Every Single JL Family Ranch Movies In Order

Here you can see the Every Single JL Family Ranch Movies In Order, JL Family Ranch movie series tells the tale of Veteran rancher John Landsburg who is ready to do anything it takes to protect his beloved family ranch. Here is the list of all JL Family Ranch movies in order of release

  • JL Family Ranch (2016) (aka JL Ranch)
  • JL Family Ranch: The Wedding Gift (2020)
JL Family Ranch Movies

About JL Family Ranch Movie Series

In 2016, Coordinated by Charles Robert Carner, the main film in the JL Family Farm series was debuted on the Trademark channel. The film dependent on the narrative of a Veteran farmer demonstrated engaging for the crowd and assisted Trademark with kicking start a well known activity series.

JL Family Ranch Movies in Order

After getting retired from the post of sheriff of a small town in Texas, John Landsburg decides to spend all of his time with his family and run his beloved family Ranch. Meanwhile, Tap Petterson, John’s old rival is ready to do anything it takes to seek revenge.

JL Family Ranch movies are set in a linear sequence, hence the best order to watch them is release order. Here is the list of all JL Family Ranch movies in order of release.

JL Family Ranch (2016) (aka JL Ranch)

  • Director: Charles Robert Carner
  • Writers: Steven Paul, Harley Peyton, Charles Robert Carner
  • Stars: Jon Voight, Teri Polo, James Caan
  • Runtime: 1h 25min

JL Family Ranch: The Wedding Gift (2020)

  • Director: Sean McNamara
  • Writers: Steven Paul, Mark Hefti, Harley Peyton
  • Stars: Jon Voight, James Caan, Teri Polo
  • Runtime: 1h 23min

JL Family Ranch (2016) (aka JL Ranch)

John Landsburg lives in a modest community in Texas with his family, he is a resigned sheriff and presently runs his cherished family farm ” JL Farm”. John is partaking in his experience with his family however soon, an old foe Tap Peterson adulterates archives and affirms Landsburg doesn’t really claim his dearest family farm.

John and Tap have been each other’s adversaries for quite a long time and this time, Tap has arranged everything to annihilate JL Farm yet John is prepared to battle till the final gasp.

JL Family Ranch: The Wedding Gift (2020)

After fighting with land-grabbing authorities, John and his family are living in peace. John and his daughter Rebecca together manage the land while eldest daughter Regan runs a B&B. The real happiness comes for the Landsburg family when Henry, the local sheriff proposes Rebecca for marriage.

Everything is going fine in John and his family’s life but soon they get a knock at their door from authorities who have comes to collect his son’s $2 million debt.

Which JL Family Ranch Movie is Best?

There are two JL Family Ranch movies but which one is the best? Here is a quick round-up of all JL Family Ranch movies based on audience ratings on IMDb.

MoviesIMDb Ratings
JL Family Ranch5.5/10
The Wedding Gift5.8/10


JL Family Ranch series star actor James Caan in the lead role of retired Sherrif who lives with his family and runs his beloved family Ranch. The series has two movies that are meant to be watched in order of release.

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