large execution rating of the tasks in close coordination with AKHS.
  • Look over project-related reports, give feedback, and make sure they are of high quality and sent to donors or UNICEF on time. National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul
  • Before sending any data or information to UNICEF or a donor, check to see that it is accurate, verified, and in line with the requirements of the project.
  • Work intimately with AKF and AKHS finance partners to guarantee opportune reaction and accommodation of value expectations especially monetary reports and portion solicitations to contributors inside the given cutoff times.
  • Through joint supervision and monitoring with AKHS and/or a donor, provide HER and other vertical project implementation teams in targeted provinces with technical and managerial support. National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul
  • Create and execute month to month based field observing and check visits collaborating with AKF and AKHS program chiefs and activities central focuses, foster visit reports, share criticism, and do follow up for execution of the healing activity plan. National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul
  • As a means of facilitating visits and carrying out follow-up on the findings for improvement, take part in joint monitoring visits that are being planned by AKHS, UNICEF, and/or MoPH.
  • Offer specialized and administrative help in fostering the task’s execution Plans, project make up for lost time intends to accomplish focuses in close coordination with AKHS public specialized, money, drug store, and obtainment groups (where appropriate). National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul
  • Partake in key AKHS program related arranging and spending plan readiness gatherings.
  • Go to every essential gathering, teams and coordination gatherings in regards to HER (Counting specialized team gatherings, HER coordination gatherings, HER exhibition survey/examination gatherings, HER oversight calls) at public and common level.
  • Work with/coordinate vital gatherings connected with HER and other vertical undertakings among AKF and AKHS on standard premise.
  • Join in/work with quarterly coordination, awards/contracts execution survey meeting with AKHS as well as giver followed up by healing activity plan.
  • Check that all health grants managed by AKF and carried out by AKHS are followed. National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul
  • Work intimately with public wellbeing awards and execution chief, other public program administrators, provincial program directors, project facilitators, specialized staff, other AKDN wellbeing organizations and AKF’s award/finance supervisors to guarantee consistence and effective asset assembly.
  • Contribute to AKF/AKHS program development and proposal writing efforts, including but not limited to BPHS/EPHS, vertical projects, and other department-level proposals.
  • As per grant agreements, facilitate donor audits, evaluations, and other missions or visits.
  • Follow up and report on a grant management and resource mobilization matrix or database that is current.
  • Contribute to the creation and distribution of useful health program communications materials.
  • Draw out and record examples learned and best practices in AKF/AKHS level.
  • Going to gatherings, studios, and gatherings as vital mentioned by AKHS, UNICEF or MoPH including a few gatherings organized on Saturdays by MoPH.
  • Guarantee appropriate filling, record of all activities related delicate and hard reports at public office level.
  • Give the health grants management team general support whenever it’s needed. National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul
    When necessary, contribute to program development and proposal writing efforts in the areas of health system strengthening, non-communicable disease, public nutrition, and community health by providing input and up-to-date information relevant to the field.
    Direction and AUTHORITY
  • Lined up with AKF HR Strategy.

Job Requirements:

Work Determination

  • Clinical Specialist (MD) from perceived colleges/establishment.
  • Graduate degree in general wellbeing/wellbeing the board science from perceived establishment.
  • A minimum of ten years’ experience, with five of those years spent in senior health management positions (Senior Manager/Director) at the national or global level and five of those years spent specifically in key BPHS/EPHS positions (Project Manager/Technical Manager) in Afghanistan.
  • Compelling relational abilities.
  • Capacity to work under tension and fulfill time constraints.
  • The capacity to collaborate with diverse teams.
  • Creative, proactive, efficient, dependable, and self-motivated
  • Knowledge of managing stakeholders, working with donors, and writing proposals
  • Great composed and oral English abilities.
  • Knowledge of Word and Excel in Microsoft Office
    Core competencies are required: • Strong analytical and report-writing abilities.
  • Excellent facilitation and communication abilities
  • Expertise in M&E and project performance management
  • The ability to negotiate and lead.
  • Good at multitasking and following through.
  • Taking charge and utilizing flexibility

Submission Guideline:

APPLICATION Candidates who are interested should send their resume and a cover letter to by August 1, 2023.

Significant Notes:

  • If it’s not too much trouble, quote the Opportunity Number as the Subject of the email while applying.
  • No supporting records (e.g., recognitions, suggestion letters, distinguishing proof card(s) and so forth.) are expected at this stage. National Project Manager Jobs in Kabul
  • Just short-recorded applicants will be reached for additional evaluation.
  • Salary range: Grade B in light of NTA Compensation scale.

Aga Khan Establishment Afghanistan enrollment and determination systems mirror our obligation to approach an open door and protecting of youngsters, recipients, accomplices, local area individuals and representatives as per AKF(Afg’s) shielding strategy.

  • Female up-and-comers are profoundly urged to apply.
  • Your subtleties and data partook in this ad will stay secret.

Submission Email: