Today Excise Taxation Department Jobs 2023-Job In Sindh

Proclaimed in Sindh(Today Excise Taxation Department Jobs). The official ad can be seen below. For the following regular positions with Domicile of Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistani citizens are invited to apply. Candidates who are interested can apply for the following positions.

Those who meet the requirements for eligibility may apply for these positions. In the advertisement that is provided below, the age, qualifications, experience, and domicile that are required for the positions are listed against each other.

About Excise Taxation Department

The Excise Taxation Department is a government agency responsible for administering and enforcing excise and taxation laws and regulations in a particular jurisdiction. Jobs within the Excise Taxation Department encompass a range of roles that contribute to the effective collection, assessment, and enforcement of taxes and duties. Here are some key job positions and their responsibilities within the Excise Taxation Department:

Tax Inspector: Tax inspectors are responsible for conducting audits, inspections, and investigations to ensure compliance with tax laws.

They review financial records, examine tax returns, and identify any discrepancies or potential tax evasion.

Tax inspectors also provide guidance and assistance to taxpayers regarding their tax obligations and address inquiries or concerns.

Tax Assessor: Tax assessors assess and determine the value of taxable properties or goods to calculate the applicable taxes.

They review property records, conduct site visits, and consider market trends to estimate the value. Tax assessors also handle appeals and resolve disputes related to property valuations.

Revenue Officer: Revenue officers are responsible for collecting taxes, duties, and fees from individuals and businesses. They issue tax bills, process payments, and maintain accurate records of transactions.

Revenue officers may also initiate legal actions, such as filing liens or seizing assets, to enforce tax collection when necessary.

Tax Policy Analyst: Tax policy analysts research and analyze tax legislation, economic trends, and fiscal policies to provide insights and recommendations for the development of tax policies.

They assess the potential impact of proposed tax changes and evaluate the effectiveness of existing tax laws.

Tax policy analysts often collaborate with other government agencies, economists, and stakeholders to inform decision-making processes.

Tax Compliance Officer: Tax compliance officers educate and assist taxpayers in meeting their tax obligations. They provide guidance on tax filing requirements, answer inquiries, and resolve compliance issues.

Compliance officers also monitor and review tax returns and reports to ensure accuracy and adherence to tax laws, and may conduct investigations or audits for non-compliant taxpayers.

These are just a few examples of job roles within the Excise Taxation Department. Depending on the jurisdiction, there may be additional positions such as tax lawyers, revenue agents, tax auditors, or data analysts. Jobs in the

Excise Taxation Department require a strong understanding of tax laws, attention to detail, analytical skills, and the ability to communicate effectively with taxpayers and colleagues.

Today Excise Taxation Department Jobs

Today Excise Taxation Department Jobs Details

Published OnJune 07, 2023
Last DateJuly 07, 2023
OrganizationExcise and Taxation Department
No of Seats160
Job LocationKarachi, Sindh
Today Excise Taxation Department Jobs

Today Excise Taxation Department Jobs Vacancies 

Ad No. 01:

Sr. NoPost NameQualificationNo of Seats
1.Jr. stenographerGraduate06
2.Narcotics InspectorBachelor22
3.Computer OperatorBachelor06
Today Excise Taxation Department Jobs

Ad No. 02:

Sr. NoPost NameQualificationNo of Seats
1.Excise and Taxation InspectorGraduate126
Today Excise Taxation Department Jobs

How to Apply for Today Excise Taxation Department Jobs

  • Candidates who are interested in applying can do so by going to the Secretary, Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control, Sindh Secretariat No. 2, Tughlaq House, Karachi.
  • There will be no TA or DA allowed.
  • The Excise and Taxation Department Gilgit Baltistan Jobs application deadline is July 7, 2023.

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