TDTU Graduate Scholarships: The Path to Greatness 2023

TDTU Graduate Scholarships– Investigate the excellent TDTU Graduate Grants in Vietnam for 2024, opening ways to elite schooling. These grants, presented by Ton Duc Thang College, are intended to enable worldwide understudies with noteworthy open doors.

Seek after your scholastic yearnings no sweat as you dig into a different scope of state of the art programs. With a pledge to scholastic greatness, TDTU is your passage to a dynamic scholarly local area and a worldwide perceived degree.

In 2024, Ton Duc Thang College will uncover its sought after Graduate Grants, welcoming understudies overall to leave on an instructive excursion like no other. With an emphasis on cultivating development and exploration, these grants cover a huge number of fields,

TDTU Graduate Scholarships guaranteeing that understudies can tailor their examinations to line up with their interests. Be essential for a unique multicultural climate, draw in with recognized workforce, and access cutting edge offices.

TDTU Graduate Scholarships Hoist your profession possibilities while submerging yourself in the rich social woven artwork of Vietnam. Open your true capacity through the TDTU Graduate Grants for the year 2024 in Vietnam. As one of the nation’s head instructive establishments,

Ton Duc Thang College is devoted to developing future pioneers and change-producers. With these grants, you can encounter top-level instruction while embracing the charming Vietnamese culture. The application cycle is smoothed out,

TDTU Graduate Scholarships offering hopeful researchers a direct method for joining programs that line up with their objectives. Try not to botch this opportunity to shape your future and add to the worldwide scholarly scene

TDTU Graduate Scholarships

TDTU Graduate Scholarships in Vietnam 2024 Details:

  • Country of Study: Vietnam
  • Host University: Ton Duc Thang University
  • Course level: Masters and Ph.D. Degree
  • Eligibility: International student


There are three kinds of grants accessible at Ton Duc Thang College. Full Grant Fractional Grant and Exploration Grant.

  • Full Grant: You will get 100 percent Complete Educational expense + Free Convenience
  • Incomplete Grant: You will get a half Educational expense and half Convenience Charge
  • Research Grant: as indicated by distributions for TDTU Graduate Scholarships

Available Study Fields List:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Applied Science
  • Robotization and Control Designing
  • Applied Workmanship
  • Electrical Designing
  • Money and Banking
  • Software engineering
  • Synthetic Designing
  • Structural Designing
  • Interchanges Designing
  • Financial aspects Regulation
  • Business Organization
  • Transportation Designing
  • Ecological Designing
  • Word related Security and Wellbeing
  • Sports The executives
  • Instructing English to Speakers of Different Dialects
  • Social science

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants from overall are qualified to apply for TDTU grant grants.
  • Competitors are regularly expected to have serious areas of strength for a foundation, frequently showed through a base GPA prerequisite in their past examinations.
  • To be qualified for a grant, up-and-comers should initially get a confirmation offer for an Expert’s or PhD program at Ton Duc Thang College. TDTU Graduate Scholarships
  • A competitor from a non-English talking nation should give IELTS at least 5.5 or above. Competitors can likewise take TDTU’s English Language Capability appraisal test.

Supporting Documents

  • Online Application Structure
  • A Decent CV/RESUME
  • Scholarly records
  • Mission statement (500 words)
  • Substantial Duplicate of Visa
  • Reference Letter (if any)
  • Photo (3×4 cm)
  • Clinical report (not more seasoned than a half year)


The application deadline to apply for the TDTU Graduate Scholarships 2024 in Vietnam is 15 November 2023 for Spring Semester

How to apply

Applying for the TDTU Graduate Grants in Vietnam for 2024 is a clear cycle that can make ready for your scholastic process. Follow these moves toward guarantee you present areas of strength for a:

  • Research Qualification Standards: Completely survey the qualification measures for the TDTU Graduate Grants. Ensure you meet the scholar, language capability, and some other explicit prerequisites framed by the college.
  • Select a Program: Peruse the rundown of graduate projects presented by Ton Duc Thang College for 2024. Pick a program that lines up with your scholar and vocation objectives.
  • Assemble Reports: Gather all essential application reports, which might incorporate scholarly records, letters of suggestion, a mission statement, a CV/resume, and language capability test scores (e.g., IELTS, TOEFL). TDTU Graduate Scholarships
  • Make a Record: Visit the TDTU official site and make a web-based application account. This will permit you to get to the application structure and transfer your archives.
  • Complete Application Structure: Finish up the application structure precisely and give all expected data. Twofold actually take a look at your subtleties before accommodation.
  • Compose a Convincing Assertion: Make a convincing mission statement that features your scholastic foundation, profession goals, and purposes behind applying to TDTU. Be explicit about how the grant will add to your objectives. TDTU Graduate Scholarships
  • Submit Archives: Transfer all necessary reports through the web-based application gateway. Guarantee that your records, letters of suggestion, and different archives are clear and intelligible.
  • Audit and Submit: Cautiously survey your application to guarantee all data is precise and all records are appended. Whenever you’re fulfilled, present your application on schedule.


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How can I apply for a TDTU Graduate Scholarship?

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