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Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs– Afghan Family Direction Affiliation (AFGA) is an Afghan non-administrative, not-for-benefit and non-political association laid out in 1968. Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs

AFGA has been working in the field of Conceptive wellbeing and Freedoms since its beginning and has as of late turned into a partner individual from Worldwide Arranged Life as a parent Organization (IPPF).

AFGA exercises were suspended because of war and struggle in the country for a very long time (1992-2002) and continued its exercises in 2002 with monetary help from Worldwide Arranged Life as a parent League (IPPF).

IPPF is a partnership of 151 family arranging affiliations known as Part Affiliations which has projects in north of 180 nations. IPPF is still the world’s largest provider of reproductive health information and services by civil society.

Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs

Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs Detail:

Job Location:Balkh Herat Kabul Kandahar
Employment Type:Full Time
Salary:Based on organization salary scale
Vacancy Number:HR1062-AFGA/239
No. Of Jobs:4
Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs
City:Qandahar, Herat, Balkh, Kabul
Organization:Afghan Family Guidance Association |AFGA
Years of Experience:3 Years
Contract Duration:Subject to Project life cycle
Education:Bachelor’s Degree in pharmacy/drug management
Close date:2023-07-27
Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs

Job Description:


AFGA is searching for all around experienced clinical and non-clinical stockroom official in four districts including Kabul, Balkh, Herat and Kandahar. The distribution center official will be liable for generally the executives of clinical

and non-clinical stockrooms especially for reaction and readiness of compassionate reaction on referenced areas. This activity is supported by the UNFPA humanitarian program in Afghanistan.

The main items that are stored in these warehouses are IAH kits, winterization kits, Mama & Baby kits, and emergency health kits. Knowing how to manage these kits will be helpful.

Set of working responsibilities:

  • Figure out, carry out as well as keep up with standard stock administration arrangements and methodology.
  • Getting and confirming the precision of approaching and active shipments that incorporate medication, drugs, and non-food things.
  • Arranging, setting, and taking care of the merchandise in the suitable spot in the stockroom as per each venture.
  • Update the records and documents in the warehouse and prepare the necessary documentation for the shipment of goods moving from one location to another.
  • Supervise the loading of trucks to ensure that all policies and procedures are followed.
  • Keeps up with precise stock records using an electronic stock framework.
  • Oversee and archive the receipt, dealing with, stockpiling, delivery and detailing of products through the AFGA stockroom.
  • Oversee relaxed workers in the distribution center while taking care of merchandise or migrating.
  • Maintain the regular upkeep of the warehouse buildings, fixtures, and equipment.
  • Carry out and guarantee clear wellbeing methodology.
  • Carry out and guarantee clear stacking/dumping techniques, right stacking, and turnover (FIFO) and (FEFO) strategies.
  • be able to make and handle deliveries, both domestically and internationally.
  • Keep track of all activities and receipts sent and received in the Warehouse activity book.
  • Liaise with inventory network aide for the receipt of Merchandise, Supplies and gear through legitimate documentation, for example, receipt of supported PR, Buy Request, Receipt, and conveyance report.
  • Before distributing the items to the requesting unit, properly coordinate with the Pharmacy/Logistics Officer and record them all in the stock cards and database.
  • Keep an eye on the safety of AFGA supplies and storage.
  • Prepare the goods for issuance via store release order and receive completed store request forms.
  • Receipt, count, spot and record all medication, drugs and different things at the hour of receipt and conveyances.
  • Consistently, work with the Coordinated factors and Drug store/Strategies Chief to accommodate the Distribution center register (Information base) with stock cards, issue structures and supplies receipt and delivery
  • Update the stock record cards consistently.
  • Perform routine inventory inspections and promptly submit a report to the Pharmacy/Logistics Manager.
  • Direct Standard Stockroom assessment for irritations, bugs, and rodents’ control, make a fundamental move for any predicted circumstances.
  • Lead normal cycle count and spot check of stockroom.
  • Keep an eye on the mechanism for replenishing stock of needed items.
  • Give and help the Drug store/Log Official on the necessary rundown of medications, RH-Units, Drugs, and different things.
  • Guarantee distribution center merchandise and hardware are appropriately dealt with Receptacle, Stock cards, and updates are followed consistently.
  • Deal with the nearby expiry items and illuminate Drug store/Coordinated factors Director somewhere around 8 months ahead of time for sure fire navigation. Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs
  • To facilitate with the Drug store/Log official for the protected removal of lapsed or arranged materials and keep up with the endorsement and records in the appropriate documenting.
  • To guarantee all resources, stock, and distribution center information reinforcement framework. This includes regularly backing up both electronic and hard copies. Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs
  • Guarantee all stockroom the executives arrangements, drug the board Standard Working Techniques (SOPs) are regarded and consistent with MoPH guidelines. Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs
  • Keep up with standard gatherings and conversations with stock recharging and different dangers noticed are accounted for on time for restorative measures.
  • Work with effective coordination for the development of merchandise from the provider to regions and field workplaces in close coordination with the Drug store/Operations Director and Strategic group.
  • Guarantee AFGA’s givers related documentation is kept up with including medication, utilization/receipt and so on.
  • Create and keep up with positive associations with providers and association staff. Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs
  • There are no signs of rodents, insects, cracks, moisture, or dump that could harm the goods. Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs
  • Set up a month to month report for the expendables store framing every single stock development and remaining equilibriums

Job Requirements:

A bachelor’s degree in pharmacy or drug management; at least three years of progressive management experience in pharmaceutical and medicine warehouses for national or international non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

Solid authoritative, relational and relational abilities. Solid logical abilities and PC capability with word handling, accounting sheets, data sets, and other IT abilities.

strong work ethic and an eager to solve problems. Readiness to take part, Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs contribute and lead the group under testing working and day to day environments.

Fluency in written and spoken English, preferably with proficiency in Pashto and Dari. Preferably, a local resident of the mentioned regions or provinces.

Submission Guideline:

Qualified candidates are exceptionally urged to go after the job by sending the beneath archives referencing the position title and opportunity number (19-289) in the subject of their email prior to shutting date 30 November 2019

  • Letter of Interest and Update CV as a solitary report
  • SCI application structure: http://www.acbar.org/transfer/1572430756959.docx
  • Save the Kids Global gives an equivalent work an open door and doesn’t request cash at any phase of enlistment. Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs
  • We want to guard youngsters so our determination cycle mirrors our obligation to the assurance of kids from misuse. Warehouse Officer Kabul Jobs

Email: afg.recruitment@savethechildren.org

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