Order of Purge Movies – Latest Releasing Purge Movies Order

Here on this page of fresherslivee you find the correct releasing order of purge movies. here we provide the short introduction of each order, also tells about the rating of each order.

What if all crimes are made Legal for a day? Purge movies narrate the story of a scary night on which all crimes are made legal for 12 hours. Here is the list of all Purge Movies in order of Release.

  1. The Purge (I) (2013)
  2. The Purge: Anarchy (2014)
  3. The Purge: Election Year (2016)
  4. The First Purge (2018)
  5. The Forever Purge (2022)

About The Purge Series

The Purge series is a tragic activity thriller. This series is an anecdotal series wherein The Purge is a segment for 12 hours. In this window, and all wrongdoings are made lawful.

The purge series recounts various accounts of the Purge night. The main film in the series advanced toward cinema in 2013 and turned into a colossal hit! After the achievement, the establishment continued developing more movies Order of Purge Movies.

The Purge is an ideal series assuming that you are looking for a wrongdoing, frightfulness Series to watch. The Whole Series has amazing fighting and Crime location. notwithstanding entertainment, the series additionally accompanies huge learning.

Order of Purge Movies
Order of Purge Movies

In what order should i watch Purge movies?

Once in the course of your life, you would have thought! Imagine a scenario where you got the opportunity to perpetrate one wrongdoing with next to no discipline! The Purge series allows you to encounter what will occur assuming that we had no Law Order of Purge Movies.

The Purge Series is unique in relation to Other Repulsiveness Series! what’s more, is a lot horrifying than some other repulsiveness Series Out there. The Tale of the Purge is elegantly composed and coordinated!

What number of Purge Movies are There?

Until this point in time, there are five purge movies The Purge (2013), The Purge: Turmoil (2014), The Purge: Political decision Year (2016), The Main Purge (2018), and The Eternity Purge (2022)

Are the purge movies associated?

The Purge Movies are not straightforwardly associated however explain four unique stories the evening of Purge. The whole series recounts the tale of different characters who have encountered continuous purge occasions and have their history identified with the past Purge Order of Purge Movies.

Do You Have To Watch The Purge Movies In Order?

The Purge series contains four movies, the initial three movies are Set of three, and the fourth is a prequel. Purge movies are not straightforwardly associated! The initial Three Purge Movies recount three unique stories happening the evening of disorder, and the fourth film tells how the evening of wrongdoing appears Order of Purge Movies.

Order of Purge Movies

The most ideal method for watching The Purge movies is to watch them in Delivery order, the Set of three will stun you with series of occasions happening on purge night, and the fourth film will Respond to every one of your inquiries concerning why Purge occurs. Here is the order which you ought to follow to watch the Purge Series!

The Purge (I) (2013)

  • Director: James DeMonaco 
  • Stars: Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Max Burkholder, Adelaide Kane
  • Writer: James DeMonaco
  • Runtime: 1h 25m

The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

  • Director: James DeMonaco 
  • Stars: Frank Grillo, Carmen Ejogo, Zach Gilford, Kiele Sanchez
  • Writer: James DeMonaco
  • Runtime: 1h 43m

The Purge: Election Year (2016)

  • Director: James DeMonaco 
  • Stars: Frank Grillo, Elizabeth Mitchell, Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria
  • Writer: James DeMonaco
  • Runtime: 1h 49m

The First Purge (2018)

  • Director: Gerard McMurray 
  • Stars: Y’lan Noel, Lex Scott Davis, Joivan Wade, Steve Harris
  • Writer: James DeMonaco
  • Runtime: 1h 37m

Purge Movies Ranked from Worst to Best

Purge Series comes in the category of horror and mystery! The second installment in the series is the best movie because it shows a different perspective on how a man who wanted to take revenge ended up saving four innocent lives.

The movie is Equally horrifying and involves some amazing terror Scenes! Here is the list of Purge Movies Ranked from Worst to Best based on ratings on IMDB.

Purge MoviesRatings on IMDb
The First Purge5.2
The Purge: Anarchy5.7
The Purge Election Year6.0
The Purge6.4
Order of Purge Movies


The Purge is a four film Series, a Set of three, and the fourth film as a prequel to Set of three. The series depends on the idea of the Purge where all violations are made lawful for 12 hours

This film is an ideal film that will Excite you like hellfire and find out with regards to forgiving individuals and working for great. There are four movies in this series, and an ideal Series in case you are looking for a binge-watch. In case you are a fanatic of awfulness series and movies, The Purge Series is an ideal choice for you!

The purge series is an incredible frightfulness series. Here in this article, I have given the order where you should watch this series. Moreover, I have positioned all movies from most exceedingly awful to best.

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What is ‘The Purge’ movie series?

‘The Purge’ series comprises a collection of horror-thriller films set in a dystopian America where all crime is legal for a 12-hour period annually.

How many ‘The Purge’ movies are there?

There are a total of five ‘The Purge’ movies.

What is the genre of the series?

The ‘The Purge’ movies fall within the horror and thriller genres, exploring the psychological impact of societal chaos.

Do the movies have a continuous storyline?

The movies are set in the same universe and often share common themes, but each film introduces new characters and events.

Who are some of the notable actors in the series?

The series features various actors in different roles, including Ethan Hawke, Frank Grillo, and others.