Ufone Internet Packages All Latest Information and Activation Codes

Ufone Internet Packages- Ufone is a leading mobile network operator in Pakistan, providing a range of internet packages for its users. Ufone offers affordable and flexible internet packages, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of its customers. These internet packages range from hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly bundles with varying data volumes and prices.

The internet packages offered by Ufone also include 3G and 4G LTE services, providing fast and reliable internet connectivity to its users. Customers can choose from a variety of prepaid and postpaid internet packages, depending on their usage and budget.

Ufone’s internet packages also come with value-added services such as free social media usage, video streaming, and more, providing a comprehensive internet experience to its users.

Ufone Internet Packages:

Here’s a list of some popular Ufone internet packages for its prepaid customers:

Ufone Internet Packages
Ufone Internet Packages

Daily Internet Bundle Offers:

Offer NameBest Morning Offer
ChargesRs.7 (incl. tax)
Internet 2GB
Subscription CodeDial *4200#
Package Timing(9AM – 12PM)
Validity1 Day
Ufone Internet Packages

Daily Off Peak Plus Offer:

Offer NameDaily Off Peak Plus
ChargesRs.15.65(incl. tax)
Internet 1.5 GB
Subscription CodeDial *10#
Package Timing(6AM-6PM)
Validity1 Day
Ufone Internet Packages

Mega Internet Offer:

Offer NameMega Internet
ChargesRs.20 (incl.tax)
Internet2 GB
Subscription CodeDial *550#
Package Timing12 AM – 12 PM
Validity1 Day
Ufone sim Internet Packages

Daily Light Offer:

Offer NameDaily Light
ChargesRs.16.52 (incl.tax)
Internet 40 MB
Social Networks: 1 GB      
Subscription CodeDial *2256#
Package TimingAll Time
Validity1 Day
Ufone Sim Internet Packages

Daily Whatsapp Offer:

Offer NameDaily Whatsapp Offer
ChargesRs. 2.50(incl.tax)
Internet 100 MB  
Subscription CodeDial *987#
Package Timing24 Hours
Validity1 Day
Ufone Internet Packages

SnapChat Offer:

Offer NameSnapChat Offer
ChargesFree of Cost
Internet100 MBs
Subscription CodeDial *7627#
Package TimingAll Time
Validity1 Day
Ufone Internet Packages

These are just a few examples of Ufone’s internet packages for prepaid customers. Ufone also offers a variety of other packages with different data volumes and prices to cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

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