Top 10 NET preparation books

There are two papers total on the UGC NET. The first paper is a general one that all applicants must take. Here are Top 10 NET preparation books. Paper 2 is a subject-specific test of in-depth knowledge, so it covers a wide range of topics. A competitor can pick any subject as needs be. The NET exam is being administered by the UGC for a total of 81 subjects.

Top 10 NET preparation books
Top 10 NET preparation books

How to Choose the Best Book for UGC NET?

  • Find out how you learn best: Some people like to read books with text, while others like to use diagrams or videos as visual aids. Choose a book that fits your style of learning.
  • Take into consideration the format of the exam: Since the UGC NET is a multiple-choice exam, you should look for a book that includes practice questions as well as explanations for each answer option.(Top 10 NET preparation books)
  • Examine the Book’s Prestige: Find the best book for the UGC NET that has been well-received by other students or teachers. Professors and tutors can also provide recommendations.
  • Really take a look at the book’s Inclusion: Check to see that the book covers all of the exam’s topics. To learn what to expect on the exam, you can check the UGC NET syllabus.
  • Think about your finances: When selecting a book for UGC NET exam preparation, keep your budget in mind. Recall that a more costly book in some cases implies it’s the most ideal decision.(Top 10 NET preparation books)
  • Verify the Book’s Release Date: Check to see that the book includes the most recent version of the UGC NET exam.

Top 10 NET preparation books

Title of the BookPublisher and EditionBuy Link
NTA UGC NET / SET / JRF of (Paper 1 ) by Arihant ExpertArihant Publications, Eleventh EditionS Chand/TestbookBuy Online
Trueman’s UGC NETor SET General Paper I by M. Gagan, Sajit KumarDanika Publishing CompanyBuy Online
NTA UGC NET/SET/JRF (Paper 1 ) by KVS MadanPearson Education, Third EditionBuy Online
2019 Latest Syllabus of NTA UGC NET / SET / JRF – (Paper 1 ) by Harpreet KaurOxford University Press, First Edition,Buy Online
NTA UGC NET / SET / JRF of (Paper 1 ) by Arihant ExpertBest 2000 Smart Question Bank – NTA UGC – NET/SET/JRF – Teaching & Research Aptitude General Paper -1 (Compulsory) – EnglishS Chand/TestbookBuy Online
NTA UGC NET / SET / JRF of (Paper 1 ) by Dr. Usha JainJBC Press, First EditionBuy Online
CBSE UGC-NET – Teaching and Research Aptitude by Dr. M.S. Ansari & RPH Editorial BoardRamesh Publishing House, Buy Online
Top 10 NET preparation books

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