Zong Call Packages 2023- Latest Daily, Weekly, Monthly Call Packages

Zong Call Packages- Zong is a popular cellular network operator in Pakistan that offers a range of call packages to meet the varying needs of its customers. These packages include daily, weekly, and monthly bundles that cater to different usage requirements.

Zong Call Packages:

Here is a brief overview of some of Zong’s popular call packages:

Zong Call Packages
Zong Call Packages

Daily Call Packages:

ChargesRs.5 plus tax
Call75 free on-net minutes, 30 MBs of internet, and 100 SMS
Subscription Code*118*1#
Package TimingAll the time
Validityfor 24 hours
Zong Call Packages

Weekly Call Packages:

ChargesRs.200 for a week
Call1000 on-net minutes, 40 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS, and 2.5 GBs of internet
Subscription CodeDial *6464#
Package TimingAll the time
ValidityFor a week
Zong Call Packages

Monthly Call Packages:

ChargesRs.305 for a Month
Call1000 Free On-Net Minutes 100 Off-Net Minutes 1000 SMS 1GB Internet
Subscription CodeDial *1000# or Send “sub Mahana” to 7091
Package TimingAll the time
ValidityFor a Month
Zong Call Packages

Apart from these, Zong also offers other call packages such as All-in-One bundle, 6-Plus bundle, and more.

To activate any of these packages, customers can dial *6464# from their Zong number or use the My Zong App to subscribe to their desired package.

Overall, Zong‘s call packages offer a variety of options to cater to the needs of different users, making it a popular choice among mobile users in Pakistan.


What are Zong Call Packages?

Zong Call Packages are subscription plans offered by Zong in Pakistan that provide users with affordable call minutes for making voice calls.

What types of Zong Call Package are available?

Zong offers various types of Call Packages, including daily, weekly, and monthly options, to cater to different call usage needs.

How can I subscribe to Zong Call Package?

You can subscribe to Zong Call Packages by dialing the respective subscription code provided by Zong or using the Zong official website or app.

How can I check the remaining call minutes in my package?

You can check the remaining call minutes in your Zong Call Package by dialing *102# or using the Zong official app.

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