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Senior Project Manager Jobs – By successfully implementing its partners’ peacebuilding, humanitarian, and development projects worldwide, UNOPS, an operational arm of the United Nations, aids in the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Senior Project Manager Jobs Our main goal is to assist with peopling fabricate better lives and nations accomplish harmony and economical turn of events.

UNOPS subject matters cover foundation, acquirement, project the board, monetary administration, and HR. Working with us: Our employees make us proud. With an abundance of information and abilities in different disciplines – designing, finance, HR, ICT, administration,

project the executives, obtainment, and that’s just the beginning – they assist with handling probably the greatest difficulties within recent memory. Their work all over the planet upholds progress toward the Reasonable Advancement Objectives (SDGs).

At UNOPS, we offer a scope of short-and long haul valuable open doors in different conditions and obligation stations – from Denmark and Kenya to Mexico, Switzerland, Myanmar, Senegal, Uganda, and some more. Senior Project Manager Jobs

Diversity Our workforce is made up of people from a variety of nationalities and cultural backgrounds. With over 5,000 UNOPS employees and approximately 7,400 employees recruited on behalf of our partners, they work in 80 countries.

We advance a fair and different workforce — a strength that assists us with better getting it and address our accomplices’ necessities. We ceaselessly endeavor to keep up with our orientation adjusted work environment.

Senior Project Manager Jobs In accordance with UNOPS’s Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy, we encourage qualified members of underrepresented groups to apply for our openings.

Work life harmonization UNOPS values its kin and perceives the significance of adjusting proficient and individual requests. Senior Project Manager Jobs

Senior Project Manager Jobs

Senior Project Manager Jobs Detail:

Job Location:Kabul
Category:Engineering Management
Employment Type:Full Time
Vacancy Number:VA/2023/B5101/26414
No. Of Jobs:1
Senior Project Manager Jobs
Years of Experience:At least 7 years (or more based on academic credentials) of progressive experience in managing infrastructure projects, water supply projects, or renewable energy projects, with focus on monitoring, reporting, development and coordination in either public
Contract Duration:Ongoing ICA – ‘Open-ended, subject to organizational requirements, availability of funds and satisfactory performance
Education:Master’s Degree in Engineering or similar field preferred.
Close date:2023-08-10
Senior Project Manager Jobs

Job Description:

Project Data

The undertaking was laid out because of the huge, progressing dry season worsening water access issues which has made a crisis circumstance in provincial regions across southern and focal Afghanistan. Lacking accessibility of productive water system adds to the food frailty emergency.

The task objective is to further develop admittance to the nature of water supply and surface water system administrations in chose provincial and dry season impacted regions and locales. Senior Project Manager Jobs

Off-grid solar systems and energy-efficient emergency equipment to support surface water irrigation in the selected areas will be funded by the project. Solar pump and battery systems will be installed in high-priority areas as part of this.

These solar water pump systems will be put in place to supply irrigation water to farmers who pump surface water in specific rural areas. Solar pumps used for irrigation will only pump surface water from rivers with permanent water bodies, not from rivers that are only in use for a short period of time.

Work Explicit Data

Under the immediate oversight of the Head of Program, the Senior Venture Chief is answerable for the everyday tasks of the venture, contact and correspondence with the subsidizing accomplice, executing accomplices, and task recipients. Senior Project Manager Jobs

In discussion with the Head of Program, the Senior Undertaking Director will likewise liaise with nearby and public specialists incorporating with the accepted Specialists, in accordance with Joined Countries rules. The Senior Task Director will deal with a group with skill in various regions:

Senior Project Manager Jobs Financial management, procurement and supply chain management, social mobilization and training, engineering, reporting, monitoring, and evaluation, regional coordination, gender, redress, security risk management,

and environmental and social risk management are all examples of these areas. They will be in charge of managing technical assistance activities, as well as overall coordination, procurement arrangements with contractors and local organizations,

Senior Project Manager Jobs engagement with communities, fiduciary, environmental and social risk management, quality assurance, monitoring, and reporting.

The Senior Project Manager manages the project on an ongoing basis on behalf of the Project Board. They guarantee execution of the task store in the space of monetary (spending plan/income/use), work arranging and asset preparation,

observing and assessment (M&E), automatic/authoritative (counting review results) and obtainment activities. Overall, the Project Manager’s primary responsibility is to guarantee that the project outputs are delivered within the specified project tolerances for time,

Senior Project Manager Jobs cost, quality, scope, risk, and benefits. They will draw in, talk about, arrange, liaise and address UNOPS with the confidential area, common society including non-legislative associations (NGOs) and other applicable partners (counting UN offices) to advance greatness, great practice and strategy discourse.

  • Utilitarian Obligations
  • Synopsis of Key Capabilities
  • Partner The executives
  • Conveyance and execution
  • Systems
  • Knowledgement The executives
  • Work force The board
  • Organizations and Coordination
  • Observing and Progress Controls
  • Reserve the board
  1. Partner The executives
  • Lay out a strong working relationship with the venture board (Chief, Senior Clients and Senior Providers), the client, and other key partners.
  • Oversee correspondences and guarantee partners know about project exercises, progress, special cases and are in a situation to acknowledge handover items.
  • Instruct the AFCO Head regarding System, and the client on issues that might affect the accomplishment of results (counting issues of maintainability and post-project necessities like upkeep). Senior Project Manager Jobs
  • Deal with the data streams between the undertakings, Task Sheets, and the AFCO Head of Program.
  1. Conveyance and Execution:
  • Create and oversee project plans for all cluster projects.
  • Execute supported project plans (counting the foundation of achievements) inside resiliences set by the undertaking board.
  • Insert supportability aspects, including social and orientation consideration and natural and monetary perspectives into projects life cycle.
  • Take charge of the overall progress and utilization of resources, oversee the production of the necessary outputs, and initiate corrective action when necessary.
  • Within the projects, authorize work packages.
  • Prompt the Undertaking Board, AFCO Head of Program, and the AFCO Chief and Delegate of any deviations from the plans. Senior Project Manager Jobs
  • Identify and control risks to maximize the client’s and stakeholders’ benefits.
  • Control and evaluate the quality of the products, and make sure they are accepted.
  • Screen and assess execution of specialist co-ops.
  • Incorporate review comments, finalize the reports, and submit them to UNOPS senior management and AICS, ensuring that they are approved by both parties. Identify and report potential business opportunities for UNOPS to the HoP. Identify and report threats to UNOPS’ internal business case to the HoP.
  1. Procedures:
  • Follow the UNOPS Foundation Venture The board Cycle Guidelines and guarantee that all authoritative arrangements are conformed to (Hierarchical Orders and Managerial Directions).
  • Prepare or modify the following plans for the Project Board’s approval: 1. Documentation of the Project’s Initiation 2) Stage/Exemption Plans and applicable Item Portrayals.
  • Ensure that all infrastructure projects fully incorporate and adhere to the following UNOPS manuals and guidelines: 1. UNOPS Task The executives Manual (PMM). 2. Manual for UNOPS procurement. 3. Requirements for UNOPS IPMG Design Review. 4. Manual for UNOPS Design and Planning 5. UNOPS Quality Affirmation and Quality Control Rules. 6. UNOPS Orientation and HSSE Rules.
  • Keep up with the accompanying: 1. Blue electronic file. 2. Finance, Human Resources, and Procurement files as required by those procedures. Senior Project Manager Jobs
  • Guarantee that all consumptions consent to UNOPS Monetary Guidelines and Rules.
  • Control spending, obligations, and cash flow to make sure that World Bank-required deliverables are met and that payments to contractors and employees are made on time.
  • Comprehend the exceptional design of the UN and financial plan properly for faculty.
  • Based on accurate financial reports, manage and maintain accountability for spending beyond the budget.
  1. Information The executives:
  • Take part in the appropriate Communities of Practice.
  • Effectively cooperate with other Task Chiefs and the PM people group to share contextual investigations, illustrations learned and best practice on the Information Framework.
  • Supporting guidance and policy feedback should be provided to Practice Leads with the goal of continuously improving UNOPS policies. Senior Project Manager Jobs
  • Follow the reporting format to complete lessons learned.
  • Consolidate illustrations gained from others according to arranging design.
  • Liaise intimately with the World Bank on examples learned.
  1. Faculty The board:
  • Lead and spur his/her undertaking groups.
  • Guarantee that conduct assumptions for colleagues are laid out.
  • Make sure that reviews of performance are done. Senior Project Manager Jobs
  • Be familiar with all aspects of the UNOPS personnel contract, including ICA and Staff.
  • In accordance with project plans, select, recruit, and train teams.
  • Play out the Group Chief job, except if designated to another person(s).
  • Guarantee wellbeing and security for all staff and they follow UNDSS guidelines.
  • Keep the World Bank educated regarding any faculty the executives related matters.
  1. Associations and Coordination:
  • Figure out the UN Key Structure for Afghanistan (UNFSA) and UNOPS Smart course of action.
  • Make an effort to forge strong alliances and effectively coordinate the relevant project actors (such as the United Nations, World Bank, government, and other relevant partners).
  • Responsibility for results and the utilization of assets. The venture the executives processes are intended to convey greatest responsibility, straightforwardness and results.
  • It is the responsibility of the infrastructure project manager (PM) to report any deviations from this standard to Excellence. Contribute to innovation and the implementation of sustainability and quality best practices.
  1. Observing and Progress Controls

Give specialized administration, oversight and preparing/limit working to guarantee:

  • Project teams and stakeholders attend regular technical meetings; to arrange configuration work, update work plans and, where vital, restorative activities are executed.
  • With the design management unit, weekly progress meetings are held to report on progress and work stream completion in accordance with project requirements. Senior Project Manager Jobs
  • Accommodation of quarterly advancement reports to the World Bank and different partners.
  • As needed, the distribution of field visit reports. Senior Project Manager Jobs
  • The required standards are met in the technical documentation.
  • In collaboration with the appropriate colleagues in the Programme Management Office (PMO) and AFCO, robust monitoring and progress controls are used to fully integrate all aspects of Quality Assurance and Quality Control into the infrastructure projects.
  • Guarantee that all parts of UNOPS HSSE and Orientation and Manageability are completely coordinated into the foundation projects through vigorous checking and progress controls, in a joint effort with important partners in the PMO and AFCO.
  • Projects produce the necessary goods within a predetermined time, cost, quality, scope, risk, and benefit tolerance. Senior Project Manager Jobs
  1. Management of the fund Ensure the Fund’s performance in the areas of financial (budget, cash flow, and expenditure), work planning, mobilization of resources, monitoring and evaluation (M&E), administrative (including audit results), and procurement operations.
  2. Implement the Fund in accordance with the Delegation of Authority granted by the UNOPS Executive Director and UNOPS’s rules and regulations.

Job Requirements:

Instruction/Experience/Language prerequisites

a. Instruction

  • Graduate degree in Science or comparable field liked.
  • In lieu of the Advanced University Degree requirement, a Bachelor’s degree in engineering with an additional two years of relevant work experience may be considered.
  • A benefit is PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification. Senior Project Manager Jobs
  • A significant mix of scholastic qualifications or potentially industry confirmations and qualifying experience might be acknowledged in lieu of the college degree.
  • b. Work Insight
  • Somewhere around 7 years (or more in light of scholarly accreditations) of moderate involvement with overseeing foundation projects, water supply projects, or environmentally friendly power projects, with center around checking, announcing, improvement and coordination in one or the other public or confidential area associations.
  • Experience in undertaking or program the board is required.
  • Experience in designing and development is a resource.
  • Experience in program execution or potentially reserve the executives is exceptionally esteemed.
  • Experience with UNOPS is major areas of strength for a.
  • Past involvement with difficulty obligation station, struggle zone, or pre-struggle climate is a resource.
  • Dialects
  • Familiarity with English is required.

Submission Guideline:

Kindly snap on the underneath connect so that real opening declaration might see the total subtleties and accommodation rule as this is just an endeavor for drawing in female candidates for orientation equality in association.

Senior Project Manager Jobs If you want to be considered for the subsequent stage of recruitment or selection, please ensure that your profile or application contains all pertinent information.

Submission Email:


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