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Latest Cantonment Board Multan Jobs are being reported for REC (Provincial Instructive Facilitator). You can see the official advertisement down below. These Posts will be non-Adaptable. Contract-based hiring will be used for this position. Age, capability, experience and home recommended for the posts are referenced against each in the commercial given beneath.

Cantonment Boards play a significant role in the administration and development of cantonment areas in India. These local self-government bodies are responsible for ensuring the provision of civic amenities and services to the residents of these areas. With their unique governance structure and responsibilities, Cantonment Boards contribute to the overall well-being of the military personnel and their families who reside in these areas.

Latest Cantonment Board Multan Jobs Cantonment areas are regions designated for military establishments, including army, navy, and air force. They serve as permanent residential and operational bases for the armed forces. The establishment of Cantonment Boards was formalized under the Cantonments Act, 2006, which replaced the earlier Cantonments Act, 1924. This act provides the legal framework for the functioning and management of Cantonment Boards across the country.

Latest Cantonment Board Multan Jobs

About Cantonment Board

One of the primary functions of Cantonment Boards is to provide essential civic amenities and services to the residents. These include the provision of clean water supply, proper sanitation facilities, well-maintained roads, efficient street lighting, and overall public health services. Cantonment Boards are also responsible for the development and maintenance of parks, gardens, and public spaces, ensuring a healthy and aesthetically pleasing environment for the residents.

Regulation of land use and building activities is another crucial responsibility of Cantonment Boards. They ensure that the construction and development within the cantonment areas adhere to the prescribed regulations and standards. This helps in maintaining a well-planned and organized layout, optimizing the utilization of land resources.

Cantonment Boards have the authority to levy taxes, fees, and rents from residents and commercial establishments within the cantonment areas. These financial resources are utilized to fund various development projects and maintenance activities. The boards also receive grants and funds from the central and state governments to support their functions.

Latest Cantonment Board Multan Jobs Collaboration with military authorities is essential for the effective functioning of Cantonment Boards. The boards work closely with the military authorities, who provide support and cooperation in matters such as security, land usage, and overall coordination. This cooperation ensures a harmonious relationship between the civilian administration and the military establishments within the cantonment areas.

The governance structure of Cantonment Boards consists of elected and nominated members. The elected members are chosen through direct elections by the residents of the cantonment areas, while the nominated members include military representatives and government officials. The President of the board is elected from among the elected members and presides over the board meetings, ensuring the implementation of board decisions.

It is important to note that Cantonment Boards have jurisdiction only over the cantonment areas and not the entire city or town in which they are located. The civil administration of the surrounding non-cantonment areas is usually under the control of municipal corporations or local bodies.

In conclusion, Cantonment Boards are vital institutions that govern the administration and development of cantonment areas in India. Through their functions and responsibilities, they ensure the provision of essential civic amenities, maintenance of infrastructure, and overall welfare of the residents. By working in collaboration with military authorities and engaging with elected and nominated members, Cantonment Boards play a crucial role in creating well-planned, organized, and sustainable cantonment areas for the benefit of military personnel and their families.

Latest Cantonment Board Multan Jobs Details

Published OnMay 28, 2023
Last DateJUN 09, 2023
SourceNawaiwaqt epaper
OrganizationCantonment Board
No of SeatsMultiple
Job LocationMultan, Punjab
Latest Cantonment Board Multan Jobs

Latest Cantonment Board Multan Jobs Vacancies Details

r. NoPost NameQualificationExperience
1.Regional Educational CoordinatorMA/ MSC10 years
Latest Cantonment Board Multan Jobs

How to Apply for Latest Cantonment Board Multan Jobs

  • Applications should be made through the ML&C Career Portal, which can be found at
  • You can also get instructions on who to apply from
  • The posts will be non-adaptable to other station and the enlistment will be made on authoritative premise.
  • After six months, an evaluation of academic skills and performance will confirm the three-year contract.
  • The Cantonment Board Multan Jobs application deadline is JUN 9, 2023.

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