Tianjin Government Scholarships Unveiled Now 2023: Golden Ticket Alert

Tianjin Government Scholarships– China is where you’ll begin your study journey. Good news! Tianjin Government Grant is at present open. We will provide a comprehensive explanation of this scholarship, its benefits, and the application procedure in this article.

International students can apply for the fully funded Tianjin Government Scholarships 2024-2025. This grant is accessible for undergrad, experts and PhD studies and gives the beneficiary up to CNY 2000/month. Tianjin Government Scholarships

International students interested in pursuing higher education in China can apply for the Tianjin Government Scholarship. Join this renowned Nankai university that offers global English-speaking research knowledge and consistently ranks in the top 10 in China.

In China, Tianjin government offers many full and to some extent subsidized Lone wolf, Expert, Doctoral certificates for global understudies at Nankai College. The Nankai University Award is given to outstanding

Tianjin Government Scholarships international students pursuing degrees at Nankai University based on the guiding principle “Enlarging Scale, Raising Level, and Regulating Management” proposed by MOE.

Tianjin Government Scholarships

Tianjin Government Scholarships Summary

  • Level of Study: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD
  • Institution(s): Nankai University in China
  • Study in: China
  • Opportunity Focus Areas: Check the list of all the available courses below.
  • Program Period: Bachelor’s degree: 4-6 years, Master’s degree: 2-3 years, Doctoral degree: 3 years
  • Deadline: May 31, 2024 (opens in December 2023)

Scholarship Coverage

The recipient of the Tianjin Government Scholarship enjoys the following advantages:

Full Grant:

  • Exclusion from enlistment charge, educational cost, nearby convenience, lab expenses, entry level position expenses and fundamental learning materials charges.
  • The thorough protection in China: CNY800/student/year.
  • Tenth of the cost of living: Degree: Bachelor’s CNY 1400/month; An advanced degree: CNY 1700/month; Doctoral certification: CNY2000/month. Tianjin Government Scholarships
  • One-time payment of CNY 800 per student for new students.

To some extent Grant:

  • Undergraduate: CNY 20000/understudies/year.
  • Master: CNY 30.000 per pupil per year.
  • PH.D: CNY 38000/understudies/year.

Eligibility Criteria for Tianjin Government Scholarship

To be qualified for Tianjin Government Grant, candidates should meet the accompanying rules:

  • Required Dialects: Countries that qualify for English and Chinese: Every World Country.
  • The applicant must be a non-Chinese citizen and under 25 years old to apply for a bachelor’s degree.
  • Graduate degree candidates should have a four year college education. Tianjin Government Scholarships
  • Doctoral certification candidates should have a graduate degree.

How to Apply

To apply for a Tianjin Government Scholarship, please follow the important steps below:

(1) Before applying for the scholarship and program, the applicant must prepare the following document:

  • Two copies of each required Highest diploma, along with English or Chinese translations, must be attached.
  • Official records should be appended with interpretations in Chinese or English.
  • Personal Statement, including personal background, financial situation, personal strengths, and study or research plan, written in either Chinese or English (with a minimum of 800 words for Master’s and Doctoral degrees and 300 words for Bachelor’s degrees).
  • Two letters of suggestion in Chinese or English composed by teachers or academic administrators. ( One recommendation letter should be submitted with a bachelor’s degree application.)
  • Candidates applying for the Chinese-showing discipline are expected to have HSK level 4 or above. Before beginning their major studies, students who either do not speak Chinese or do not have the necessary HSK 4 level can apply for remedial Chinese language classes that are covered by scholarships for either two months or one year. Candidates for the English-teaching field who do not speak English should submit scores from the TOEFL (above 87) or IELTS (above 6.0).
  • A photocopy of the English-filled Foreigner Physical Examination Form, which was printed by the Chinese Quarantine Authority and is only required for individuals whose studies in China last longer than six months. All of the items on the Foreigner Physical Examination Form must be included in the medical examinations.
  • Deficient records or those without the mark of the going to doctor, official stamp of the clinic, or a fixed (stepped) photo of the candidates are invalid. The results of the medical exam will be valid for six months. When deciding when to take the medical exam, all applicants are kindly requested to take this into consideration.
  • Passport in photocopy form. Tianjin Government Scholarships
  • Duplicate of Utilization Charge Receipt. The application expense for graduate review is CNY600 or US$100, and for undergrad, CNY400 or US$75. can be mailed to the following account or delivered in person to the Nankai University Registry, which is located on the ground floor of the Nankai University Student Activity Center:
  • The name of the RMB account is: Name of Nankai University Bank: Nankai University Sub-Branch, Tianjin Branch, Bank of Communications SWT NUM: Account Number: COMMCNSHTJN USD Account: 120066032010149600156 Account Name: Name of Nankai University Bank: Bank of Interchanges, Tianjin Branch, Nankai College
  • Sub-Branch Tianjin Government Scholarships
  • SWT NUM: USD COMMCNSHTJN Account Number: (1) The applicant must sign up for a brand-new account on the university’s website in order to complete the online application: Here.

(3) The applicant must complete the online application, print it out, and send it in.

(4) Submit your application materials by May 15 to the International Student Office.

(5) Candidate participating in an interview (informed via email).


  • A student cannot be eligible for a scholarship until they have been accepted to Nankai University.
  • The Global Understudy Segment will declare grant results toward June’s end. Tianjin Government Scholarships


Who is eligible to apply for the scholarship?

Criteria for eligibility, including academic qualifications, nationality, and other requirements.

How can I apply for the Tianjin Government Scholarship?

Details on the application process, including required documents, deadlines, and submission procedures.

Can I apply for other scholarships simultaneously?

Guidance on whether applicants are allowed to apply for and receive other scholarships alongside the Tianjin Government Scholarship.

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