OIA NTU Scholarship 2024: Exclusive Opportunity

OIA NTU Scholarship– National Taiwan University (NTU) has established this Grant since to facilitate integration with the international community by encouraging academic excellence. Office of International Affairs (OIA) National Taiwan University (NTU) offers scholarships

OIA NTU Scholarship for international degree holders to pursue master’s degrees by combining previous scholarship schemes. Online applications are accepted for OIA NTU scholarships 2024, and candidates must meet all eligibility requirements.

Applications are open for the Public Taiwan College Grant 2024-25 September section in Taiwan. The OIA NTU International Scholarships in Taiwan are open to international students from all over the world. Students enrolled in master’s or doctoral programs are eligible

to apply for the OIA NTU International Graduate Student Scholarship. Public Taiwan College offers just about 300 undergrad and advanced education programs. And that implies practically all scholarly majors and fields are accessible at OIA NTU.

OIA NTU Scholarship Practically every one of the projects will showed in Chinese language as well as in English. The completely subsidized graduate grant in Taiwan is a fabulous chance for profoundly qualified and top understudies to concentrate on free in Taiwan.

The OIA NTU grants will cover every one of the costs of the worldwide understudies. The OIA NTU grant length for a Graduate degree is 2 Years, and for a Doctorate Certification, it is 3 Years. OIA NTU Scholarship

The students’ tuition will be covered by the National Taiwan University Scholarship 2024 for International Students. Besides, the researchers will likewise get a month to month payment. OIA NTU offers grants for public as well as worldwide understudies.

The public authority of Taiwan, different associations, schools and colleges likewise give grants to worldwide understudies. Public Taiwan College was laid out in 1928. A public college is situated in Taipei City, Taiwan. It is one of the highest level colleges in Asia. The university has over 32,000 international and national students enrolled.

Understudies with a craving and inspiration to seek after their higher examinations in Taiwan free of charge are emphatically urged to apply for the OIA NTU Grants 2024 for worldwide understudies. As the college offers practically all degree programs, there will be no program limitations.

Understudies from practically all scholastic fields can win this grant assuming that they have a magnificent scholarly record. Taiwan is popular for its reasonable living, lower educational cost costs, a great deal of grants, and top universities.

Taiwan is a popular destination for international students. Moreover, Taiwan is likewise an intriguing, different and multicultural country. So presently you can concentrate on free in Taiwan with the OIA NTU Worldwide Alumni Understudy Grants 2024

OIA NTU Scholarship

OIA NTU Scholarship Detail:

  • Funding Type: Fully funded
  • Region: Taiwan
  • Deadline: February 2024
  • Opportunity Type: Masters scholarships, Phd scholarships

Eligibility Criteria

  • Global understudies from everywhere the world are qualified to apply.
  • Candidates should hold a four year college education to apply for graduate degree programs and a graduate degree to apply for PhD degree programs.
  • Candidates should meet the language capability prerequisite of the division they are applying to be qualified for the Public Taiwan College Grant. OIA NTU Scholarship
  • In addition, in order to be considered for this NTU scholarship for international graduate students, applicants must have excellent academic records. OIA NTU Scholarship


  • International students will receive a monthly stipend of NTD 8,000 (USD 267) for the master’s program through the National Taiwan University Scholarship.
  • For PhD understudies of the School of Aesthetic Sciences, Regulation, The executives, and Sociology, the allowance will be NTD 10,000 (USD 333) and for the understudies of the School of Science, Designing, Medication, Bio-Assets and Farming, Electrical Designing and Software engineering, General Wellbeing, Life Science, the payment will be NTD 15,000 (USD 500).
  • Understudies will get an educational expense waiver of up to NTD 65,000 (USD 2,167) for the primary semester. OIA NTU Scholarship
  • For the subsequent semester and onwards, researchers will get an educational expense waiver of up to NTD 65,000 (USD 2,167) per semester.
  • A potential chance to read up in Taiwan for nothing and investigate the different culture of NTU.

How to Apply

  • Click on the Apply Currently button underneath to begin your Public Taiwan College Grant application.
  • Candidates are not expected to present any different application for the Public Taiwan College Grant 2024.
  • Candidates who are applying for advanced education projects will be naturally considered for the grant assuming they check the grant application confine the internet based application framework.
  • The confirmation cycle for OIA NTU is extremely basic, worry don’t as well. Simply go to the authority site.
  • Make a record and fill in your own data.
  • Select your pertinent offices and transfer the expected archives.
  • Candidates should present the application expense for the Public Taiwan College Grant.
  • Candidates should present their application before the OIA NTU Grants 2024-25 September cutoff time.


What is the OIA NTU Scholarship?

The OIA NTU Scholarship is a scholarship program offered by NTU (Nanyang Technological University) through its Office of International Affairs (OIA). It aims to support outstanding international students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate studies at NTU.

Who is eligible to apply for the OIA NTU Scholarship?

Eligibility criteria may vary depending on the specific scholarship scheme. However, typically, applicants must be international students who have been offered admission to an undergraduate or postgraduate program at NTU. They should demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a commitment to contributing positively to NTU’s community.

How do I apply for the OIA NTU Scholarship?

Applicants usually need to submit a separate scholarship application form, which can be found on the NTU website. The application process may include providing academic transcripts, recommendation letters, a personal statement, and possibly attending an interview.

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