Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023 – Join Latest Jobs as Civilian Gazetted Officers

Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023– One of Pakistan’s most revered institutions, Join Pakistan Army has distinguished itself throughout its long history of service. Individuals who wish to join the Army

as a civilian gazetted officer can take advantage of a variety of opportunities. Both men and women can take advantage of these opportunities, which give them a chance to serve the nation

and have a fulfilling career at the same time. For the Civilian Gazetted Officer positions in the Pakistan Army, interested and qualified candidates are invited to apply. Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023

Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023

Details of Jobs

TitlePakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023 as Civilian Gazetted Officers
Date Posted2023-04-25
Employment TypeContract
Hiring OrganizationPakistan Army
Job LocationRawalpindi
Base SalaryPKR
Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023

Eligibility Criteria 

To become Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023 in the Pakistan Army, applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Age: must be between the ages of 18 and 52.
  • Nationality: Should be a resident of Pakistan.
  • Instructive Capabilities: a bachelor’s degree from a reputable college or university is required. Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023
  • Health and Fitness: must pass the medical examination and be physically fit.
  • Background Verification: Should pass security and individual verifications.
  • Any Lieutenant Colonel or Major who has retired, been released, or retired must be at least 52 years old. Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023
  • (With the exception of LPR) officers who have retired in the last two years

Roles and Responsibilities

The Pakistan Army’s management and administration are greatly aided by Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023. A portion of the vital jobs and obligations include:

  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Management of Human Resources.
  • Budgeting and management of finances.
  • Acquisition and Agreement The executives.
  • Management of records
  • Management of information technology.

Application Process

The steps for applying to join the Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023 are as follows:

  • Fill out an online application.
  • Complete the written test.
  • Participate in the interviews.
  • Successfully complete the medical exam.
  • Complete the security Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023 and individual verifications.

Join Pakistan Army as a Civilian Gazetted Officer Advertisement:

Sr.No of Vacancies CategoryCriteriaEssentials QualificationDesirable Qualification
a3*CGOsLt Col (Retd) ex corps of OrdN/RGood profile (Retd) Ord Offrs Preferably ATO qual and psc/lsc/isc
b2*CGOsLt Cols (Retd) All Arms Svcspsc / isc / IscN/R
C1 x CGOLt Cols (Retd) All Arms Svcsa. Offrs with sports back gr. b. Offrs must have played at Army Inter Svcs / National MN/R
d3*CGOsLt Cols (Retd) 1 Karachi 1 Multan 1 PeshawarPreferably Engrs offrs BE (Civil) Min years (accumulative) SVC in works setup (i.e. DW&CE FWO, NLC, Housing Dte, 45 Engr Div DHA). psc/lsc/isN/R
e1*CGOLt Col All ArmsMasters Good verbal expression both in English and urdu psc Isc Volunteer to visit far flung B fd areas and Military History. Fluent in English, Urdu and preferably Pushto as wellN/R
 1x CGOLt Col (Retd) All Arms SvcsMil Qual. psc/isc/lscN/R
g8*CGOsLt Cols MajsCiv a Essentials-BE in Software Cptr Sys Electrical Telecomm/Civil/Cyber Security / Geo Informatics Geo Matics / Info Security b Desirable (1) MS in fds (2) Intl Certs IT related fds Mil (a) Essentials-JSC MCC (b) Desirable-pscN/R
h1 x CGO (CAC)Maj (Retd)MSc Psychology from recognized university, preferably he should be qual M.PhilN/R
i5x CGOs Instr BSMajs (Retd)MSc Psychology preference to be given to Higher Degree holders M.Phil/ Ph.d)N/R
j1 x CGO (Data Base)Maj (Retd)Qual Software Engrs (4 yrs Degree) with cert/ specialty in DatabaseN/R
k1 x CGO (Network)Maj (Retd)Must be qual in Computer Science (4: yrs Degree) with cert/ specialty Net WorkingN/R
Ix CGO (Sys Adm Tasks)Maj (Retd)Must be qual in Computer Science (4 yrs Degree) with cert specialty Sys Adm Tasks.N/R
m7 x CGOs Instr CI BMajs (Retd)Eng, Eco, Cptr, Sc. Hist, Phy, Maths Psychology/ M.Phil in respective subj
n12 x CGOsMajs (Retd)Good Profile (Retd) Ord Offr. Preferable ATO and Isc isc qual with min BA grade in courcesN/R
oCGOsMajs (Retd)a. 2) Maj (Retd) (All Arms Sve) Qual (1) Essential UCC MCC (2) Desirable LSC b. 8x Maj (Retd) Qual Psych DegreeN/R
p6 x CGOsMajs (Retd) ASCa. Preferably Retd ASC offr b. Preferably done BSc Food Sciences OPET Course C. Preferably have served in Sup/ POL Deps, at least once in his career d. Preferably psc/ isc Isc qual e. Offrs having served on hardcore ASC appts like DGP (A) slots, DADS&T Log Area or S&T Dte will be given preferenceN/R
q1 x CGOMaj (Retd)2nd Class Grade “C” Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Accounts Finance) Commerce or equivalent qual from a university recgonized by HEC Min age 22 yrs Max age 28 yrs Should have handled unit accts and preferable performed duties of PMC Mess Secy Mil Qual – IscMBA
r4 x CGOsMaj (Retd) All Arms /SvcsMil Qual UCC /MCC/Isc/iscN/R
S3 x CGOsMaj (Retd) EMESvc Experience Min yrs in Avn maint Bn Wksp LADMSc tech discps
t2 x CGOsMaj (Retd) EMESvc Experience Min yrs in Avn maint Bn Wksp LADMSc tech discps
u1 x CGOMaj (Retd) EMESvc Experience Min yrs in Avn maint Bn Wksp LAD/a. MSc in tech discps b. Previous experience in CASD/ASD/ Spares Dep to be given pri
V1 x CGOMaj (Retd) ASCQual – Isc / iscN/R
Wx CGOsMaj (Retd)Offr from any ArmQual:JSC MCC qual (own Arm) Preference should be given to offr who has served in AS&RCs Qual:JSC MCC qual (own Arm) & PT Course qual from ASPT Preference should be given to offr who has served AS DteN/R
X1 x CGOMaj (Retd) ArtyQual Isc isc (BH/B+) . Served in Army Fmn . Should have done GSO-II/GSO-III Own Arm Min yrs tenure at Arty Cengsc psc
Pakistan Army GHQ Jobs 2023


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