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Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul– As a bureaucratic undertaking, GIZ upholds the German Government in accomplishing its targets in the field of worldwide collaboration for supportable turn of events.

Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul GIZ works all through Germany and in excess of 120 nations around the world. Our enrolled workplaces are in Bonn and Eschborn.

We have in excess of 19,500 staff individuals all over the planet, some 70% of whom are utilized locally as public faculty. With a worldwide transmit and a multicultural working environment,

we are fruitful on the grounds that we share information across disciplinary boondocks. Whether it is the diverse everyday difficulties or the significant

Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul extension for applying imagination in your work – there are a lot of valid justifications to join our persuaded group.

Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul

Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul Detail

Job Location:Kabul
Category:Health Care
Employment Type:Part Time
Salary:According to GIZ’s Salary Scale | Salary Band 4
Vacancy Number:VA/2023/GIZ/12
No. Of Jobs:2
Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul
Years of Experience:A minimum of 5 years related professional working experience as a counsellor
Contract Duration:31.12.2025
Education:Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or a related field
Close date:2023-08-01
Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul

Job Description:


The primary responsibility of a counselor at GIZ is to provide counseling services to GIZ’s national employees, establishing a relationship of trust and respect with them while promoting their mental health and psychological well-being.

The advocate will effectively stand by listening to representatives’ interests, offer help, and deal direction to assist them with exploring business related and individual difficulties.

  • Overall Tasks and Responsibilities Raise awareness of the counselor’s work process and available counseling services among all national employees.
  • Team up with Head of HR and HR experts to additional location authoritative elements that influence worker prosperity.
  • Lay out a relationship of trust and regard with representatives, empowering open correspondence.
  • Make a place of refuge for workers to examine delicate issues they may not feel open to imparting to other people.
  • Acknowledge and resolve issues raised by workers without inclination or judgment. Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul
  • Assist workers with acquiring a more profound comprehension of their interests and difficulties and in regards to potential ways or wellsprings of help forward.
  • Coordinate with outer assets, like psychological well-being experts or local area associations, to offer extra help and references depending on the situation. Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul
  • Challenge irregularities in representatives’ viewpoints or ways of behaving to work with self-awareness.
  • Assisting workers with the mental issues and recommending choices and decisions in regards to potential ways forward.
  • Give illustrations gained from high-stress and perilous circumstances and foster proposals in view of the discoveries. Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul
  • Lead studios, introductions, or instructive meetings on points connected with emotional wellness, stress the executives, and prosperity.
  • In Kabul and other provinces as needed, develop and conduct training sessions on psychological well-being, mental health, and related topics.
  • Perform different errands alloted by the line supervisor.

Job Requirements:


Four year college education in Brain research or a connected field
Extra certificates or concentrated preparing in guiding or psychotherapy is worthwhile.

Proficient Experience:

Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul a minimum of five years of counseling-related professional experience. Other experiences and skills (such as language skills, IT skills, social and personal skills, etc.)

  • Good understanding of psychological safety and health, as well as the capacity for empathy and active listening,
  • Great relational abilities, both verbal and written in Dari, Pashto, and English Dialects.
  • Capacity to construct compatibility and lay out a confiding in relationship with public workers.
  • professional and ethical behavior, keeping secrets and boundaries.
  • Social awareness and capacity to work with people from assorted foundations in GIZ. Psycho Social Counsellor Jobs in Kabul
  • Solid critical thinking and thinking abilities.
  • Capacity to work freely and as a component of a group.
  • Amazing using time productively and hierarchical abilities.
  • Capability in Microsoft Office (word, succeed, viewpoint, power point), MS Groups, MS Standpoint and related.
  • The eagerness to work on your expert and self-improvement, which will be upheld by us.

Submission Guideline:

You are generously mentioned to fill in GIZ-Afghanistan’s request for employment structure and send it alongside your refreshed CV and letter of inspiration with complete contact subtleties to our HR enrollment unit by applying through the connection beneath:

Connect for the situation in GIZ’s work site:

You can download the GIZ’s request for employment structure from our positions site ( or from the Employment forms segment of ACBAR site (

We will not consider or evaluate applications without the job application form (the form is optional for internal candidates).

Kindly don’t send us your functioning endorsements, instructive testaments or some other extra reports while you are applying for the post. We will inquire as to whether you are chosen for the subsequent stages of our enrollment.

We might likewise want to bring up that the determination cycle isn’t in the dynamic skill of people, however that a panel of public and worldwide staff generally settles on the choices on the pre-choice up to the last recruiting choice.

As the entirety of our cycles are dependent upon severe consistence prerequisites, we request that you shun reaching workers with an enrollment demand.

Just those competitors will be welcomed for composed test or interview who meets the capabilities and prerequisites for the referenced work opportunity.

We might want to urge female candidates to go after our empty jobs.

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