Best Lines From ‘Better Call Saul’ That Left Fans Heartbroken 2023

Fans of Vince Gilligan’s “Better Call Saul,” the prequel to “Breaking Bad,” are aware that the show doesn’t just focus on Jimmy McGill’s struggles as he transforms into Saul Goodman, the shady lawyer.

They are also aware that this critically acclaimed series contains a number of heartbreaking scenes that devastate viewers by delving into the souls of its characters. Better Call Saul

According to the Reddit community that follows the show, the following are some of the most heartbreaking lines from “Better Call Saul.” These lines include confessions of guilt, painful truths, and broken promises.

The most recent episode of “Better Call Saul” came to a tragic conclusion for Saul and Kim. The couple genuinely adored one another and were always willing to assist one another in trying times.

But after the seventh episode, when Lalo brutally killed Patrick Fabian’s Howard in their living room, things got out of hand. The murder of Lalo (Tony Dalton) brought everything to a new level

Better Call Saul from which they couldn’t return to normalcy just when they thought things couldn’t get any worse. Saul (Bob Odenkirk) and Kim (Rhea Seehorn) were trying to forget what they had just seen

and what had happened to them in Episode 9. They were forced to tell the police a lie about Howard’s death, and it was hard for them to forget that a man had been killed in their living room.

The couple visited the HHM in the final minutes of “Fun and Games,” where they met Howard’s bereaved wife. Saul told Gloria that Howard didn’t look like himself and left their house when Gloria asked them what they told the police.

Better Call Saul Kim outrageously concocted a story about how she saw Howard snorting something in his office a few months ago when Gloria believed that Howard was an addict.

Better Call Saul

Mike’s Confession About His Son, Matty

It is a scene that is heartbreaking because it reveals the guilt and regret of a man who has lost his son. Jonathan Banks brilliantly portrays Mike Ehrmantraut, who confesses to corrupting his own son and causing his tragic death.

He admits, weeping, that “I got Matty to take the money.” They killed him two days later; I reduced him to a lower status. I got him to like me. The crude feeling of this scene reverberated profoundly with fans, exhibiting the profundity of culpability that Mike conveys with him.

The final episode was hailed as “perfect” by viewers, who also stated that they will “never emotionally recover” from it. Better Call Saul

After seven years, it was dubbed a “beautiful send off” by others. One reader wrote: I felt the chills as soon as she pulled out the cigarettes, and I knew where they were going. Beautiful conclusion.

Amazing cinematography to top some of the best television writing and acting ever. While an additional viewer added: The conclusion of Better Call Saul was exquisite, devastating, and flawless in every way. Not one bad episode in six seasons.

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Gloria wept uncontrollably as the conversation came to an end, and the two of them left the building. However, Kim made a drastic decision by announcing that she was no longer an attorney and ceasing to practice law.

That causes Saul a lot of annoyance, and he tries to tell her how important she is to his customers. However, Kim was of the opinion that she could not accomplish this and could not comprehend how “toxic” they are to one another

Better Call Saul and to everyone else. She also admitted that she was having so much fun while defrauding Howard that she didn’t tell him that she knew Lalo wasn’t dead.

When Kim finally leaves Saul, the show jumps back in time to show how big of a lawyer Saul has become. The way Saul and Kim’s story ended left fans devastated, but they commended the show’s creators, actors,

and writers for creating such an extraordinary scene. “This #BetterCallSaul episode hits differently, the music, the shots, and the unspoken dialogues,” a fan wrote. My God!! I’ll be watching it at least once per day!

A different fan wrote, “I am devastated. WRECKED.” “The acting, the camera work, and the script,” stated another social media user. This episode was absolutely flawless in every way.

Kim’s “I Love You Too, But So What?”

When Kim Wexler, depicted by Rhea Seehorn, answers Jimmy’s affection admission with “I love you as well, however so what?”, Fans are shaken as a result.

The strain in their relationship and the futility of love when the dynamics are skewed are perfectly captured in this line. This line rang particularly true for some fans, echoing their own grief.

Jimmy admits in a moment of candor that he enjoys the risky and deceptive path he has chosen, shocking his brother Chuck and fans.

This line uncovered Jimmy’s change into Saul Goodman, featuring how the adventure of bad behavior can in some cases be too tempting to even think about standing up to.

It’s more than just an insult when Chuck cruelly tells Jimmy that he’s not a real lawyer; It is a rejection of Jimmy’s hopes and the notion that they will ever work together.

This disclosure, that it was Toss and not Howard who subverted his profession, broke Jimmy and the hearts of fans the same.

Fans can see Kim’s pain in her eyes each time Jimmy assures her that “it’ll never happen again.” Even though she loves Jimmy, she can’t help but see the rut they’re in—a rut of broken promises and false assurances that only make things worse.

More than once, “Better Call Saul” has demonstrated that it is more than just a prequel to “Breaking Bad” or a legal drama; rather, it is a deeply moving exploration of flawed, complex characters that fans have come to love and empathize with.


What is ‘Better Call Saul’?

‘Better Call Saul’ is a popular TV series and a prequel to the acclaimed show ‘Breaking Bad.’

Which lines from the show left fans heartbroken?

Specific lines that left fans heartbroken can vary, but emotional moments are a hallmark of the series.

Are these lines related to particular characters or storylines?

Heartbreaking lines often stem from character arcs, relationships, and dramatic moments in the show.

What impact do these lines have on viewers?

Heartbreaking lines evoke strong emotions and often resonate with viewers on a personal level.

Are these lines reflective of the show’s overall tone?

Yes, ‘Better Call Saul’ is known for its mix of drama and humor, making emotional lines particularly impactful.

Is this a common occurrence in the show?

Emotional moments and impactful lines are integral to the storytelling in ‘Better Call Saul.’

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