NEAU Scholarships Await You 2023: Cash in on Success

NEAU ScholarshipsApplications are welcomed for the Upper east Horticultural College Grants 2024. The last date to apply for Upper east Horticultural College Grants is fifteenth Walk 2024. Understudies are urged to apply in the event that they wish to seek after an expert’s or doctoral certificate.

NEAU Scholarships To apply for this grant, you don’t have to take the IELTS test. This university’s application fee is ineffective. There are completely supported grants accessible for the 2024-2025 scholarly year.

Nearly all academic fields and majors are covered by Northeast Agricultural University’s Postgraduate Degree program. The full expense of concentrating on in China will be covered by the grant. The Ph.D. and Master’s degrees last for three years each.

A one-year language course is also included in both degree programs. Upper east Farming College, established in Harbin in 1948 and initially named Upper east Rural School, is a key college straightforwardly under Heilongjiang territory and one of the colleges of Venture “211.”. It is situated at No. 59 Mucai Street, Harbin’s XiangFang District.

The academic fields of agronomy, engineering, science, management, economics, and education are represented by the 18 colleges and one education department that make up NEAU. There are 3 critical disciplines at the public level, 3 key (under development) disciplines at the public level,

NEAU Scholarships 2 vital disciplines under the Farming Service, 2 critical disciplines at the common level, 6 top of the line commonplace key disciplines, and 29 below average ones.

Proficiencies of PhD tutors, associate professors, and professors can be checked by NEAU. It has a decent showing structure and generally high by and large showing level with 1097 full-time educators, among which there are 195 teachers and 256 academic administrators,

NEAU Scholarships 418 have Graduate degrees, and 326 own doctoral certificates. Among the educators, one is an academician of the Chinese Foundation of Designing, and one of them was granted the “HeLiangHeLi Asset” prize for progress in science and innovation.

There is one outstanding national teacher, eight engaged “Longjiang Scholars” professors, three guest professors, thirteen teachers who have received the HuoYingDong Teacher Fund and Youth Teacher Prize, three teachers who have been nominated as experts who have made outstanding contributions, and 161 PhD tutors.

NEAU Scholarships

NEAU Scholarships Details

  • University: Northeast Agricultural University
  • Degree level: Masters, PhD
  • Scholarship coverage: Fully Funded
  • Eligible nationality: All Nationalities
  • Award Country: China
  • Last Date: March 15, 2024

Application Materials

  • Most noteworthy certificate (authenticated copy). Assuming that candidates are school understudies, they will give pre-graduation endorsements. Archives in dialects other than Chinese or English should be remembered with authorized interpretations for Chinese or English.
  • High school transcripts must be submitted by undergraduate applicants. Candidates for graduate investigations are expected to give undergrad records. Candidates for doctoral examinations need to give undergrad records and graduate records.
  • Records in dialects other than Chinese or English should be remembered with authorized interpretations for Chinese or English.
  • A review or exploration plan in Chinese or in English, which will be something like 800 words.(Master and Ph.D. as it were)
  • Candidates should submit two letters of suggestion in Chinese or English by teachers or academic administrators. ( Ace and Ph.D. as it were)
  • A duplicate of the passport.(If your identification lapses before December 2024, you should apply for another one preceding accommodation)
  • 6)Photocopy of Outsider Actual Assessment Structure filled in English. The clinical assessment results are substantial for a long time. All candidates are benevolently mentioned to consider this element while deciding an opportunity to take this clinical assessment.
  • Six 2-inch ID photographs with white foundation.
  • a duplicate of the HSK certification (not required).
  • Academic publications and accomplishments (not required)
  • Acknowledgment letter from a boss (not mandatory).
  • There is no criminal record.

Applicants and Teaching Language

Categories of applicantsDuration of major studyDuration of Remedial Chinese language coursesTeaching  Language
Bachelors degree students4 academic years(For Veterinary Medicine major 5 academic years)1 academic yearChinese
Masters degree students3 academic years1 academic yearChinese
Doctoral degree students4 academic years1 academic year☆Chinese/English
NEAU Scholarships

 Applicants and Teaching Language


tuition16,000 CNY/academic year-bachelor
20,000 CNY/academic year-master
25,000 CNY/academic year-doctor
accommodation500 CNY/month double-room
1,000 CNY/month single-room
NEAU Scholarships

Financial Benefits

The Chinese government is offering completely subsidized Upper east Farming College CSC Grants 2024-25 in China, which cover all everyday costs while concentrating on there. Subtleties are given underneath:

  • Give Enlistment Expense
  • Covers Total Educational expense
  • Free Convenience will be given at Grounds.
  • Exhaustive Clinical Protection.
  • Monthly Salary:
  • Aces Degree: 3,000 Yuan
  • Doctoral Certificate: 3,500 Yuan

Documents Required

  • Chinese Government Grant application structure (English or Chinese). Download subsequent to applying at
  • Substantial Identification Duplicate
  • Six 2-inch ID photographs with white foundation.
  • Most elevated diploma(notarized copy). On the off chance that candidates are college understudies, they will give pre-graduation declarations. Archives in dialects other than Chinese or English should be remembered with authorized interpretations for Chinese or English.
  • Record of the most extensive level acquired. It must be notarized if the language is not Chinese or English.
  • Plan for a study or proposal for research (more than 800 words in Chinese or English).
  • Two Letters of Suggestion from teachers, or academic administrators, in Chinese or English.
  • Academic publications and accomplishments (not required)
  • The Actual Assessment Report NEAU Scholarships
  • A duplicate of the HSK endorsement (not necessary).
  • Acknowledgment letter from a manager (not necessary)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Candidates should be non-Chinese residents.
  • Candidates ought to be in solid state of being.
  • Candidates should be Chinese university graduates or residents of another country.
  • Training foundation and age limit NEAU Scholarships
  • Candidates for four year certification review should have secondary school’s confirmation.
  • Candidates for graduate degree studies should have four year certification and be younger than 35.
  • Master’s degree holders under 40 are required to apply for a doctoral degree.
  • Fantastic accomplishment in the space of study. NEAU Scholarships
  • Similar great capacity in research.

Approval and Notification

  • The Worldwide and Instructive School of NEAU will survey all the application materials and NEAU is approved to make fundamental changes in accordance with the strengths and span of review.
  • Candidates are urged to contact the divisions and managers prior to applying and encase the pertinent confirmation or proposal letter. ( allude to the supplement: Degree Projects for Global Understudies).
  • MOEC will be notified for the record of applicants for higher education who have been accepted by NEAU.
  • On a basic level, candidates who have not gotten the most elevated earlier scholarly capability by the date of enlistment won’t be conceded. NEAU Scholarships
  • New Chinese Government Grant understudies ought to enroll with time to spare. Anybody incapable to enlist on time ought to submit support and give verification as well as look for authorization from the Global Understudies Office of Worldwide Social and Instructive School. NEAU Scholarships

Application Deadline

The last date to apply for Northeast Agricultural University Scholarships is 15th March 2024.

How To Apply?

  • The authority site is the best spot to go if you have any desire to study Joint Upper east Farming College Grants.
  • There are a lot of different things, like grounds life, understudy conveniences, and the strategies and systems encompassing confirmations. NEAU Scholarships
  • Figure out more about the staff, analysts, and local area administration programs at the college.
  • Understudy handbooks and scholastic schedules are additionally available to site clients NEAU Scholarships


How can I apply for NEAU scholarships?

Check the official NEAU website for information on scholarship programs and application procedures.
Typically, there will be an online application process. Follow the instructions provided by the university.

What are the eligibility criteria for NEAU scholarships?

Each scholarship program may have specific eligibility criteria. Common factors include academic achievements, language proficiency, and sometimes financial need.

What types of scholarships are available at NEAU?

NEAU may offer various scholarships, including merit-based scholarships, government scholarships, and program-specific scholarships.