ZONG inter Packages 2021 Activation Codes – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

You can Get the latest ZONG inter Packages 2021 Activation Codes – Daily, Weekly, and Monthly which are updated on daily basis by using the below instructions users can activate their favorite packages. All Zong inter Packages details are available on this page you can get the following packages code details.

  • 4G-3G Internet
  • Calls etc

In this article, we cover all ZONG 4G internet packages for all prepaid customers ZONG inter is the fastest and wider 4G network in Pakistan. Its 4G coverage extends to over 100 cities of Pakistan and these numbers are increasing day by day. ZONG keeps on introducing 4G ZONG inter packages to let you stay connected with your friends and loved ones ZONG has introduced internet, SMS, and calls packages for prepaid and postpaid customers.

ZONG inter Packages
ZONG inter Packages

Zong inter Packages Details 2021 – Zong Daily, weekly and monthly packages

ZONG inter Packages 4G second largest telecommunication company in Pakistan which is offering a wide range of coverage to its users through fast internet service and other responsible packages. Zong network has outstanding 3G,4G speeds. Zong is the largest 4G operator in the country due to ownership, research, and investment of China Mobile which happens to be the 4th largest telecom operator in the world.

ZONG inter packages with price, volume, and validity

Through an unrelenting Focus on the customer needs ZONG 4G has continued to build its network, services to address the needs of customers hence creating a unique blend between affordability and seamless connectivity here is the list of ZONG 4G  daily, weekly, and monthly and special internet offers.

ZONG inter packages- special.

Apart from the packages share above, ZONG inter Packages also has introduced some special internet packages for their customers which are listed below.

Other social ZONG inter Packages
Social pack ( Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter): 100 MBs in rupees 10 for 1day.
Classified pack( DARAZ and LAMUDI): 50MBs in rupees 5 for 1day.
Facebook daily: 50MBs in rupees 5 for 1day.
WhatsApp daily: 300 MBs in rupees 15 for 1day.
Twitter daily: 20 MBs in rupees 2 for 1day.
For all these offers, ZONG users dial only *6464#.
ZONG inter Packages

ZONG inter packages Daily.

  • Daily basic |get 100 MBs in 15 rupees for one day.
  • Daily data max| get 500 MBs in 35 rupees for one day.
  • dial *6464# for tariff activation menu.
  • dial *102# to check remaining data.
  • *out of bundle rate is RS 1 /MB and will be charged as per bundle expiry.

Zong inter packages weekly.

  • Weekly premium: get 700 MBs in 70rupees, dial *6464#
  • Super weekly: get 2GBs in 100rupees, *6464#.
  • Super weekly plus: Get 3GBs in 120rupees, dial *6464#.
  • Mega weekly offer: Get 4GBs in 160rupees, dial *6464#.

ZONG inter packages monthly.

  • Monthly basic: get 500 MBs in 150rupees, dial *6464#
  • Monthly premium: get 2GBs in 300rupees, *6464#.
  • Monthly premium: get 6GBs + free nights 1GB ( FUP) 1am to 9am/ daily, Dial *6464#.
  • Monthly premium: get 10GBs in 100rupees dial *6464#.

ZONG inter monthly, WhatsApp, and calls bundles:

ZONG monthly WhatsApp bundle: 500 SMS daily, 30MBs
Daily for WhatsApp in RS 50, dial *705#.
ZONG best monthly offer: 1000 SMS, 1000 on-net and 100 off-set minutes and 1000 MBs internet data, dial *1000# s
ZONG super card: 2500SMS, 250 on-net and 150 off-net minutes, 2500 MBs internet data, dial *50#.
ZONG supreme offer: 5000 SMS, 5000 on- net and 300 off-net minutes, 5000 MBs internet data, 2GB U- tube and free WhatsApp in RS 1000, dial *3030# or * 6464*4#.

ZONG inter packages, call, and SMS daily and weekly.

ZONG weekly SMS offer: 1500 SMS, 200 MBs for WhatsApp in RS 21+ tax, dial *702#
ZONG best weekly offer: 500 SMS, 500 on-net minutes, 40 off-net minutes, and 500MBs internet data in RS 120+ tax, dial *7#
ZONG weekly load offer: 3000 SMS, 3000 on-net minutes, 80 off-net minutes, and 3000 internet data in RS 250, dial *70#.
ZONG all-in-1 bundle: 1000 SMS, 1000 on-net minutes, 40 off-net minutes, 1000 MBs internet data in RS 200, dial *6464#
Hello, 7 days offer 700SMS, daily 100 ZONG minutes, dial 22001#.

Zong Call Packages for Postpaid Users

Zong also offers Postpay packages to all postpaid customers. postpaid customers can only choose monthly packages.

Zong Call Packages
Zong Call Packages
  • Z500                Rs. 500 plus tax      1500 Free On-Net Minutes 300 Off-Net Minutes 1000 SMS 4GB Internet (2 GB can be used for WhatsApp)     30 Days                  Dial 310
  • Z800                Rs. 800 plus tax      Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes 500 Off-Net Minutes 2000 SMS 10GB Internet (4 GB can only be used for WhatsApp)     30 Days                  Dial 310
  • All Voice – 500                               Rs. 550 plus tax                   500 All-net minutes          30 Days                  *567#
  • All voice – 1000                             Rs. 1000 plus tax                   1000 All-net minutes          30 Days                  *567#
  • Z1200              Rs.1200 plus tax     Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes 800 Off-Net Minutes 4000 SMS 20 GB Internet (5 GB can only be used for WhatsApp)     30 Days                  Dial 310
  • Z2500              Rs. 2500 plus tax    Unlimited Free On-Net Minutes 1200 Off-Net Minutes 5000 SMS 46 GB Internet (10 GB can only be used for WhatsApp)     30 Days                Dial 310

see also other network package .


What are Zong Internet Packages?

Zong Internet Packages are subscription plans offered by Zong Pakistan that provide users with data for internet usage. These packages cater to various data needs and usage patterns, including daily, weekly, and monthly options.

How can I activate Zong Internet Packages?

You can activate Zong Internet Packages by dialing the respective activation code provided by Zong or by using the Zong official website or app.

Are there different activation codes for each package?

Yes, there are different activation codes for each package type. You need to dial the specific activation code for the package you want to subscribe to.

Can you provide some activation codes for Zong Internet Packages?

Daily Packages: Dial *6464# and select the desired daily package.
Weekly Packages: Dial *6464# and select the desired weekly package.
Monthly Packages: Dial *6464# and select the desired monthly package.

Can I use these packages for international data usage or roaming?

Zong Internet Packages are designed for domestic data usage within Pakistan. International data roaming might have separate charges.

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