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Senior Education Technical Adviser Job– We utilize around 25,000 individuals across the globe and work on the ground in north of 100 nations to help kids impacted by emergencies,

Senior Education Technical Adviser Job or those that need better medical services, training and youngster assurance. We additionally mission and backer at the most significant levels to understand the right of youngsters and to guarantee their voices are heard.

We are making progress toward three forward leaps in how the world treats kids by 2030:

  • No kid kicks the bucket from preventable causes before their fifth birthday celebration
  • All kids gain from quality fundamental schooling and that,
  • Brutality against youngsters is not generally endured

We realize that extraordinary individuals make an incredible association and that our representatives assume a pivotal part in assisting us with accomplishing our desires for youngsters.

We esteem our kin and proposition a significant and remunerating vocation, alongside a cooperative and comprehensive working environment where desire, innovativeness, and respectability are profoundly esteemed.

Save the Youngsters has been working in Afghanistan starting around 1976. Our approach to working near individuals and in their own particular manner has empowered us to convey enduring change

Senior Education Technical Adviser Job to a huge number of youngsters in the country. The UN Show of the Freedoms of the Kid is the premise of our work.

We are assisting youngsters with getting superior instruction, we make it feasible for more young men and young ladies to go to class, we assist kids with safeguarding themselves and impact their own circumstances.

We work with families, networks and wellbeing laborers in homes, facilities and emergency clinics to advance essential wellbeing to save lives of youngsters and moms

Senior Education Technical Adviser Job

Senior Education Technical Adviser Job Detail:

Job Location:Kabul
Nationality:National/International (any)
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:As per SCI salary scale
Vacancy Number:230002HN
No. Of Jobs:1
Senior Education Technical Adviser Job
City:Kabul with travel to provinces
Organization:Save the Children
Years of Experience:7 Years
Contract Duration:
Education:Master Degree in Education or related field.
Close date:2023-08-10
Senior Education Technical Adviser Job

Job Description:

The Senior Schooling Specialized Consultant is liable for guaranteeing excellent programming of Instruction Ventures. S/he will guarantee specialized principles are characterized, shared and utilized across projects,

coordination, normalization of approaches and utilization of normal methodologies in various undertakings, and that nature of program are of broadly/globally acknowledged and suggested guidelines.

The Counsel areas of strength for constructs relations, and creates and uses excellent and all around expressed project proof and exploration for learning, support and for the proceeded with advancement of the Training portfolio.

The general point of the Senior Training Specialized Counselor will be to screen the necessities and holes, plan suitable mediations, and guide staff and accomplices in the commencement of projects to address infringement of youngsters’ on the right track to schooling and security.

The post holder will guarantee that projects are planned in arrangement with worldwide quality guidelines and that the group has the fitting degree of capacity to carry out and screen the program. Senior Education Technical Adviser Job

The post holder will be normal, with restricted help, to lead on sectoral appraisal, program plan and expert planning, coordination, and backing raising support, enrollment, and acquirement.

The Senior Instruction Specialized Guide will likewise be supposed to play an influential position inside a reaction group, through 360-degree backing to partners and attempt to guarantee Senior Education Technical Adviser Job

that more extensive area coordination components are working really. By and large, the post-holder will be supposed to guide or potentially construct limit both worldwide and public staff partners.

Principal Obligations

Programming Quality and adequacy

  • Give specialized counsel and backing in schooling to help quality programming and execution for training projects and the plan and conveyance of the Country Masterful courses of action.
  • Guaranteeing that necessities are recognized and that training projects address the distinguished requirements, fill holes and forestall cross-over and duplication and to advise the turn of events and conveyance regarding the schooling methodology with coordinated joins with different areas.
  • Effectively look for creative program enhancements and program plan and recommendations which support contributor expansion and the chance to attempt new methodologies.
  • Guarantee need cross-cutting issues are implanted in programming mediations.
  • Effectively convey and facilitate with other area trained professionals and significant specialized counsels and venture organizers to guarantee incorporated approaches across subjects.
  • Guarantee normal methodologies and SCI quality systems guidelines are integrated into proposition and carried out.
  • Work intimately with the Checking, Assessment, Responsibility and Learning (Feast) group to guarantee schooling work is adding to all goals across these need quality regions.
  • Add to the advancement of a M&E system for the training program that screens the effect of ventures and progress towards key functional and support targets. Senior Education Technical Adviser Job
  • Lead ordinary field visits to give steady management to all schooling projects and assemble limit of staff.
  • Audit all schooling benefactor reports to guarantee top caliber.
  • Assemble limit of staff and accomplices to guarantee they have abilities to convey projects and targets and meet giver and SCI quality guidelines.
  • Support different instruction consortiums (which are driven by SCI) in fact where required

Gathering pledges and benefactor commitment

  • Support contributor commitment and vital raising money to tie down adequate financing to keep up with or extend the nation office’s schooling programs according to the country well defined course of action needs and in a favorable to dynamic way. Senior Education Technical Adviser Job
  • Create and keep up with contacts with current and likely givers, accomplices and key specialized offices. Support benefactor gatherings and visits.
  • Guarantee that individuals know about financing open doors and backing their ability to get to these.
  • Secure adequate subsidizing to keep up with or grow the nation office’s schooling programs according to the country well defined course of action needs.


  • Foster arrangement briefs and position papers connected with Schooling with the Head of Promotion Senior Education Technical Adviser Job
  • Stay up to date with public and worldwide discussion in Schooling and applicable sub-subjects, break down and use in programming and support to favorable to effectively illuminate the backing action and methodology
  • Fully backed by the ACCM Chief, create and carry out EiE support work to accomplish instruction promotion goals and results.
  • Address Save the Youngsters in the Schooling Bunch, the Afghanistan Key Gathering, and other pertinent working gatherings, teams, courses and related fora in the topical region; what’s more, among benefactors, UN organizations, Global NGOs, and public and sub-public government partners in coordination.

Skills FOR THIS Job:

  1. Applying Specialized and Proficient Mastery:
    Applies the necessary specialized and proficient aptitude to the best expectations; advances and shared best practice inside and outside the association. Senior Education Technical Adviser Job
    Level required: Achieved
  2. Conveying Results:
    Assumes individual liability and considers others responsible for conveying our aggressive objectives for kids, persistently working on their own presentation or that of the group/association.
    Level required: Driving Edge
  3. Critical thinking and Direction:
    Takes successful, considered and ideal choices by social event and assessing pertinent data from the inside or outside the association
    Level required: Driving Edge
  4. Advisor: Driving and Motivating Others
    Shows authority in the entirety of our work, typifies our qualities, and expresses a convincing vision to rouse others to accomplish our objectives for youngsters.
    Level required: Accomplished.

Job Requirements:


  • Ace Degree in Schooling or related field.
  • Past experience of working in enormous scope crisis reaction
  • Somewhere around 7 years’ involvement with senior level in the schooling area and working in worldwide tasks with INGOs.
  • Past experience of dealing with a group of worldwide and public staff
  • Past experience of value oversight across various areas
  • Obligation to, careful comprehension of, and capacity to prepare staff in support and responsibility draws near Senior Education Technical Adviser Job
  • Shown insight in driving appraisal exercises and of planning, making due, observing and assessing training programs for NGOs
  • Experience of applying important interagency philanthropic structures and guidelines in training in crises (for instance INEE Least Principles)
  • Shown capacity to set up observing and assessment frameworks in huge complex projects.
  • Shown capacity to set up learning and improvement processes for an enormous group
  • Experience of senior level portrayal, including group coordination
  • Experience of creating and arranging fruitful organizations with institutional givers Senior Education Technical Adviser Job
  • Capacity to compose clear and all around contended evaluation and undertaking reports
  • Amazing relational abilities
  • Demonstrated capacity to impact change at a functional and key level.
  • Strategically and socially delicate with characteristics of persistence, respect and strategy Senior Education Technical Adviser Job
  • An elevated degree of composed and communicated in English
  • The limit and eagerness to be very adaptable and obliging in troublesome and in some cases unreliable working conditions.
  • Obligation to the points and standards of SC. Specifically, a decent comprehension of the SC command and youngster center and a capacity to guarantee this keeps on supporting our help.

Submission Guideline:

Qualified candidates are profoundly urged to go after the job by filling in the web-based application structure. Notwithstanding the web-based application structure, they can likewise join their CV

Senior Education Technical Adviser Job and introductory letter in the web-based framework. Kindly note that main the applications got through the web-based entrance will be considered for this position.

Candidates can login to the internet based application framework by reordering the accompanying connection introduction their internet browser. Returning clients should enter their username and secret phrase, first time clients should make a client account.

It is suggested that you save your username and secret key for future requests for employment through the web-based framework. Senior Education Technical Adviser Job

Submission Email:

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