Queen Elizabeth Scholarships 2023- Remarkable Commonwealth Scholarships Fully Funded

The Association of Commonwealth Universities is now accepting applications for the Queen Elizabeth Scholarships 2023, offering a fantastic Remarkable Commonwealth Scholarships Fully Funded opportunity.

For member universities from commonwealth countries, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity. The Association of Commonwealth Universities currently has 500 members from 50 nations.

Candidates can pursue a two-year master’s degree from any Commonwealth member institution under the Commonwealth scholarships program. Queen Elizabeth Scholarships 2023

Students who want to make a difference in their communities and make tomorrow better are eligible for this scholarship. The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships help prepare students for global challenges

and contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They are awarded to students with incomes ranging from middle to low. This program encourages cooperation among the program’s member nations,

which results in the development of novel concepts and the exchange of knowledge and skills. Additionally, applicants must apply for this scholarship in a country other than their home university.

Through essential research and innovative teaching, member universities are already making a contribution to a world that is happier, healthier, and more sustainable for everyone through this scholarship program.

Intellectual breakthroughs, the free flow of ideas, and relationships that last a lifetime between institutions and nations are all possible when higher education is conducted internationally in collaboration.

Queen Elizabeth Scholarships 2023

However, human connections are the foundation of everything else. Equal opportunity is required to study, lead, advance, and prosper, and it also aims to address socioeconomic disparities and level the playing field.

Focusing on university research that will improve people’s lives is one of this program’s goals. It improves research and health, aids in the formulation of evidence-based policies, and contributes to the resolution of global issues.

Universities play a significant role in the social, economic, and cultural development of each nation. They are a cornerstone of a strong society. Queen Elizabeth Scholarships 2023


CountryUniversities in Member Countries
OrganizationThe Association of Commonwealth Universities
Financial CoverageFully Funded
Scholarships forStudents From 50 Members countries
Degree LevelMasters
Deadline24th May 2023
Queen Elizabeth Scholarships 2023


  • The Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship (QECS) is a fully funded scholarship that covers all costs. The specifics are as follows: the entire cost of tuition is covered.
  • Stipend for the duration of the award to cover living costs
  • Arrival Allowance for the return flight will be included in the accommodation allowance.
  • Grants to support research Queen Elizabeth Scholarships 2023

Eligibility and Requirements

  • People who are citizens of a Commonwealth nation or who are refugees can apply. They can only do so in a country other than their home nation.
  • Candidate must be a Bachelor of at least upper second level; they should not be an undergraduate. There is no upper age limit.
  • Candidates must meet the university’s individual course-specific eligibility requirements. Queen Elizabeth Scholarships 2023


The last date to apply for Queen Elizabeth Scholarships 2023 is 24th May 2023.

Required Documents:

Your application requires the following items:

  • Certificate from high school Queen Elizabeth Scholarships 2023
  • transcript from the undergraduate program (along with a diploma).
  • Two academic references, preferably.
  • Scan of a national ID card or passport.
  • If English is not your first language, evidence of your ability to speak it.

QECS Online Application Process

  • Eligibility Personal Details Academic & Employment Record Course at host university details Statements Upload supporting documents are the stages or categories of the online application.

How to Apply:

  • The application process for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship is as follows. Only online applications will be accepted; all other submissions will be rejected.
  • It is anticipated that the candidate will submit a direct application to the chosen university in addition to the QECS application form. The QECS website provides comprehensive instructions on how to apply directly to the university.
  • The candidate must visit the university’s website to learn more about the admissions process and when applications will be accepted.
  • When applying for the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship, an offer letter from the university is not required. due to the fact that university application dates fluctuate throughout the year and that QECS applications occasionally close concurrently with university applications. Benevolently note that QECS at the sites of qualified colleges will show whether applicants need to apply after the application’s cutoff time or simultaneously to the College.
  • After you have been chosen by QECS, you should talk about this with the university you have chosen and apply for the course you are interested in.