New Punjab Police Driver Jobs 2023- Constable Application Form

Has been declared for Constables and Woman Constables across all regions of Punjab New Punjab Police Driver Jobs. There is good news for those who are looking for Punjab Police Driver Jobs in Pakistan! You are at the perfect locations.

On this page, you’ll find all of the information you need to apply for open positions. Additionally, you can view official advertisements below.

Punjab Domicile holders are encouraged to submit applications. Candidates of Detany gender who meet the requirements for eligibility can apply for these positions.

In the advertisement that is provided below, the age limit, qualifications, experience, and domicile that are required for the positions are listed against each other.

Punjab Police in Pakistan offers job opportunities for individuals interested in becoming drivers within the police department.

New Punjab Police Driver Jobs These roles are essential for ensuring the smooth operation of law enforcement activities and maintaining public safety. Here are some key aspects related to Punjab Police driver jobs:

Driver Responsibilities: As a driver in Punjab Police, your primary responsibility is to safely operate police vehicles, including cars, vans, and motorcycles.

You may be assigned various tasks, such as transporting police personnel to different locations, responding to emergencies, patrolling designated areas, and assisting in law enforcement operations.

New Punjab Police Driver Jobs Additionally, you may be responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the assigned vehicle.

Driving Skills and Qualifications: To qualify for a Punjab Police driver job, you must possess a valid driving license and have a good driving record.

You should have excellent driving skills, including knowledge of traffic rules, road safety practices, and defensive driving techniques. It is important to be familiar with the local area and able to navigate efficiently to different locations.

Additionally, physical fitness and the ability to remain calm under pressure are crucial for this role.

Security and Safety: As a driver in Punjab Police, you will be expected to prioritize the security and safety of police personnel, detainees, and the general public.

You must adhere to safety protocols, use seat belts, follow speed limits, and exercise caution while driving in various situations. Furthermore, you may be

required to handle emergency situations effectively, including assisting in the apprehension of suspects or responding to incidents.

Communication and Coordination: Effective communication and coordination skills are essential for a Punjab Police driver. You will be required to maintain clear communication with police personnel, follow instructions promptly, and report any incidents or observations to the appropriate authorities.

Cooperation and teamwork are vital in ensuring efficient operations and supporting the overall mission of the police department.

Training and Development: Punjab Police provides training programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of its drivers.

These programs cover areas such as defensive driving, traffic laws, emergency response, and handling police equipment.

Continuous learning and staying updated with new regulations and techniques are important aspects of being a professional driver in Punjab Police.

In conclusion, Punjab Police driver jobs offer individuals an opportunity to contribute to law enforcement and public safety.

These roles require strong driving skills, adherence to safety protocols, effective communication, and coordination abilities.

By ensuring the efficient transportation of police personnel and supporting law enforcement activities, drivers play a crucial role in maintaining peace and security in the province of Punjab, Pakistan.

New Punjab Police Driver Jobs

New Punjab Police Driver Jobs Details

Published OnJUN 10, 2023
Last DateJUN 25, 2023
OrganizationPunjab Police
No of Seats200+
Job LocationPunjab
New Punjab Police Driver Jobs

New Punjab Police Driver Jobs Vacancies

Constable & Lady Constable Driver (BPS-07)

  • Age Limit: 21 to 30 years
  • Height (Male): 5 ft 7 inch
  • Height (Female): 5 ft 2 inch
  • Chest: 33 × 34½ inches
  • Domicile: Punjab
  • Qualification: Matric
  • Driving License: LTV
  • Experience: 02 Years
  • Running (Male): 1.6 km in 7 minutes
  • Running (Female): 1.6 km in 10 minutes

How to Apply for New Punjab Police Driver Jobs

  • Download the application form by clicking the link below or go to the official Punjab Police website at
  • Click beneath to Download Application Structure ‘or’ visit Punjab Police Official site

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