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Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online- is a web-based stage right now assisting many understudies with accomplishing their fantasies. We offer passage test planning courses for a wide range of entry tests. Searching for a web-based arrangement course for the FAST placement test?

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Be that as it may, to substantiate yourself qualified for affirmation, you really want to finish a selection test. Try not to worry presently, as we give you the legitimate direction and guiding to expert this test. We are here to bring you into the profundity of each progression of FAST section test planning.

This article will direct you about the overall organization, schedule, arrangements, and scoring of the FAST test, as well as a few additional tips to assist with supporting your grade and in general execution. Yet, above all, we offer different assets

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To get admission to the FAST college, you want to breeze through Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online the entry assessment planned and led by them for every office. Evidently, you must choose the option to step through this examination if you have any desire to get affirmation in your ideal field.

Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online
Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online

Regardless of whether you can’t finish the assessment on the main Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online endeavor, we propose you step through this exam as it will provide you with a ton of openness and experience, which could prove to be useful later.

The test changes for each field, and you are commanded to take it to get your spot in college. The choice model depends on your matric, FSC, and entrance test score. The consolidated weightage of SSC and HSSC is 50%, while the test adds to the next 50%. To apply, you really want to get no less than 60% in the pre-designing selection test.

Nonetheless, understudies who will present their NTS-NAT scores are absolved from stepping through the examination. Applicants who took SAT test and got a score of 1000 or more in SAT-I and 550 or more SAT-II can likewise sidestep

the set necessity of the test. Also, sit back and relax Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online on the off chance that you are as yet hanging tight for your HSCC results, you can in any case apply.

Who is eligible to apply for the FAST entrance test?

Qualification rules are practically no different for all projects. Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online For BS electrical designing and structural designing, applicants should acquire:

  • 60% or above marks in matric or same
  • 60% or above marks in HSSC (FSC/A levels) pre-designing
  • 60% or higher in the test
  • For BS in “processing programs,” you ought to get:
  • 60% or more in matric (or its comparable, for example, O levels)
  • 50% or more in FSC (or comparable like A levels). Math ought to be an obligatory subject in two years of higher auxiliary schooling, OR you could pass a different one-year HSSC math test regulated by a nearby board or an unfamiliar board (Cambridge or Oxford)
  • For BBA and BS in “bookkeeping and money” and “business investigation,” you want:
  • 50% or above in SSC and HSSC
  • 50% or above in confirmation test

How do I register for the FAST Test?

The strategy of enrollment for the test isn’t convoluted. You don’t have Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online to visit the grounds face to face to enlist. You can enroll from the solace of your own homes, from their authority site. You want to give some data toward the start,

including an individual’s public character card number, portable number, email for correspondence, and ethnicity. Ensure the data you give is right, as the individual will not have the option to continue further with some unacceptable certifications. You can tap the connection given beneath to enlist as a candidate

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After enrollment, you are appointed a particular reference number called ARN, which is different for every individual. The following stage is presenting the application expense (which is altogether non-refundable) to the relegated bank.

From that point forward, you can print a card with your Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online roll number on it. Ensure you welcome this card to the middle upon the arrival of the test. The test is probably going to be held in June of 2022.

For BS accounting & finance, and BBA, the test contains:

SectionsTimeTotal questionsPercentage
Analytical skills/IQ40 minutes3030 %
English25 minutes3015 %
Essay Writing15 minutes 15 %
Basic Math40 minutes4040 %
Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online

For other bachelor programs (BS CS/EE):

SectionsTimeTotal questionsPercentage
Analytical skills/IQ2o minutes2020 %
English15 min2010 %
Basic Math10 minutes1010 %
Adv. Math40 minutes4040 %
Physics15 minutes1020 %
Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online

FAST University also offers graduation and post-graduation in various fields. Test for master’s program is also obligatory. The components, however, differs from undergraduate test a little bit. The topics, with their respective percentages, are:

TopicMS (linguistics)MBAOther MS programs
Analytical skills/IQ15 %20 %20 %
English15 %10 %5 %
Specialization areas45 %40 %
Adv. Math10 %
Essay Writing25 %30 %10 %
Quantitative method20 %15 %
Business skills20 %
Prepare FAST Entrance Exam Online

Important Policies:

As indicated by the establishment’s arrangement, members are supposed to arrive at the objective on schedule as newbies will not be engaged. You are not permitted to utilize mini-computers.

Besides, you can skirt the inquiries you don’t have a clue about the responses to on the grounds that there is negative checking, and it will play to your disservice.

  • The common rules and test examples of various projects should be visible on the given site
  • You can likewise download test tests given by the college from the accompanying connections:
  • For BBA and BS(AF) test: visit our website
  • For BS(CS/EE) test: visit our website



What is the FAST Entrance Exam?

The FAST (National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences) entrance exam is a standardized test used for admission to undergraduate programs in various fields, including computer science, engineering, and business.

How do I start preparing for the FAST entrance exam online?

To start preparing online, gather study materials, practice tests, and resources available on the official FAST website or reputable online platforms.

What subjects are covered in the FAST entrance exam?

The exam typically covers subjects like Mathematics, English, and Intelligence. Review the syllabus and exam pattern provided by FAST for specific details.

Are there online resources for FAST entrance exam preparation?

Yes, there are numerous online resources, including practice tests, sample questions, and study guides, available on the FAST website and other educational platforms.

Can I take online practice tests for the FAST entrance exam?

Absolutely. Online practice tests are available to simulate the exam environment and help you become comfortable with the format and time constraints.

How can I improve my math skills for the exam?

Practice solving a variety of math problems, covering algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus. Online math tutorials and videos can also be helpful.

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