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Announcement of Narcotics Investigator Jobs in District Attorney’s office as a Narcotics Investigator in Rochester New York. The job of this situation in the District Attorney’s office includes arranging case documents, coordinating insight information into the case the board framework, deciding qualification for redirection to treatment programs by checking on criminal narratives and capture records, directing debriefings to assemble knowledge

examining patterns in opiates use and dealing, and going to gatherings with accomplice organizations. Work is acted as per set up techniques. There might be times when the worker is needed to pull all nighters and ends of the week. Narcotics Investigator Jobs

Under the overall oversight of the Chief of Special Investigations Bureau, the representative reports straightforwardly to the Chief Investigator. As required, performs related assignments.

Narcotics Investigator Jobs
Narcotics Investigator Jobs

Duties of Narcotics Investigator Jobs

A District Attorney as a Narcotics Investigator addresses individuals who have been accused of violations in criminal preliminaries. Violations can go from the most genuine to less genuine, like homicide and defacement. Nearby governments enlist district attorneys to indict criminal cases in the interest of the public authority Narcotics Investigator Jobs.

  • Addresses the state in indicting lawful offense criminal cases
  • Works with police officers in the examination of criminal cases
  • Presents cases to the great jury
  • Addresses survivors of brutality in defensive orders and addresses the state in eliminating youngsters from harmful families

Requirements For Narcotics Investigator District Attorney Jobs


  • (A) A three (3) year degree in Criminal Justice, Public Administration, or Political Science from an accredited college or university and seven (7) years of paid full-time or part-time experience as a police officer involving experience in narcotics investigations; OR
  • (B) -Five (5) years of paid full-time or its part-time equivalent experience as a police officer at the Sergeant level or higher; OR -Seven (7) years of paid full-time experience as a police officer;
  • (C) As defined by the above (A) and (B) limits, (C) is any combination of training and experience that is equivalent.

Special Requirements

  • Possession of a Police Officer Training Certificate issued by the New York State Bureau for Municipal Police Training Council at the time of appointment.
  • Must be a United States Citizen at the time of appointment.
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How to Apply

If you are interested and meet the eligibility for Narcotics Investigator Jobs at District Attorney office Rochester NY then you apply by click the below apply button. Also, you can apply for Latest SUNY Jobs NY – HR Generalist jobs


Where can I find the latest job listings for Narcotics Investigator positions in District Attorney careers?

You can find the latest job listings for Narcotics Investigator roles in District Attorney careers on government job portals, law enforcement agency websites, and various job search platforms.

What are the key responsibilities of a Narcotics Investigator in District Attorney careers?

Narcotics Investigators in District Attorney careers are responsible for conducting investigations related to drug offenses, gathering evidence, collaborating with law enforcement agencies, and preparing cases for prosecution.

Is knowledge of local drug laws and regulations necessary for Narcotics Investigator roles?

Yes, familiarity with local drug laws, regulations, and legal procedures is essential for effective investigations and prosecutions.

What is the average salary range for Narcotics Investigators in District Attorney careers?

Salary ranges can vary significantly based on location, experience, and the specific jurisdiction, but Narcotics Investigators in District Attorney careers often receive competitive law enforcement salaries.

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