Best Jenna Ortega Was Just Another B- Lister Before Wednesday 2023

Best Jenna Ortega- It’s not often that an actor plays a character so well that it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing it. With her stunning performance as the iconic Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s acclaimed

series “Wednesday,” Jenna Ortega accomplished exactly that. That gives me a lot to think about! So, who exactly is Jenna Ortega, the character’s real-life counterpart? Let’s get into the opinions of the fans.

Let’s start by addressing the elephant in the room: Jenna was likely a B-lister prior to “Wednesday,” but her gothic turn has definitely contributed to her rise in popularity. Jenna Ortega almost didn’t play the title character on Wednesday;

The actress revealed that she considered the role multiple times before accepting it. The actress talked about her career as a “scream queen,” why Hollywood loves to see her covered in blood, her “perfectionist” tendencies,

Best Jenna Ortega and what role she sees relationships playing in her life right now in a new interview that was published in The Sunday Times.

The actress, who was nominated for a Golden Globe, also spoke briefly about her journey with Wednesday, a role that has changed the course of her career but that, according to the Times, she didn’t want “desperately” from the moment she heard about it.

Best Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega Says Latines Carry the Horror Genre

She recalled, “I got the email, passed it on.” The only reason I went back was because Tim Burton, the legendary director and executive producer of Wednesday, and I just happened to get along very well.

Best Jenna Ortega But even then, I repeated several times, “Ah, no — I think I’m OK.” The Scream VI actress, who is currently interested in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice 2 movie, revealed that her previous experience

working in television had a significant impact on her decision to repeatedly decline the role in the Netflix series. Best Jenna Ortega

She explained, “I had done so much television in my life, all I’ve ever wanted to do is film.” I was afraid that if I signed up for a different show, it might prevent me from working in jobs I really wanted and cared about.

According to Ortega, she has only been able to “prove” herself worthy of big-screen roles in recent years. I don’t want to say that no one believed in me when I first started acting, but at the same time,

Best Jenna Ortegano one believed in me. You must demonstrate your self-worth,” she continued. I have only been able to begin going up for film in the past three or four years.

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Wednesday has been a journey for Ortega, who has previously talked about dealing with the show’s unexpected obsession, including the interest of viewers in the now-viral dance scene from the first season,

Best Jenna Ortega which she added after telling the writers she didn’t want to do a flash mob. The actress said that she was “overwhelmed” and had “stopped trusting outside opinion” about the character, which led to the change.

And it’s a sequence that Ortega says she found “disorienting” when she looked back on it. When they told me that it was going viral, I tried to appear happy, like, ‘Oh, wow!'” She talked about it to The Sunday Times.

However, I was mentally hoping that people would not pay as much attention to that part. It’s disorientating. People don’t seem to be naturally wired to have so many eyes on them, in my opinion. Best Jenna Ortega

She stated that Ortega changed more than just the dance scene, during which the actress contracted COVID-19. She also discussed how, as a result of becoming extremely “protective” of the character, she became “almost unprofessional” with script edits while working on set.

She recalled, “I don’t think I’ve ever had to put my foot down on a set in the way that I had to on Wednesday because it’s so easy to fall into that category, especially with this kind of show.” When I had to meet with the writers, they would ask,

Best Jenna Ortega “Wait, what happened to the scene?” because the script supervisor thought I was going somewhere. Additionally, I would be required to demonstrate why I was unable to perform certain tasks.

Lister Before Wednesday 2023

Jenna Ortega is just 20 years of age, however in numerous ways she feels as become as her older partners. Best Jenna Ortega

Because she is both, the Wednesday star has the perspective of a Hollywood veteran and the distinct enthusiasm and vulnerability of a Gen Zer, whether she is discussing family life or growing up in the entertainment industry.

When discussing her acting philosophy, Ortega tells Refinery29 Somos, “Stand your ground, know your limits, and protect your characters.” Best Jenna Ortega

The impressive resume of Ortega demonstrates that these tips can pay off. In the CBS comedy Rob, which followed the life of a bachelor who married into a Mexican-American family, she got her big break in 2012.

The native of California got steady work in children’s and adult programming quickly, appearing in films like Iron Man 3, You, Elena of Avalor, and Jane the Virgin. Best Jenna Ortega

Her breakout roles in The Fallout, in which she portrayed a high schooler traumatized by a school shooting, and in Scream 5, helped set the stage for Netflix’s Wednesday. Best Jenna Ortega

Both demonstrated Ortega’s capacity to comprehend a character’s intertwined complexities and flaws, indicating, in the end, that she was capable of moving beyond child stardom. Best Jenna Ortega

According to Ortega, “There’s hesitation [with The Fallout] because you don’t feel like it’s your story to tell, and you want to do it justice because it’s real and an issue.” It’s great if you can touch people

with a film and fight for a different perspective for a new generation because some people are afraid to speak up. The casting of Ortega on Wednesday marks a turning point in her professional life.

Not only is it her first project as the sole female lead (opposite Morticia Addams, played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Gomez Addams, played by Luis Guzmán), but it also tests her limits.

She is improving her craft to a point where she is more aware of her mental and physical limits. According to Ortega, “I learned [how to use] my voice in a way that I had never had to before.”

She had to dig deeper than she had ever had to for a role to perform that much intense character work on her own in a foreign country, as the series was shot in Bucharest, Romania, last year. Best Jenna Ortega

She claims, “It was a really big job to run on no sleep after working for eight months straight.” I’ve never worked a job that demands as much of me. I’m much more decisive and assertive.”


Who is Jenna Ortega and why is she gaining attention?

Jenna Ortega is a talented actress known for her roles in various TV shows and movies. She has been receiving increased attention for her recent successes.

What led to Jenna Ortega’s rise in Hollywood?

Ortega’s rise can be attributed to her compelling performances, growing fan base, and roles in high-profile projects.

What changed for Jenna Ortega recently?

Ortega’s career trajectory changed with her involvement in projects like “Wednesday,” where she gained more recognition and opportunities.

What is the significance of the “Wednesday” project?

“Wednesday” is a TV series that reimagines the character Wednesday Addams from the Addams Family, providing Ortega with a prominent lead role.

How has Jenna Ortega’s career progressed from being a “B-Lister”?

Ortega’s recent projects have showcased her versatility and acting prowess, moving her into the spotlight and elevating her status in Hollywood.

Is Jenna Ortega considered an “A-Lister” now?

While her recent successes are significant, the distinction between “B-List” and “A-List” can vary. Ortega is certainly gaining more recognition and opportunities.

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